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The  Savings and Loans and Banks  Exposed in the  1980s  Good Golly Whiz  Huh

Source: Shining a Light on Black Operations This 5-part documentary is a great expose on the national surveillance state that has a…

Derivatives and Subprime and Real Estate  Swindles  ALL  Require  the  DIRT  DEALING  ……  FACT  IS   Dirt  Dealing  101  is  the  FACTS


The World has been  Financially RAPED  …..  It’s  a  FACT

It’s  Global  and  Massive and  Extremely Dangerous

BEWARE OF THE  RANCHERO RACKETEERS  and the ARIZONA PROJECT  ……..  Looting America’s Financial  System ….. The Tip of the International  Iceberg of  Swindles, Ponzis and Pyramids


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The Never Ending Continuing Endless Saga of  Political Corruption and Swindling in America ……  The Great Texas Bank Job


From American Bank  to  ZIONS  Bank ….. The  Amazing Gargantuan Fantastic International  Global  Land Scams and Financial Frauds of the  Oligarchs and Cabal ……  EXPOSED

18 U.S. Code § 1341 – Frauds and swindles | US Law | LII …


Frauds and swindles. Whoever, … Historical and Revision Notes. 1948 Act. Based on title 18, U.S.C., 1940 ed., § 338 (Mar. 4, 1909, …

Judson Witham to William Black
  •  The CON JOB Rackets and Schemes are very very OLD ….. There is NOTHING New Under The Sun …….. SWAMP FOX

    Although long obscured by the Great Depression, the nationwide “bubble” that appeared in the early 1920s and burst in 1926 was similar in magnitude to the recent real estate boom and bust. Fundamentals, including a post-war construction catch-up, low interest rates and a “Greenspan put,” helped to i…


    Thanks Stefan for all of your excellent work. This is the first video I saw of yours back in 2012. I found it just after I woke up and it resonated with me. …
    This paper surveys the twentieth century booms and crashes in the American stock market, focusing on a comparison of the two most similar events in the 1920s and 1990s. In both booms, claims were made that they were the consequence a “new economy” or “irrational exuberance.” Neither boom can be read…

    Topmost Criminal Money Swindlers in History | The Final ……/topmost-criminal-money-swindlers-in-history

    Topmost Criminal Money Swindlers in History. … are the topmost criminal money swindlers on … so thoroughly revealed the international alliance that has …

    The Whole World has been Indoctrinated and Brainwashed …..

    Bill Still’s Channel: “Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowa…

    EXCERPTS  FROM  THE  WAY BACK  MACHINE ….. WAY BACK IN THE DAY   From The Swamp Fox    ( From 18 Years Ago )

    Restoring The Bill of Rights One Website at a Time

    The Great Texas Bank Job

    Campaign Finance Corruption, Bush Vote Tampering Debacle, Whitewater Style Colonias Land Fraud, the Texas Judicial MAFIA The Florida Vote Heist and a Whole Lot More.


    How Banking Institutions Have Been Robbed Again and Again Using Land Transactions


    My Work on  AOL,  Google  and  Yahoo Geo Cities from the 1990s  ….  Was DESTROYED  By Those  WALL STREET  CREEPS  But  I was  able  to  save  this    ….. Dirt Dealing and Campaign Financing and  ORGANIZED CRIME  ….  Hello  US  DOJ  and  FBI  and  US  Treasury …..MERS and The  Boys  GOT A BIG  PROBLEM

    From almost 18 Years ago I found an Old Version Cache and Archived

    The Great Texas Bank Job the  Original Whistleblower

    BEWARE OF THE RICO RANCHEER BANK LOOTING CON MEN AND THEIR GOVERNMENT HANDLERS …….. For Whistleblowers United …… RICHARD BOWEN and David Dayen ….. Matt Tabbi and Eric Holder and What Ed Meese and Janet Reno, John Ashcroft and Loretta Lynch James Comey Et Al …….…
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    Dear Whistleblowers United ……… Land Conning TRASH ……. That’s what AMERICA has become ……… The Reality of Pyramid Ponzi Subprime RICO Realty and the Banksters ……. FACT IS The Goobermint is PACKED full of Lying TRASH like the Bushs, Clintons, Obamas , Comeys and Lynchs , Holders etc etc etc et al. The AMERICAN Government Is Full of Financial CONS …..

