Demand for Damages DEC New York State

 1,500  Acres  of   Poop and  Pee and  Millions of  Tons of  Industrial  Wastes, Toxins and  Chemicals    FLUSHED  and Abandoned by  the  Glens Falls  and  Ticonderoga  BANKS .    The  Historical  Record  DOES  NOT  LIE.   See  The  Poisoning of  Lake  Champlain and Lake George

The Continuing Up and Down and Up and Down and Up and Down  of  Winter Water ( ICE )DESTROYED  Docks, Boat Houses, Shoreline and Islands.   New York State,  Queensbury, Warren County,  Lake George Association and the Lake George Park Commission /  DEC  are  stuck with  Their Own Complaints,  Their Own Criminal Indictments and the  Historical Records of  the  Up and Down and Up and Down and Up and Down  caused by  the  DAM  “A ”  being  46% able to  Control the  Lake  during  DAMAGING ICE  COVER is  FACT.  The  DAM “A” is  54% Inadequate …..   DEC, Lake George Association, Warren County,  New  York State    THESE ARE  THE  DAM  FACTS

SEE    Hide  The  Pee  and  the  Pooh  To

PS  the  D&H  Railroad  Owned  the  DAM  “A”  for  a  spell  at  the  Alexander Street Area  at  WEEDVILLE ….. At the  Portage Location  (  The  Carrying Place )  where the  LaChute’s    CRAPPY  Insufficient  Dam  “A”  was  built  to  CHOKE  LAKE  GEORGE.   The  Facts  the  DAM  FACTS  are  Exposed.    The  DAMNED  Lake  Ice  the  DAMNED    Draining of  the  Lake in  the  WINTER  caused  BILLIONS in  Damages  so  International Paper and the  Others with the  Glens  Falls  Banks  could  get   RICH.

The  Pinhole  in The  Lake  George  Bath Tub  EXPOSED

1,500  Acres  of  SEWAGE  AND  INDUSTRIAL  WASTES  ABANDONNED  IN  Champlain …….  Great  Job   NEW  YORK  DEC

NEW YORK  STATE see  the  Doctrine of  Concealment ,  Fraudulent Concealment


Lake Ice that is One Foot This weighs 57 Pounds per cubic foot.  The ice just on Harris Bay consists of more that 50 Acres of Ice.   More than 12 Million Pounds of  Downward and Upward Ice being Manipulated INTENTIONALLY on Lake George New York,   repeatedly destroyed the Witham Family Marina   AGAIN  and  AGAIN  and  AGAIN  and  AGAIN.    The  State  Concealed Their INTENTIONAL  Operations of  Winter Lake Drawdown and Flushings for many years.


See Concealment Doctrine

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Email the DEC Commissioner – Send the Commissioner of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation an email
Recently I have come to learn that the Water Release Capacity of the  DAM “A” at the exist of Lake George is only able to release 46% of the  water needed to prevent an over topping of the  Dam.  The Lake George Park Commission has many times described the Dam’s inadequacy as has the US Army Corp of Engineers and the  Dam Safety Inspection Division of  New York State as ” Inadequate ” to properly release Spring Waters from Lake George.
In years past for many years in a row,  New York State practices  WINTER LAKE  DRAWDOWNS during Ice and Snow Sheet Cover because of the  Present Dam’s inability  to adequately release Spring Run Off or  Snow Pack and Ice Sheet Melt and the  Spring Rains.  This inadequate Dam is less than 1/2 able to handle the Spring Waters.    The Pinhole in the  Bath Tub is Controlled and Owned by New York State and it’s Corporate Agents, Partners and Representatives.
For many Years the inadequate Dam in the  Winter LOWERED the Ice Sheet and Snow on Lake George exerting Millions of  Pounds if  Ice Sheet  both  Downward and Upward on Clifford and Anita Witham’s Marina at Harris Bay.  The Witham Family Marina.   The inadequacy of the  State’s Dam and Operations to Control Ice Sheet Levels  destroyed the Witham Marina many times from 1960 – 1970.    The massive destruction of  Boat Houses, Docks Bulkheads , Shoreline and Islands  has been on account of  the  MILL POND  OPERATIONS and what I have recently learned  ENVIRONMENTAL  FLUSHING of  Sewage and Leachate from Lake George as well as  the  State maintaining and operating this wholly inadequate Flushing,  Drain or Drawdown Facility known as  Dam “A ”  Dam #  230 on the  State’s  Dam Safety Inventory.
The State has had knowledge that Their Inadequate Dam and Their Operation of it had for years been destroying private property on Lake George yet FAILLED IN THEIR DUTIES to advise the  Public and Our Family it has been the  State’s Operations  and  the  State’s  Inadequate Dam Causing all  the  Damages.   SEE  The Doctrine of  Fraudulent Concealment also known as  the  Doctrine of  Concealment.    Said  Concealment Doctrine TOLLS  the  Statutes of  Limitations for  TORTS resulting from such  Negligent and Intentional Operations such as  the  ANNUAL INTENTIONAL  LAKE  GEORGE  FLUSHINGS and DRAWDOWNS.
As a direct and proximate result The Witham’s Marina Docks and Income Derived therefrom were greatly damaged.  The result of that economic damage and loss the Witham’s Lost the  Following.
A.  600 + Acres of  Valuable Timber and Minerals real Estate at Harris Bay.
B.  The Witham Family Marina today known as  Harris Bay Yacht Club
C.  The Witham Family Home
D.   Use and Enjoyment of the above
E.   Clifford Witham because of the  Emotional Stresses and Physical Distress died of a  massive heart attack shorty thereafter.
F.   Clifford and Anita Witham’s  eldest Son took His Own Life.
G.   Mrs. Anita Witham and the  Family suffered significant Financial Deprivation and Public Ridicule and Shame being labeled in the Area as  Financial Deadbeats.
The State of  New York DEC Divisions of  Forests and Lands in a Deal with State Judge Richard Bartlett and  DEC Family Members acquired the 600+ acres shortly thereafter.
The Withams suffered a loss of a very valuable Family Asset.  Today  just  ONE of the  Docks ( there are 275 of them ) can be purchased for  $100,000.00.   The  600 acres and the Home and  the  Marina is at fair market value worth many MILLIONS of  Dollars.
This letter is to demand from the  State of  New York and the other responsible Parties  of an amount of $20,000,000.00 in damages , out of pocket and economic losses inflicted upon the  Family.  That amount would as well compensate for the Very Significant Physical and Emotional Distress and Hurt caused to the  Family.
I strongly urge  New York State to make some effort to compensate this Family for the  Grossly  Negligent Operations,  The  Intentional Operations and Failure to Communicate to the  Witham Family  The State’s Destructive Operations on the  Lake George Mill Pond …… During the  Winter Ice Sheet  Drawdowns and  Flushings.   Said  Drawdowns and  Flushings are  ONGOING as  the  Dam remains Unsafe and Inadequate according to the  State and US Government’s  Inspection Reports.
Thank You
I Remain
Judson Witham
Son of  Clifford and Anita Witham

