Artificial Lake George N.Y. – The FAKE MARSHES of DEC at Queensbury , N.Y.

The ACTUAL HISTORY of the  GREAT  Lake George Flooding

The  ROYAL  SCAMMERS  and  IMPERICAL  BANKSTERS of  Glens Falls, Queensbury and  Warren County ,  NEW  York –  Province of New Hampshire ….  The ROYAL HUSTLE of Glens Falls

Jolly Ole  ENGLAND  and  King George III   The  MONSTER of  Lake George


Here’s the ICE and WATER Damages and Destruction on Lake George ….. The PINHOLE IN THE BATH TUB that the State Owns and Operates. Oh The State has sued about this same NUISANCE for many decades !



DEAR Andy Cuomo , Eric Schneiderman, Warren County and Lake George WHERE ARE THE RECORDS ?

FOIL New York Records Demand

Where are the records of Who Paid for all the Property Damage ?…


    The great majority of the Marshes of Lake George New York are  Man Made as a result of  the Ticonderoga Dam.   The Lake level was raised 8 feet and more by New York State  Judge  Issac Kellog,  and the Mill Operators and Glens Falls Banks.   Lake George Paper, Ticonderoga Paper, Glens Falls Paper and International Paper all are the CULPRITS  with the  Owners and Operators of the  Lake George Steam Ship Operators.


Long BEFORE John Apperson or Irvine Langmuir or Frank Leonobruno. NOTE the WINTER TIME LAKE DRAW DOWN Exacerbates and Greatly Worsens the Dock, Boat House, Shoreline Damage. The Rule Curve is destroying the ISLANDS ……

Annual Report – Page 109 – Google Books Result
New York (State). Conservation Dept – 1919 – ‎New York (State)
PROTECTING LAKE GEORGE ISLANDS The work of protecting the shores of the State-owned islands in Lake George from damage caused by waves and ice, …


Squeezing every drop of Horsepower From Lake George The  RULE CURVE  


Operating The Mill Pond to  MAXIMIZE the Days of  Water that can drain to the STATE and  ELECTRIC OPERATORS BANK ACCOUNTS

Special and Many Thanks To the  Amazing Folks at  Fishidy


The areas in blue are 4 and 5 feet  deep  Look at the 8 Foot  and 12 Foot Contour lines  to see the extent of the Man Caused Flooding.  The 8 and 12  foot  Lake Bottom Contour is much further out and encircle the ENTIRE LAKE.


Harris  Bay  (  AKA  Kenneth Hart’s  and  Middle Bay  )  the Shoreline was way out past the Happy Family Islands, look for the 8 , 9, 10, 11 and 12 foot  Lake Bottom Contour Lines .


Van Wormers or  Warner  Bay  ( Sometimes Called  Kattskill Bay )  the original Shoreline was considerably further North than today’s  Flooded  Stage.

Judge Isacc Kellogg that FLOODED  The Lake 

with  Dam “A” …. Imagine That

The many boats of Lake George | Hometown |…lake-george/article_dce00f12-4022-57d2-8b08-412c487afae9.html

Jul 13, 2009 – In 1807, Robert Fulton’s steamboat was launched but it would be another 10 years before steamboats came to Lake George. On April 15, 1817, the Lake George Steamboat Company was formed to begin commercial operations on the lake. John Winans pushed to form the group with Isaac Kellogg, Samuel …

NY  State  Judge Isacc Kellogg and Da Boiz


Succinctly Stated  Sandy Bay, Van Wormer’s Bay,  Dunhams Bay and Harris Bay are  ARTIFICIALLY   MASSIVELY   Flooded.


     The Very Reason the INDIAN CAMP SITE is on the Bottom of the  Lake  WEST of  Assembly Point


      Research DARTMOUTH COLLEGE and The Wentworths and Wheelocks … The Indian Schools of ENGLAND …. 

  1. November 2006 GEORGE E. PATAKI, … The Lake George Wild Forest Unit Management Plan has been developed pursuant to, … APPENDIX X: Known Archeological …

  2. Lake George Wild Forest (Black Mountain Section) Unit …

    LAKE GEORGE WILD FOREST UNIT MANAGEMENT PLAN April 1986 . New York State Department of Environmental Conservation APR 2 8 1986 … Appendix Topographic Map


Built and Operated by   DARTMOUTH COLLEGE ….  Established by  King George III  Himself …..