    Trillions Stolen …… Looting of a Nation

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  • History of Fraud in America – HiddenMysteries

    History of Fraud in … land and mineral swindles. Frontier History and the … he or she has already pirated away most of the loot in an offshore bank account …

  • Great Swindles of the 19th Education › … › 19th Century Crimes

    May 11, 2016 · Great Swindles of the 19th Century. … of bank and stock market frauds. … American political history involved financial fraud during the construction …

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    Illegal Foreclosures are a Nullity. 525 likes … what the Actual FACTS and HISTORY of this Mega Flushing … Oil Futures Land Fraud Bank Looting at …


  • Videos of land fraud bank looting history

    Uncle Sam's Giant Bank Looting Land SwindlesClick to view


    Uncle Sam’s Giant Bank Looting Land Swindles

    Screw Job AmericaClick to view


    Screw Job America

    Texas KING of Bank Looting and Land FraudClick to view


    Texas KING of Bank Looting and Land Fraud

    Quantitative Sleazing ( The Fed Reserve CABAL )Click to view


    Quantitative Sleazing ( The Fed Reserve CABAL )

    See more videos of land fraud bank looting history

  • Dirt Dealing and Bank Robbing AMERICAN STYLE on Vimeo

    The Ancient Art of Bank Robbing using Land … Dirt Dealing and Bank Robbing AMERICAN


    worse financial crisis in U.S. history. … come to life Yazoo Land Fraud One of the most unique pieces … the public company as their “private piggy bank

  • Iklan America Looted! … in history by …

  • Bob Jensen’s History of Fraud in America – Trinity University

    In this case the Carnarsie Indians from Brooklyn perpetrated the fraud since their land was … separate trial for bank fraud, … History of Fraud in America …

  • [CTRL] [2] The Great Texas Bank Job – The Mail Archive

    The Great Texas Bank Job. … folks that is a $1.1 Trillion Dollar Looting of the American people Psssst, … How About it Ms. Reno is your answer LAND FRAUD ?


    Expose’ on Massive Bank, S&L, Mortgage and Wall Street Crimes …

  • The Greatest Texas Bank Job : Felonious Balonias …

    History; Young Adult; Browse by. Books … gws_rd=ssl#q=Land+Speculation+Bank+Looting+Toxic … Corruption&qs=n&form=QBLH&pq=cia+bank+looting+land+fraud

  • Judson WithamBusiness Insider … form=QBRE&pq=corrupt+doj+crooked+fbi+bank+looting+judson+witham&sc=0 …

    The Great American Land Bubble: The … – Mises Institute…

    Land speculation was not always a racket. … Sakolski covers the Georgia “yazoo” frauds, … Mises Institute. 518 West Magnolia Avenue

    The Whole World has been Indoctrinated and Brainwashed …..

    Bill Still’s Channel: “Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowa…

    A Global Rush for Africas Land: Risks and Opportunities

    A Global Rush for Africas Land: Risks and Opportunities. … Thus, mechanisms that discourage speculative land acquisitions should be fostered in Africa’s land


    Scandals and Fraud-A Reading List – Yale University · Web view

    Standard Oil Company; Amalgamated Copper Co.; Speculation; … Commercial crimes–South Africa; … New England Mississippi Land Company; Yazoo Fraud, …



    speculative funds that are investing in African agricultural land. This brief illustrates how Emergent, … well known as the architects of food derivative speculation,2