Knew or Should Have Known General Cases WITHAM CRIAMINAL COMPLAINT 3/17/2017

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 Regarding the  Accrual of  Civil and Criminal Cases ……  Knew or  Should Have Known    WHO the  Party Responsible for the Vandalism  and Mischief  as well as  the  Tortuous Conduct is  ESSENTIAL.
Knowing for instance of a  CAR  Theft is pretty easy ……  Knowing Who Stole it Is a  Bit more Involved.
Knowing of the  Boating Accident on Lake George involving the Death of the  McClure Girl was very obvious …… Discovering Who was the Owner and Operator of the  West Boat was  NOT known at the time of the  Accident by the victims.
Clifford and Anita Witham nor the  Family had ANYWAY to  KNOW  that the  Lake Drawdowns were being done INTENTIONALLY  By  Conservation  Employees.   Simply Stated   the  Purposeful  Lake Flushings and Drawdowns being Intentionally Done by the  Conservation Department was the  SOLE CAUSE of the  repeated  Destruction of the  Witham Marina.    Who in Their Right Mind would  PURPOSELY   Lower and Raise   MILLIONS of  Tons  of  Lake  Ice  ?
Bottom Line  the  EVCON  Folks  never Notified ANYONE  and  Clifford and Anita Witham had NO WAY to determine that  EVCON was intentionally  Moving the  Ice and Snow  Mass  down  2  feet  and  then up  4  Feet …….   NON OF THE  Nine  Municipalities on Lake George have released any  Notifications or  Advisories  NOR  Has  DEC  or  the  State Attorney  General  produced any either.
Criminal Concealment of  Vandalism and Criminal Mischief   SUCH AS  PLEAD  and  ALLEGED in the  David  Decker  Westbrook Matters  reveals …….  Concealment of  Crimes    TOLLS  THE  RUNNING OF  THE  STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS. 
See  LaFave, Israel and  King    CRIMINAL PROCEDURE  Section  18.5
The 46% inadequate release rate PLAUSIBLE EXCUSE for the  Drawdowns has only recently become known to Me.   I now KNOW that the  Intentional Acts  by EVCON were causing the  Lake Ice to  CRUSH and SHRED as well as  subject Mother and Dad’s Docks to the  DESTRUCTIVE FORCES  the  Conservation Commission and New York’s  Lawyers    KNEW it was causing.    They  knew that the  State’s  Own Actions were destroying Islands, Shoreline, Docks and Boat Houses.
Basil Seggos,  the  State AG  and the  Conservation  Commission,  DEC /  EVCON  were  Knowing Acting with  SCIENTER.  They  NEVER Gave any Advisories or  Notices to the  NINE MUNICIPALITIES on Lake George …….   NOR were Clifford or  Anita  Witham and  Family  informed of  the  PURPOSEFUL   Lake Ice  Drawdowns   and  The  REFLOATING that was being caused by the  WHOLLY INADEQUATE  46%  Engineered  Dam  “A”.
Thank You
Judson Witham
Clifford and Anita Witham  Estate
PS:   Frank  Leonbruno   The  DEC’s  Lake  George  Island  Ranger  NEVER  MENTIONED  the  State’s  Purposeful Actions when He Wrote His  Book of  His  40  Years as  an  ISLAND  RANGER  on  Lake  George  for  DEC.   Believe It
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