Dartmouth was founded by Eleazar Wheelock, a Congregational minister from Columbia, Connecticut, who had sought to establish a school to train Native Americans as Christian missionaries   …..   Although the fund provided Wheelock ample financial support for the Charity School, Wheelock initially had trouble recruiting Indians to the institution, primarily because its location was far from tribal territories. In seeking to expand the school into a college, Wheelock relocated it to Hanover, in the Province of New Hampshire. The move from Connecticut followed a lengthy and sometimes frustrating effort to find resources and secure a charter. The Royal Governor of New Hampshire, John Wentworth, provided the land upon which Dartmouth would be built and on December 13, 1769, issued a royal charter in the name of King George III establishing the College. That charter created a college “for the education and instruction of Youth of the Indian Tribes in this Land in reading, writing & all parts of Learning which shall appear necessary and expedient for civilizing & christianizing Children of Pagans as well as in all liberal Arts and Sciences and also of English Youth and any others.” The reference to educating Native American youth was included to connect Dartmouth to the Charity School and enable use of the Charity School’s unspent trust funds. Named for William Legge, 2nd Earl of Dartmouth—an important supporter of Eleazar Wheelock’s earlier efforts but who, in fact, opposed creation of the College and never donated to it—Dartmouth is the nation’s ninth oldest college and the last institution of higher learning established under Colonial rule.[8] The College granted its first degrees in 1771.[9]

Sir John Wentworth, 1st Baronet (9 August 1737 – 8 April 1820) was the British colonial governor of New Hampshire at the time of the American Revolution. He was later also Lieutenant-Governor of Nova Scotia. He is buried in the crypt of St. Paul’s Church (Halifax).

Wentworth by John Singleton Copley

Wentworth was born in Portsmouth, New Hampshire on August 9, 1737.[1] His ancestry went back to some of the earliest settlers of the Province of New Hampshire, and he was grandson of John Wentworth, who served as the province’s lieutenant governor in the 1720s, a nephew to Governor Benning Wentworth,[2] and a descendant of “Elder” William Wentworth. His father Mark was a major landowner and merchant in the province, and his mother, Elizabeth Rindge Wentworth, was also from the upper echelons of New Hampshire society.[3] In 1751 he enrolled in Harvard College, receiving a BA in 1755 and an MA in 1758.[4] During his time at Harvard, he was a classmate and became a close friend of future Founding Father and President of the United States John Adams.[5]

The KING’s  Forests of the  Province of New Hampshire  ( NEW YORK )  and  Dartmouth College

Alumni Oxonienses: The Members of the University of Oxford, 1715-1886

University of Oxford, ‎Joseph Foster – 1888

Mark Hunkyn Wentworth. of Portsmouth, New Hampshire), M.A. Harvard University, U.s.A., 1758, D.C.L.Dartmouth College 1773, and D.C.L Aberdeen 1773, surveyorgeneral of his Majesty’s woods in NorthAmerica, and lieut.-governor of Nova Scolia 1792. created a baronet 16 May, 1795, died at Halifax, Nova Scotia, …

AFTER ALL  Lake  George III  Was  the  Kings  Land

A History of Dartmouth College and the Town of Hanover, New Hampshire

Frederick Chase, ‎John King Lord – 1891 – ‎Hannover (N.H.)

If they can, ev’ry Man that grows tir’d of his Bargains may easily find out means to break them, and contracts (thro’ the ingenuity of Lawyers) pass thro’ more monstrous metamorphoses than Ovid has … thing was done : — To His Excellency John Wentworth, Esq’- Surveyor General of His Majesty’s Woods in America, etc.



of the Lake George Outlet Dam and appurtenant structures, owned by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, and to


The Van Wormers appear to have been… – Van Wormer Family of …

His residence at date of enlistment, Catskill, N.Y. Enlisted 1780, as private, and served for more … und I killed my twenties, and dat vas all right; put von poor fellow drew down his arms, … Van Wormer Bay on Lake George is named after him.