    [CTRL] FBI?Justice Dept. COVER UP of Bank Lootings in …

    u do a Web Search of the Terms Illegal Subdivisions and Colonias in Texas ypou will quickley learn that [EMAIL PROTECTED] the author of the Great Texas Bank Job has the Federal and State Governments Down and DIRTY in Texas. The $550Billion Looting of this Nations Banking Industry was in a MAJOR wa

    [CTRL] Fwd: [CIA-DRUGS] [Fwd: I will pay to get this mirrored and published]

    n Bolles and what he found is virtually mirrored in Texas. Search COLONIAS Brian, the reported COLONIAS (Illegal Subdivisions) are the tip of the Great Texas Bank Job. I have been having my site postings virtually immediately KNOCKED DOWN. Judson Witham –part1_0.66a0bb62.25378c96_boundary Conte

    Good  Old  Linda  Minor  Harris  County  Attorney’s  Office …..  Well  Ms.  Linda Minor  Land Swindles and Dirt Dealing  CLINTON STYLE were the  HEART Of The Land Fraud Related Lootings  …….  Tell  Kat  Woolford and Cathryn Austin Fitts  ……..  GOTCHA

    [CTRL] FBI?Justice Dept. COVER UP of Bank Lootings in …

    s in Texas [ Follow Ups ] [ Post Followup ] [ THE FORUM ] Posted by Judson Witham on April 14, 1999 at 19:26:13: On May 20, 1931 in an EMERGENCY session of the Texas Legislature Hous

    [CTRL] Re: [CTRL] FBI?Justice Dept. COVER UP of Bank Lootings in …

    -Caveat Lector- If the other stories Judson Witham reported are as full of crap as his belief that the sl scandal of the 80’s was caused by development of colonias, he deserves to be in DEEP CRAP. That may have been part of it, but not the major part. Linda Minor from: http

    The  Texas Authorities and the  Feds  ,  DOJ  did  EVERYTHING  They  Could to DISCREDIT  My Work ….. THEY Were ALWAYS Full of  CRAP   Like  FBI  Agnet John Connolly  and  Assistant US  Attorney  Henry Onken and those  Texas Attorney Generals  From the  Colonias Strike Force ……  Oh and  Linda Minor  Assistant  Harris  County Attorney 


    [CTRL] FBI?Justice Dept. COVER UP of Bank Lootings in …

    s in Texas [ Follow Ups ] [ Post Followup ] [ THE FORUM ] Posted by Judson Witham on April 14, 1999 at 19:26:13: On May 20, 1931 in an EMERGENCY session of the Texas Legislature House

    Re: [CTRL] [CIA-DRUGS] Restoring The Bill of Rights One Website at a Time JURISNOT

    the Financing Behind Iran Contra ? The Invasion of Panama a Deception ? See what you think! The Looting of America’s SLs an Inside Job The Great Arkansas Bank Job Republican Whitewaters (what the RNC does not want you to know) The FDIC’s Index of Criminal Activity # 1

    EXCERPTS  FROM  THE  WAY BACK  MACHINE ….. WAY BACK IN THE DAY   From The Swamp Fox    ( From 18 Years Ago )

    Restoring The Bill of Rights One Website at a Time

    The Great Texas Bank Job

    Campaign Finance Corruption, Bush Vote Tampering Debacle, Whitewater Style Colonias Land Fraud, the Texas Judicial MAFIA The Florida Vote Heist and a Whole Lot More. Campaign Finance Corruption, Colonias Land Fraud, the Texas Judicial MAFIA and a Whole Lot More.  (May 26, 2000)  I believe that very shortly I will be setup AGAIN on more Red Herring FALSE Charges by Local and Probably Federal Prosecutors.  The reality of Retaliation and Persecution for revealing truth in America is all to real for myself, my children and Debra.  Many, Many BILLIONS were looted using Whitwaters & Castle Grande all over Texas and America.  As are the  Castle Grande and Whitewater,  DIRT ROAD SUBDIVISIONS are how the Banks and S&Ls were looted in the 1980s and how it was done in the 1920s.   This is a Plea for assistance, the Government wants me silent, DEAD Silent and as they say in the executioners lounge THIS An’t No JOKE !!!


