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Listen to the ORAL Evidence from the US Supreme Court

SEE   Q. Why does the lake get too high at times?

The capacity to release water from the lake is small in relationship to the volume of heavy runoff. The capacity has been likened to draining a bathtub through a pinhole. When water entering the lake exceeds the maximum rate that can be discharged, the lake rises.

Each winter the lake is drawn down in anticipation of the spring snow melt. Snow surveys help to estimate the amount of water that is resident in the basin’s snow pack and refine “winter pool” target elevations. Under ideal conditions the spring thaw is gradual, re-charging groundwater and tributaries and allowing the lake to slowly replenish a foot or more of elevation to the target level of 4.0 (RRG) around April 1. However, nature can be anything but predictable. A combination of rain and melting snow can produce an inflow of water that exceeds the storage capacity created by draw down. Even when inflow conditions return to normal, it is possible only to lower the lake level at a rate of about an inch per day.

(  The  Man Made Dams and Alexandria Street Bridge CHOKE THE LAKE causing the INADEQUATE DRAINING.  Also the Systems Properties, ENEL Power and International Paper purposely use the water and this is the  real drainage issues )

The Lake Is Drawn Down in the WINTER ( during ICE COVER )  great dock damaging system.   Dock Repair Contractors, the  Mills and  State  Ka Ching Ka Ching Kas Ching  make money on this for  CERTAIN

A  Christmas  Eve 2016  Letter  to  THE  EMPIRE  STATE

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8:51 AM (0 minutes ago)

to wcso, contact, info, Keith, dave, R5.UMP
 Greetings  to  ALL,  on this  Christmas  Eve,  2016

Allowing  Millions of  TONS of  Ice and Snow to  be  erratically  lowered and raised  very obviously  acts like the  Blade of a  Giant Bull Dozer . The  State of  New York,  Conservation Commission, Lake George Association, Vermont’s  Lawyers and MILLIONS of  Professionals and Witnesses understand this .   SEE  LAKE  ICE  DAMAGES
Just  like  Alexander West is  being held  accountable for  NOT SEEING  THE  GARWOOD  ……..  International  Paper,  the  DEC, Glens Falls  Banks and the  Power Corporations   OPERATING  the  Pin Hole in the  Bath Tub  are  OBVIOUSLY  GUILTY  of  Eradicate   WINTER / SPRING   Ice and Snow Manipulations.   Alexander West did NOT  SEE  I suppose  BUT  New  York State and  International  Paper  Et Al    CERTAINLY  DID  and for  many many  YEARS.


Listen to the ORAL Evidence from the US Supreme Court

The GF Banks – Paper Company – State all owned and OPERATED by the same CON MEN …… All With Their Heads on the Same Pillow ……..