ENTER  CLAN  WITHAM …  The  Swamp  Fox  Family


Mr. Clifford Witham USN Pacific Carrier Fleet WW II   Mrs. Anita Farmilo Witham

Mr. and Mrs.  Swamp Fox





The Marshes of East Side Lake George were massively enlarged by the flooding of Lake George done by the Mills in Ticonderoga



Long BEFORE  the  Road Bed  ( LEVY )  of  Rt 9 L  was installed  across  Dunhams, Harris and Von Wormer’s  Bay ….  The  State’s  Levy  Dam on the  NORTH of the  Man  Mad MARSH  .he …. The  Mills and the  GLENS  FALLS  BANKS  with the  EMPIRE  STATE




Warren County Dist. Attorney   Failin  writes  Lands, Pastures, Meadows, Fields, Roads and Public Highways were submerged and illness and sicknesses caused by the  GREAT FLOODING  in the  Lake George Basin caused by the  Mills and the Ticonderoga / Glens Falls  BANKSTERS    circa  1847



New York State Attorney General  Greene C Bronson in 1829 filed Criminal Indictments against the  Gangster Banksters  of  Glens Falls / Ticonderoga as well.


The State of New York’s Damned Dam Operations at Ticonderoga DESTROYED the Witham Family Marina many years in a row.   1965 – 1970

The  Glens Falls  Post Star  Lake George Mirror Lake George Warrensburg News  BE DAMNED …  The MILL POND MAFIA


Reports on the water-power of the United States: statistics of power …

United States. Census Office. 10th census, 1880, ‎William Pettit Trowbridge, ‎Norman Ross Publishing – 1991 – ‎Read – ‎More editions

Census Office. 10th census, 1880, William Pettit Trowbridge, Norman Ross Publishing. LAKE GEORGE OUTLET. The beautiful sheet of water known as lake George lies in eastern New York state, opposite and a little to the west of the head of …



For the Historical Record the Dam Owners The State of New York with the Glens Falls Papers and the Delaware & Hudson Rail Road ( The Baldwin Branch ) and others reveal the True History of the Artificial Flooding of the Mill Pond.


Census Reports Tenth Census: Reports on the water-power of the …

United States. Census Office – 1885 – ‎Read – ‎More editions

LAKE GEORGE OUTLET. The beautiful sheet of water known as lake George lies in eastern New York state, opposite and a little to the West of the head of Iake Champlain. It is 230 feet higher than the latter, into which its waters discharge …

New York State Conservation Commissioner George D. Pratt  MATERIAL WITNESS


The  Delaware and Hudson Railroad  owned the Baldwin Branch and the  Damned Dam “A ”  for  many years




5,000  Acres  Flooded  by Man with the  Mill Pond  Dam

Glens Falls  Messenger and  New York State  Attorney  General Greene  C. Bronson


The  Paper Mill at  Damned  Dam  ” A  ”   (  AKA  Dam  230 )  at  Weedville  at the North end of  Lake George


     The  Irrefutable  Proof of the  WHOLLY  Undersized  Spillways at  THE UPPER PRIVILEGE



Courtesy of  UNION COLLEGE  and  John Apperson and Irving Langmuirllen

Apperson &  Associates   Thanks to  Ellen  Apperson  Brown



The Original  Engineer’s  Drawings of the  PINHOLE in the  BATH TUB



The Lake George Park Commission and Lake George  Associations  PINHOLE  in the Bath Tub

ALSO KNOWN AS The Flusher for the Toilet Lake George


The Flusher Works

The Vast FLUSHING of Raw Sewage and Chemical and Toxic Mill Wastes from Ticonderoga and the Mills …. Ticonderoga STILL Flushes Sewage in the LaChute with all the SEWAGE SPILLS and LEACHING Cesspool Mess from the Thousands of Septic Systems around Lake George …. THE TOILET LAKE






Engineer’s  Drawings of  the  ” Pinhole in the  Bath Tub ” …. Lake George Park Commission ….