    How Banking Institutions Have Been Robbed Again and Again Using Land Transactions


    Whitewater/Castle Grande the Tip of the Iceberg

    Investigate for yourself why Secret Service and FBI were dispatched to Florida and Texas by the Congress after the 1929 Crash and the ensuing depression and S&L and Banking Failures of the late 20s and early 30s. It happened again in the 1980s……. JW

    The savings and loan scandal of the 1980s has been depicted in a myriad of ways. To some, it is “the greatest … scandal in American history” (Thomas, 1991: 30). To others it is the single greatest case of fraud in the history of crime (Seattle Times, June 11, 1991). Some analysts see it as the natural result of the ethos of greed promulgated by the Reagan administration (Simon and Eitzen, 1993: 50). And to some it was a premeditated conspiracy to move covert funds out of the country for use by the U.S. Intelligence Agency (Bainerman, 1992: 275). All of these depictions of the S & L scandal contain elements of truth. But to a large degree, the savings and loan scandal was simply business as usual. What was unusual about it was not that it happened, or who was involved, but that it was so blatant and coarse a criminal act that exposure became inevitable. But with its exposure, three basic but usually ignored “truths” about organized crime were once again demonstrated with startlingly clarity:

    There is precious little difference between those people who society designates as respectable and law abiding and those people society castigates as hoodlums and thugs.

    The world of corporate finance and corporate capital is as criminogenic and probably more criminogenic than any poverty-wracked slum neighborhood.

    The distinctions drawn between business, politics, and organized crime are at best artificial and in reality irrelevant. Rather than being dysfunctions, corporate crime, white-collar crime, organized crime, and political corruption are mainstays of American political-economic life.

    It is not our intent to discuss the unethical and even illegal business practices of the failed savings and loans and their governmental collaborators. The outlandish salaries paid by S & L executives to themselves, the subsidies to the thrifts from Congress which rewarded incompetence and fraud, the land “flips” which resulted in real estate being sold back and forth in an endless “kiting” scheme, and the political manipulation designed to delay the scandal until after the 1988 presidential elections are all immensely interesting and important. But they are subjects for others’ inquiries. Our interest is in the savings and loans as living, breathing organisms that fused criminal corporations, organized crime, and the CIA into a single entity that served the interests of the political and economic elite in America. Let us begin by quickly summarizing the most blatant examples of collaboration between financial institutions, the mob, and the intelligence community.

    First National Bank of Maryland: For two years, 1983-1985, the First National Bank of Maryland was used by Associated Traders, a CIA proprietary company, to make payments for covert operations. Associated traders used its accounts at First National to supply $23 million in arms for covert operations in Afghanistan, Angola, Chad, and Nicaragua (Bainerman, 1992; 276-277; Covert Action 35, 1990).

    The links between the First National Bank of Maryland and the CIA were exposed in a lawsuit filed in Federal District Court by Robert Maxwell, a high-ranking bank officer. Maxwell charged in that suit that he had been asked to commit crimes on behalf of the CIA. Specifically, he charged that he was asked to conceal Associated Traders’ business activities, which by law he was required to specify on all letters of credit. Maxwell alleged that he had been physically threatened and forced to leave his job after asking that his superiors supply him with a letter stating that the activities he was being asked to engage in were legal. In responding to Maxwell’s lawsuit, attorneys for the bank state that “a relationship between First National and the CIA and Associated Traders was classified information which could neither be confirmed nor denied (Bainerman, 1992: 276-277; Washington Business Journal,  February 5, 1990).