The simple FACT is  The  MILL POND  WAS  USED  for  WATER for  the  Mills in the  Winter when Pulping and Heat and Electricity was obviously needed.  The INTENTIONALLY  Designed and Engineered and Professionally Constructed  DRAINAGE WORKS  at  Alexander Street Bridge  and at Dam “A”  the  ENEL Power / Systems Properties  Penstocks  DRAIN THE LAKE  IN THE  WINTER .   The State of  New York has made  BILLIONS from these Mill Pond  Operations
As You all know  I am Anita and Clifford  Witham’s Son.   The  CATASTROPHIC  Ice Manipulations from 1967 – 1970  on top of the previous eradicate Winter Ice …..  Financially  Destroyed My Parents.   The  Conservation Department had amassed TWO LARGE INVESTIGATION FILES on My Parents ( Our Family ) in the 1960s  which aim was to AQUIRE  The  Witham Lands at  Harris  Bay.  I was  Physically Attacked  and the  Files  Ripped from My Arms  at  DEC  Headquarters in 1975 in Colonie  NY.   The  DOSSIER’s  that  The Conservation Department Amassed on Anita and Clifford Witham were part of a much larger collection on MANY THOUSANDS MORE on Land Owners in the Adirondacks.
The  Dossiers  were part of the  TARGETTING of  Lands inside the  Blue Line for  Acquisition.    THESE  FILES  NEED  TO  BE  MADE AVAILABLE  and all Records, Data and Files that  reveal  the existence of the DOSSIERS   being created do as well.
To conclude this letter …….  New York State, International  Paper and the  Power Company’s  DRAINING LAKE GEORGE DOWN  during  WINTER ICE AND SNOW  and  then the  BATH TUB  PIN HOLE  SYSTEM  creating an  UNCONTROLLABLE  RISE OF  WATER  each Spring …….   Damaged My Parents  OUT OF  EXISTANCE.    This  WINTER / SPRING   Pin Hole  and  Bath Tub  CIRCUS  has caused UNTOLD  BILLIONS  in  Island , Boat House and Dock  Damages  for  DECADES.
The Witham Family very obviously being  CATASTROPHICALLY  FINANCIALLY DAMAGED  requests that International  Paper, The Power Company, New York State and  Their Respected   INSURANCE COMPANIES  make  restitution to the  Witham Family for these Losses.   Witham’s  Lost  600+ Acres at  Harris  Bay,  Their  Marina and Home and as a direct result  Clifford Witham THE SWAMP FOX  suffered enormously as did My Mother  Anita Witham.   Clifford  Witham’s  Son  took His Own Life in 1973  and  Dad died of a  Massive  Heart Attack in 1974.    My Mother’s  Life  was  massively impacted and the  Family  was   SWINDLED OUT OF ALL  THEIR  ESTATE as a  direct  result of  the   MILL  POND  OPERATIONS
The Lake George Park Commission  and  DEC /  State of  New York’s    DOCK  REPAIR  PERMITS   DATA  and  RECORDS  for  DECADES  made lots of  Money for  the  State and  Towns  along with  SIGNIFICANT  Tax  Revenues  every year the  Docks and  Boat Houses  required  REBUILDING  and  REPLACEMENT  because of  the  DRAWING DOWN  The  Ice and SNOW
The  Pine Hole in the  Bath Tub Works  ALSO are manifesting in  Lake  George  STAGNATING  and  DIEING  from  being  PLUGGED  UP  by  the  FLUSHER  WORKS.  Again  the  EMPIRE  STATE  has made  BILLIONS  from  the  PIN HOLE  INDUSTRY and it’s  related  FALLOUT.
The  Records, Data, Films, Books, Letters, Photos and Historical Records  relevant to The MILL POND  and  the  PIN HOLE OPERATIONS ……  Island, Shoreline, Boat House and  Bulkhead  Records  that appertain to the  MILL POND  OPERATIONS  all  need to be  made available.
ALSO  some effort to  compensate the  Witham Family  needs to be forthcoming.   Mother and Dad  DID  NOT DESERVE   what happened to  Them …….  Our  FAMILY  did  NOT  Deserve  This.

Thank You
Judson Witham
Son of the  Swamp Fox




SwampFox <>

SwampFox <>

Attachments8:30 AM (29 minutes ago)