LaChuteDam16stetsonarmy1The Lake at High Water is  12  Feet  and even more  deeper than  Natural














Green from the  Lake  George  Pollution,  The  Hudson River  Champlain Canal and of course  the  Mills  and  Sewers of  TICONDEROGA





One and a  Half  Million  Cubic  Yards of  Toxic  Sewage Laden SLOP from Ticonderoga and Lake George Leachate






Finch Pruyn  Crapped in the  Hudson with Glens Falls  Cement and Imperial Color and Hercules and all the  others  all the way to  NEW  YORK  CITY …  Thanks to the  Glens Falls Banks





Dump  Dump  Dump  and  Flush  Flush  Flush  Flush  to  Lake Champlain



The  Never Ending  FLUSHING  CYCLES of  Lake  George   Thanks to the  USGS





The  Indictments of Weed  and  Balwin at  Caldwell Warren County Criminal Court




Indians and  Warriors  where did They all Go ?  They were driven out of  Queensbury and Warren County 









My  Boyhood  Home at  Goodman  Street and  Cunningham Avenue .  Broad Acres of Glens Falls ,  New York


North end of  The Ridge Road at Pilot Knob Road ….   The Royal Haneford Circus Summer Training place at Lake George near the Crannel’s home and  Ronnie Williamson’s Store


  • Royal Hanneford CircusWikipedia

    New York, U.S. Occupation: … The Royal Hanneford Circus is an American-based touring family … Tommy reorganized the Royal Hanneford Circus. George, …

  • Royal Hanneford Circus – WikiVisually

    The Royal Hanneford Circus is an … New York – The hamlet is located along the shore of Warner and Van Warmer Bays of Lake George. … New York – View of …

  • Edwin “Poodles” Hanneford Honored | Lake George

    Edwin “Poodles” Hanneford Honored. … He moved to the US in 1915 to join the Ringling Brothers circus, and came to Lake George to live after he … New Owners …

  • Royal Hanneford Circus –

    New York, U.S. Occupation: … The Royal Hanneford Circus is an American-based touring family … Tommy reorganized the Royal Hanneford Circus. George, …



Dedicated to All The  Native Americans  The  EMPIRE  STATE  and  ENGLAND with the NETHERLANDS  Raped for Their Lands in Kingsbury and Queensbury of  Warren County NEW  York …. Perpetrated by the  Dukes of  Albany and Pukes of York.

     I was very blessed to be mentored by Howard Mason of  Cleverdale , N.Y. and so many others like the Howlands, Charlie Tuttle,  Fred Alexi ,  Robert Ellsworth,  the  Tracy and Stranahans,   Jenkins,  the Stevensons  and Starks and many so many others ,  Peanut Harris,  Clarence Crandall and  Waldo and Ruth Ross …. The LaFonds and Barrets ,  The Dentons and Williamsons,  Hannefords of the  Royal Hanneford  Circus and so  many many others …..  Penny  Peck  (  Of  the  Glens  Falls  Insurance  Pecks )  and  Poopy  “Joseph DiManno ”  and the  Mecero Mobsters  and   The  GOD FATHER …..  Joseph  Farrone ” Boss of  Saratoga ”  and the  Sal Balmouth Accounting Firm  Balston Spa NY.

For  My Brothers






and the  Rest  of  the  Clan  Swamp Fox

East Shores


Clan Witham of  The Swamp Marina ….  Harris  Bay  Lake  George  N.Y.


Judson ” Son of Swamp Fox ”  Witham   AKA  Hawkeye  of  Northern Queensbury

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The Adirondacks Conspiracy … a Royal Hustle … THE DUKES OF …

Jul 17, 2015 – The ROYAL HUSTLE European Colonial Empires 1492-2008 Historical timeline of territories … THE DUKES OF ALBANY / Pukes of YORK / …



The House of  Witham …. Of  England


Great Great Great  Grand  Pappy   George  Strong Witham 1860 -1939

President of the Village of  Hudson Falls,  NY

Mill Superintendent  Union Paper and Bag 

Engineer / Scientist at Sandy Hill Corporation


The  Areas in Blue and out to the 8, 9 and 10 foot  depths  ARTIFICIALLY  FLOODED by  Judge  Issacc Kellog’s  damned  Dam at Weedville ,  Ticonderoga ,  N.Y.


Assembled and written by  Judson Brown Witham

Son of  the  Swamp Fox  ( all rights retained )


Gotta  Go …. Catch Y’all on the  NEXT  Trip

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