    Palmer National Bank: The Washington, D.C.-based Palmer National Bank was founded in 1983 on the basis of a $2.8 million loan from Herman K. Beebe to Harvey D. McLean, Jr. McLean was a Shreveport Louisiana businessman who owned Paris (Texas) Savings and Loan. Herman Beebe played a key role in the savings and loan scandal. Houston Post reporter Pete Brewton linked Beebe to a dozen failed S & L’s, and Stephen Pizzo, Mary Fricker, and Paul Muolo, in their investigation of the S & L fiasco, called Beebe’s banks “potentially the most powerful and corrupt banking network ever seen in the U.S.” Altogether, Herman Beebe controlled, directly or indirectly, at least 55 banks and 29 S & L’s in eight states. What is particularly interesting about Beebe’s participation in these banks and savings and loans is his unique background.  Herman Beebe had served nine months in federal prison for bank fraud and had impeccable credentials as a financier for New Orleans-based organized crime figures, including Vincent and Carlos Marcello (Bainerman, 1992: 277-278; Brewton, 1993: 170- 179).

    Harvey McLean’s partner in the Palmer National Bank was Stefan Halper. Halper had served as George Bush’s foreign policy director during the 1980 presidential primaries. During the general election campaign, Halper was in charge of a highly secretive operations center, consisting of Halper and several ex- CIA operatives who kept close tabs on Jimmy Carter’s foreign policy activities, particularly Carter’s attempt to free U.S. hostages in Iran. Halper was later linked both to the “Debategate” scandal, in which it is alleged that Carter’s briefing papers for his debates with Ronald Reagan were stolen, and with “The October Surprise,” in which it is alleged that representatives of the Reagan campaign tried to thwart U.S. efforts to free the Iranian hostages until after the presidential election. Halper also set up a legal defense fund for Oliver North.

    During the Iran-Contra Affair, Palmer National was the bank of record for the National Endowment for the Preservation of Liberty, a front group run by Oliver North and Carl “Spitz” Channell, which was used to send money and weapons to the contras.

    Indian Springs Bank: Another bank with clear connections to the CIA was the Indian Springs Bank of Kansas City, Kansas (Bainerman, 1992: 279-280; Brewton, 1993: 197-200). The fourth largest stockholder in Indian Springs was Iranian expatriate Farhad Azima, who was also the owner of an air charter company called Global International Air. The Indian Springs bank had made several unsecured loans to Global International Air, totaling $600,000 in violation of the bank’s $349,00 borrower limit. In 1983 Global International filed for bankruptcy, and Indian Springs followed suit in 1984. The president of Indiana Springs was killed in 1983 in a car fire that started in the vehicle’s back seat and was regarded by law enforcement officials as of suspicious origins.

    Global International Air was part of Oliver North’s logistical network which shipped arms for the U.S. government on several occasions, including a shipment of 23 tons of TOW missiles to Iran by Race Aviation, another company owned by Azima. Pete Brewton, in his investigation of the Indian Springs bank collapse was told that FBI had not followed up on Indian Springs because the CIA informed them that Azima was “off limits” (Houston Post, February 8, 1990). Similarly the assistant U.S. Attorney handling the Indian Springs investigation was told to “back off from a key figure in the collapse because he had ties to the CIA.”

    Azima did indeed have ties to the CIA. His relationship with the agency goes back to the late 1970s when he supplied air and logistical support to EATSCO (Egyptian American Transport and Services Corporation), a company owned by former CIA agents Thomas Clines, Theodore Shackley, and Richard Secord. EATSCO was prominently involved in the activities of former CIA agent Edwin Wilson, who shipped arms illegally to Libya. Azima was also closely tied to the Republican party. He had contributed $81,000 to the Reagan campaign.

    Global International also had other unsavory connections. In 1981, Global International made a payment to organized crime figure Anthony Russo, a convicted felon with a record that included conspiracy, bribery, and prostitution charges. Russo was the lawyer of Kansas City organized crime figures, an employee of Indian Springs, and a member of the board of Global International. Russo later explained that the money had been used to escort Liberian dictator Samuel Doe on a “goodwill trip” to the U.S.

