Dear Lake George Park Commission

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The White  Sandy  Shoreline Walking Paths  CLEARLY EVIDENT

The Lake George Association Should As Well  Take  Notes ….  NOTICE  THE WHITE SANDY WALKING PATHS  at Harris  Bay at the Shoreline from Assembly Point to Cleverdale )


Clifford and Anita Witham  NEVER  Dumped  FILL into Lake George

        The Area  SOUTH of  Rt 9L  at  Harris and Von Wormer’s as well as Dunhams Bay are  VASTLY and ARTIFICIALLY  FLOODED  that’s to  NEW YORK STATE  Judge  Isacc Kellogg, Joseph Weed and  the  Baldwin Family from the  Ticonderoga Area.

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       Dear New York State, Lake George Park Commission,  Lake George  Association  Etc  Et Al,

       Keeping  a  Complete and  Accurate  Historical  Record for Lake George and the Families from there

       The Very Same  NONSENSE was claimed against My Parents when They improved Their Private Land Holding at Von Wormer Bay.   The Witham’s never dumped anything into Lake George.  Lake George was  NEVER  Filled or  Dumped in by the Withams.    The  Lake was  ARTIFICIALLY  RAISED by 8 Feet by the  Paper Companies and Steam Ship Lines  Who with others  have dumped  MILLIONS OF GALLONS and YARDS  of  Wastes and Sewage into Lake Champlain and Lake George. 
      The  State of  New York   DUMPED  VAST AMOUNTS of  FILL into Lake George for instance to Build The Beach Road and Million Dollar Beach  for instance.

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Dock Size and Boat Size

Dear LGPC,
The  Minute Records Below are INACCURATE.
Joe Roulier said that he has been in this bay since 1962.  He said that he remembers when Cliff Witham started to dump fill into the lake and there were only 20, 16 ft. boats present.
My Parents  NEVER Dumped Fill into the Lake ….  That is  NOT  Accurate.   The  Lake is 8 feet  HIGHER because ….  Judge  Isacc Kellogg,  Mr. Weed and  Mr. Baldwin   ARTIFICIALLY  FLOODED  Lake George thereby  FLOODING the  Harris Bay to it’s present  FLOODED  STATE.    Also  The Witham Family in the 1950s and 1960s  Built Up the  ARTIFICIAL  MARSH  CREATED by the  Man Made Flooded  Lake.
Mr.  Roulier is simply MISTAKEN.
For an ACCURATE  RECORD …..  The  Witham Family took  exceeding care to Protect and Preserve Lake George and to Open The Lake to the  TAXPAYERS / FAMILIES of New York.    The  Kellogg, Baldwin, Weed  Flooding of the Lake is a  matter of  Historical Record.   The  Marshs or Swamps of  The East Side have been  MASSIVELY  FLOODED and prior to that were Lush Meadows and Pastures,  used extensively by the  First Nations for Hunting, Camping, Trapping and Fishing.   AS CAN BE SEE in the  1948  Photos …..   WIDE  WALKING PATHS are  Completely  Evident at the Lake Shore.
The Witham Family   NEVER  Dumped ANYTHING into Lake George ….  That is  completely  UNTRUE.

New York State and Lake  George  Village  DID MASSIVELY  Dump Fill Into Lake George to Build The Beach Road that is what New York State Did. 
See  the  1948  Photos and the  Shoreline Walking Paths ….  NO LAKE WAS FILLED By The Withams


AS CAN BE CLEARLY SEEN ….  The  Withams   NEVER  Dumped  Fill in the Lake

The Lake being far far far HIGHER than Natural because of the  Kellogg, Weed, Baldwin and International Paper Dam at Ticonderoga   ARTIFICIALLY  Floods Lake George.
The  Damned  Dam is Historical FACT







“A” Mill Dam
The “A” Mill was located at the outlet of Lake George and the beginning of the La Chute River near the first waterfall (34′ drop) and dam at Bridge Street (now Alexandria Avenue).  This was also known as the Lake George Mill.  A wooden dam was constructed on the rock crest of the outlet around 1800 which ran saw mills and the later pulp and paper mills.  Approximately a century later, Alexander Lee built a stone masonry dam with 10-inch wooden flashboards.  These were used to raise the level of Lake George high enough to provide a flow of 200 cubic feet per second for up to 140 days.

In it’s first half-mile, the La Chute River falls 99 feet from the outlet of Lake George.  The traffic between Lake George and Lake Champlain along with this wealth of water power combined to make Alexandria, the earliest settlement in Ticonderoga.  By 1810, the hamlet had two forges, a tannery, and several saw mills. 

The “A” mill was shut down due to a lack of orders and demolished in October 1898.  However, during the spring of 1903 International Paper began work on the “A” dam replacing the older dam on the same site.  It was constructed of stone masonry and was laid on the rock crest of a natural waterfall in the outlet.  The spillway of the dam was about 80 feet long and was about seven feet maximum height above the natural original rock.  It was equipped with a gate and penstock leading to the water wheel that formerly provided hydroelectric power, and four waste or flood gates to control the discharge of water.  Approximately one-half of the old dam was constructed 40 years earlier with the other half twenty years after that.

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