The Adirondacks Conspiracy … a Royal Hustle

The Adirondacks Conspiracy

Note To Glens Falls Post Star ..... Nobody loved Lake George More than Mr.Clifford and Anita Witham and the Witham Family. 
The Swamp and East Shores Harbour  being the proof.

Anita and Clifford  Witham and Family Built it …..  NYS  DEC and INTERNATIONAL PAPER   ” Mill Ponded ”  It to pieces  …….   Over and Over and Over and Over again.


MILL PONDING …. Flushing  1.5  Million Cubic Yards of  TOXIC, HAZARDOUS WASTES into Lake Champlain.  Intentional Lake Ice Manipulations SHREDDED the place 1965 – 1969

A WORK IN PROGRESS …… How $elf Anointed Elites with Authoritarian Government Lie Cheat and $windle …. Arrogant Imitation Aristocracy Gone Wild

1.5 Million  Cubic Yards (100,000 Tandem Trucks a Column 475 Mi Long )   Toxic Sewage and Mill Chemical and Batch Wastes  FLUSHED from Lake George ( The Mill Pond )  down LaChute River to Champlain.

Listen to the ORAL Evidence from the US Supreme Court …

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