    Global International’s planes based in Miami were maintained by Southern Air Transport, another CIA proprietary company. According to Franck Van Geyso, an employee of Global International, pilots for Global International ferried arms into South and Central America and returned to Florida with drugs. Indian Springs also made a loan of $400,000 to Morris Shenker, owner of the Dunes Hotel in Las Vegas, former attorney for Jimmy Hoffa, and close associate of Nick Civella and other Kansas City organized crime figures. At the time the loan to Shenker was made, he, Civella, and other Kansas City mobsters were under indictment for skimming $280,000 from Las Vegas’ Tropicana Casino.

    Vision Banc Savings: In March, 1986, Robert L. Corson purchased the Kleberg County Savings and Loan of Kingsville, Texas, for $6 million, and changed its name to Vision Banc Savings (Bainerman, 1992: 280-281; Brewton, 1993: 333-351). Harris County, Texas, judge Jon Lindsey vouched for Corson’s character in order to gain permission from state regulators for the bank purchase. Lindsey was the chairman of the Bush campaign in 1988 in Harris County and later received a $10,000 campaign contribution and a free trip to Las Vegas from Corson (Houston Post, February 11, 1990).

    Corson was well-known to federal law enforcement agents as a “known money launderer” and a “mule for the agency,” meaning that he moved large amounts of cash from country to country. When Corson purchased Vision Banc, it had assets in excess of $70 million. Within four months it was bankrupt. Vision Banc engaged in a number of questionable deals under Corson leadership, but none more so that its $20 million loan to Miami Lawyer Lawrence Freeman to finance a real estate deal (Houston Post, February 4, 1990). Freeman was a convicted money launderer who had cleaned dirty money for Jack Devoe’s Bahamas-to-Florida cocaine smuggling syndicate and for Santo Trafficante’s Florida- based organized crime syndicate. Freeman was a law partner of CIA-operative and Bay of Pigs paymaster Paul Helliwell. Corson, in a separate Florida real estate venture costing $200 million, was indicted on a series of charges.

    Hill Financial Savings: Vision Banc was not the only financial institution
    involved in Freeman’s Florida land deals. Hill Financial Savings of Red Hill, Pennsylvania, put in an additional $80 million (Brewton, 1993: 346-348) . The Florida land deals were only one of a series of bad investments by Hill Financial which led to collapse. The failure of Hill Financial, alone, cost the U.S. treasury $1.9 billion.

    Sunshine State Bank: The cast of characters surrounding the Sunshine State Bank of Miami also included spies, White House operatives, and organized criminals (Bainermann, 1992: 281; Brewton, 1993: 310- 312, 320-323). The owner of the Sunshine State Bank, Ray Corona, was convicted in 1987 of racketeering, conspiracy, and mail fraud. Corona purchased Sunshine in 1978 with $1.1 million in drug trafficking profits supplied by Jose Antonio “Tony” Fernandez, who was subsequently indicted on charges of smuggling 1.5 million pounds of marijuana into the U.S.

    Among Corona’s customers and business associates were Leonard Pelullo, Steve Samos, and Guillermo Hernandez-Cartaya. Pelullo was a well-known associate of organized crime figures in Philadelphia, who had attempted to use S & L money to broker a major purchase of an Atlantic City Casino as a mob frontman. Pelullo was charged with fraud for his activities at American Savings in California. Steve Samos was a convicted drug trafficker who helped Corona to set up Sunshine State Bank as a drug money laundry. Samos also helped set up front companies that funneled money and weapons to the Contras. Guillermo
    Hernandez-Cartaya was a veteran CIA operative who had played a key role in the Bay of Pigs of invasion. He also had a long career as a money launderer in the Caribbean and in Texas on behalf of both the CIA and major drug trafficking syndicates.

    Mario Renda, Lender to the Mob: Mario Renda was a Long Island money broker who brokered deposits to various savings and loans in return for their agreement to loan money to phony companies (Brewton, 1993: 45-47; 188-190; Pizzo et al. 1989: 466-471). Renda and his associates received finders fees of 2 to 6 percent on the loans, most of which went to individuals with strong organized crime connections who subsequently defaulted on them. Renda brokered deals to 160 Savings and Loans throughout the country, 104 of which eventually failed. Renda was convicted of $16 million from an S & L and for tax fraud.