to contact, info, Keith, dave, R5.UMP
 This is an ADDENDUM to the below FOIA,
Lake George Depths / Bottom Topography Charts and Maps are additionally requested.   The  Lake Level Control by  DRAINING the so called  Bath Tub records would include the records available for the  calculations and implementation of the  Lake Draining  since  the  State of  New York has operated and controlled  the  Bath Tub  exit or draining mechanisms at the North end of the  Bath Tub.
Note:  The  Lake  Basin Topography above and below water in the  Tub is requested.   The FIRST  Obstruction to the Lake Draining is the  Bridge Street /  Alexandria Street Bridge which has a floodgate  mechanism evident on it’s  SOUTH SIDE with Steel Rails  and  then the DAM “A”  or  upper Dam adjacent the  ENEL  POWER  Plumes for Their  Electrical Generation.   The original level of Lake Andia’ ta’roc’te  ( Lake George )  and  the  Basin /  Bath Tub was artificially raised by the Dams  engineered, financed and constructed by the Glens Falls and Ticonderoga, Lake George Paper Companies with the International  Paper Company the Glens Falls Banks  and  the  Finch Pruyn Paper Companies.    The INCREASE in the Lake Levels  and the  DIKES/ BERMS or  Road Beds from the Rt 9L at Bay Road to the Ridge Road across  Dunhams,  Harris and  Warner Bays  (  ESPECIALLY  HARRIS  BAY )  cause the impoundment of water.    The  Man Built, Engineered and Operated  Release Works ( The Dams )  obviously create  the  Pinhole in the BATH TUB Conditions.
I am seeking these records as an Historical Investigation for and in the  Public Interests
Lowering and Raising the Lake George Ice Sheet by New York State, The  Paper Companies and the Electrical Companies during Winter Months obviously has caused serious damages to private property all over the  Lake.  I seek these records to document what the Ice Sheet Does.   Many individuals  from Cornell, Paul Shafer College, John Apperson, Charles Tuttle, Irving Langmuir,  Frank Leonbruno The New York State Conservation Commission  and many many others have witnessed the property damage caused by the  erradict  ICE SHEET on the  Bath Tub.    This investigation and  FOIL /  FOIA is in the  PUBLIC INTEREST.
This FOIA  seeks  access to the records of the  Water Enetering The Bath Tub ( Lake George )  and the Water Leaving the Lake George Basin through the Pin Hole in the Bath Tub.


Excess water is discharged and this water may be routed through a hydroelectric … The capacity has been
likened to draining a bathtub through a pinhole. … Fax: (518) 668-5001
E-mail: Commission Privacy Policy.
 I am seeking the following records….
1.  The data that is used to calculate the water entering the Bath Tub  LAKE GEORGE
2.  The data that is employed to estimate how the Lake is to be drained down during the Winter.
3.  The release capacity of the  Pin Hole ….. The design capacity of the Pin Hole to release the Lake Basin Waters.
4.  The individual/s  that calculate and instruct the release rate of water though the Dam ” A ”  and  the  ENEL  POWER  Plume /  Penstock
5.  The release capacity and flow design,  water able to flow at the Alexandria Street  Bridge.
6.  There is an old Dam Works with Steel Guide Rails on the  South Side of the Alexandria Street Bridge that has two large concrete abutments
      this  Alexandria Street Drainage Structure /  Bridge and Dam  Abutments  RELEASE /  FLOW  Capacity.
7.  The  records which reveal  Who Built the Pin Hole as described by the  State and Park Commission was designed and Who owns these structures
SEE  For  Reference
I am particularly interested in Who or Why the  release capacity is described as draining a Bath Tub through a Pin Hole
The Records of the  State  Park Commission that reveals How  the  Pin Hole in the  Bath Tub  characterization  came into
being and why it is described and referred to in this manner.   It would seem the  Pin Hole has been built and engineered
purposely  BUT for some reason it is an INADEQUATE  discharge system being Bath Tubs do NOT properly drain through
The records that reflect the Intent and Purpose of the  construction of this Pin Hole Set Up / Release System are requested.
I would ask that the above data and records be provided ELECTRONICALLY  and that the information is for use in the interest
of the public.  Lake George has many environmental problems and this  release data and information is being sought to solve
and resolve   the  ENVIRONMENTAL  CHALLENGES  Lake George  Has.   I specifically ask that the information be made
available   by  EMAIL.
Thank You
Judson Witham
801-XXX-XXXX2     Cell  Ph
The Alexandria Street Bridge  Ticonderoga NY
Foot Bridge  Former  Baldwin Line   Bridge ( Delaware & Hudson )
The  PIN-HOLE in the  BATH TUB
Before  The  Ticonderoga  Pin Hole  Mechanisms

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