Dear Mr.  Seggos,  Governor  Andrew Cuomo,   Eric  Schneiderman  Et Al

The Glens Falls  Banks,  Mills, Ticonderoga and the STATE   EXPOSED

MULTIPLE  Federal Agencies  and  the  State of  Vermont  FINGER  New York  State


​The  GARGANTUAN  Poisoning of  Lake Champlain was caused by the  GLENS  FALLS  BANKS  ,   The  Ticonderoga, Lake George and Glens Falls Paper Companies ( International  Paper ).   The  DESTRUCTION of the  Lake Champlain Fisheries and Environment is POSITIVELY  the very same  MOB  that  Targeted   Clifford  and  Anita  Witham  during the Years They were using the  ICE LEVELS to Destroy the Witham Marina.

The control of  Dam #230  specially  designed, engineered, constructed and operated by the  Glens Falls Banks and the  Mill Owners that Own and Operate the Banks …..   That  Dam was specially built to HARNESS  THE LAKE  to  process millions of acres of  timber including  vast  timber for the  State of New.   Short version  ”   THE  STATE  DID  IT “

In the 1960  and 1970s   Internet was not available  and so KNOWING all that was being done by The State Of New York was not easily  understood  or even  possible to learn.   The  Observations of  Irving  Langmuire and John Apperson  overlooked and missed the  REALITY that  The State of  New York was directly involved and massively  PROFITING.


One thing is  CRYSTAL  CLEAR …..  New York State was  very extremely well aware and informed that the State’s  INADEQUATE SPILLWAY  and DAM  Operations  were causing all  the   Island, Boat House  and  DOCK  DAMAGES


The  very wealthy Members of the  Lake  George  Association and Charlie Tuttle along with the Coolidges, Woodburys and others from the  Glens Falls  Banks and the  Village and Town of Ticonderoga have always known   They with New York State itself was directly perpetrating and causing the  damages to the  DOCKS,  ISLANDS,  BULHEADS and BOAT HOUSES.

THE  STATE IS  THE  PERPETRATOR  of  the  Massive   LEACHATE  and  SALT  PROBLEMS  as  well.

see ……

This is the INFAMOUS   Pinhole in the Bathtub   OWNED  and OPERATED by the  STATE OF NEW YORK.   This Spillway has been inspected by Federal and State Engineers and found to be a  mere 46%  Capable Of Proper Operations


The  Lake Level and Ice Level Damages  ALL  Caused by New York State’s   Dam # 230 at  Weedville  NY

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