    Renda also served CIA and National Security Council interests as a money broker helping arrange for the laundering of drug money through various savings and loans on behalf of the CIA. He then obtained loans from the same S & L’s, which were funneled to the Contras. An organized crime-related stockbroker, a drug pilot, and Renda were all convicted in the drug money laundering case.

    Full-Service Banking: All told at least twenty-two of the failed S & L’s can be tied to joint money laundering ventures by the CIA and organized crime figures (Glassman, 1990: 16-21; Farnham, 1990: 90-108; Weinberg, 1990: 33; Pizzo, et al., 1989: 466-471). If the savings and loan scandals of the 1980s reveal anything, they demonstrate what has often been stated as a maxim in organized crime research: that corruption linking government, business, and syndicates is the reality of the day-to-day organization of crime.

    Investigations of organized crime in the United States, Europe, and Asia have all uncovered organized crime networks operating with virtual immunity from law enforcement and prosecution. Chambliss’ study of organized crime in Seattle exposed a syndicate that involved participation by a former governor of the state, the county prosecutor, the police chief, the sheriff, at least 50 law enforcement officers, leading business people, including contractors, realtors, banks, and corporation executives, and, of course, a supporting cast of drug pushers, pimps, gamblers, and racketeers (Chambliss, 1978). The Chambliss study is not the exception but the rule. Other sociological inquires in Detroit, Texas, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York have all revealed similar patterns (Albini, 1971; Block, 1984; Block and Chambliss, 1981; Block and Scarpitti,1985; Jenkins and Potter, 1989; 1986; Potter and Jenkins, 1985; Potter, 1994). As Chambliss comments:

    In the everyday language of the police, the press, and popular opinion, “organized crime” refers to a tightly knit group of people, usually alien and often Italian, that run a crime business structured along the lines of feudal relationships. This conception bears little relationship to the reality of organized crime today. Nonetheless, criminologists have discovered the existence of organizations whose activities focus on the smuggling of illegal commodities into and out of countries (cocaine out of Colombia and into the United States and guns and arms out of the United States and into the Middle East, for example); other organizations, sometimes employing some of the same people, are organized to provide services such as gambling, prostitution, illegal dumping of toxic wastes, arson, usury, and occasionally murder. These organizations typically cut across ethnic and cultural lines, are run like businesses, and consist of networks of people including police, politicians, and ordinary citizens investing in illegal enterprises for a high return on their money.

    Gary W. Potter
    Eastern Kentucky University

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This Web page is maintained by Roy Davies. Comments to

  • INSIDE JOB: The LOOTING OF AMERICA’S SAVINGS AND LOANS. Steve Pizzo, McGraw Hill, 1989.Also in paperback. Colorful account of the crime and sleeze of the S&L losses.
  • THE MAFIA, CIA & GEORGE BUSH. Pete Brewton, SPI Books, 1992. Argues the CIA looted S&Ls to pursue its secret ventures, documents interconnections among top politicians, criminals and bureaucrats. Chilling.
  • LICENSE TO STEAL. Benjamin J. Stein, Simon & Schuster, 1992.
    The ugly truth about Michael Milken and S&Ls.
  • S&L HELL. Kathleen Day, W.W. Norton, 1993.Inside the politics of the S&L mess. Good bibliography.
  • THE GREATEST EVER BANK ROBBERY. Martin Mayer, Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1990. Thorough background, insight into the origins of the S&L situation.
  • TRICK OR TREASON, THE OCTOBER SURPRISE MYSTERY. Robert Parry, Sheridan Square Press, 1993.Not about S&Ls but convincingly demonstrates how careerism among today’s journalists has distorted and altered honest reporting. Disturbing book.
    How Michael Milken and Charles Hurwitz of Maxxam destroyed California forests and lives using S&L money. Gripping.

Postscript added by Roy Davies

For an academic analysis of the Savings and Loan debacle and the lessons to be learnt see the book by White below.

  • THE S&L DEBACLE: Public policy lessons for bank and thrift regulation. Lawrence J. White. Oxford University Press, 1991.

Welcome to the Web Pages
on the
Looting of U.S. Saving and Loans

This is an UPDATE to the original S&L pages. Much of the material in these pages is coming from a series of letters I wrote to the San Jose Mercury News beginning in April 1994 in an attempt to get them to balance their reporting of Whitewater with equally vigorous reporting on the three Lootings of U.S. Savings and Loans during the Reagan and Bush administrations. The letters were based on research into the Lootings from several books written in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

In addition to a request for balance and fair play, I was attempting to redress the failure of the Mainstream Media to cover the Lootings at the time they occurred. The Mainstream Media reporting on the Lootings was fragmentary, spread out over a period of several years, and never received extensive investigative reporting. There were exceptions, Pete Brewton’s articles in the Houston Post that resulted in his The Mafia, CIA& George Bush in 1992 and a series of articles by three northern California writers that resulted in their Inside Job: The Looting of America’s Savings & Loans published in 1989. By 1994 and the Whitewater coverage it was evident that no one in the Mainstream Media or the reading public as a whole, had read either book.

Today, in 1998, the reading and viewing public in the United States are subjected to a daily barrage of material intended to entertain and indoctrinate. Information on serious subjects important to the future of this country are ignored, dumbed-down or distorted . On some subjects — sports and sex, just to name a few — the coverage is so great we begin to suffer from a state of mental indigestion. In vivid contrast, we have some topics the Mainstream Media simply will not cover today and did not cover in the past. The Lootings of the American Savings and Loans from 1985 to 1995 is one of these topics. On this subject, the American people are simply not Information-Poor, they are Information-Starved.

As you will see in some of pages, the letters usually are based upon one or more of those unread books on the Lootings. It is still my intention to put together a time-based narrative of the specific S&Ls that were looted for the benefit of wealthy Republicans. But on re-reading some of the letters I have come to realize that their sense of immediacy and purpose would be lost when re-written in narrative form. Moreover, the preparation of the narratives will take me weeks and months of work. So I will give you the letters now, and in a few months, the narratives. (The meat now, the potatoes, or is that the potatoes, later).
Letter of April 4, 1994- – The Role of the Mainstream Media in the Whitewater Investigation

Letter of April 8, 1994 – Four distinct types of Political Criminal Acts

Letter of April 8, 1994Lincoln Savings and Loan — The Timeline

Letter of April 16, 1994Lincoln Savings and Loan – The Skimming and the Shredding

Letter of April 18, 1994 – Silverado – The Cover-up of a Cover-up

 Unsent Letter of April 23, 1994 – Bread and Circuses

Letter of May 1, 1994 Who Watches the Watchers?

A Letter to Congressman Barney Frank, May 2, 1994 (in preparation)

Savings and Loan Looting Techniques

Broward (in preparation)

Sunrise (in preparation)

 Mainland (in preparation)

 The Arkansas S&Ls (in preparation)

 Herman Beebe and the Palmer National Bank (in preparation)

I have been studying the S&L Scam of 1985 to 1995 for almost four years now. As I have mentioned elsewhere, the coverage of the three SEPARATE LOOTINGS of the S&Ls in the Mainstream Media is a joke.

For something that has cost the American taxpayer between $400 BILLION and $500 BILLION dollars the lack of Mainstream Media coverage is somewhat curious until you realize they believed this information was best kept from the American people. After all, the money went into the RIGHT pockets, didn’t it?

For something that has cost the American taxpayer between $400 BILLION and $500 BILLION dollars the lack of information from the Government on the extent of the Scam is disgraceful. With these Web Pages, I hope to accomplish three objectives.

My first objective is to convince President Clinton to

(1) Direct the OMB or the Treasury Department to produce a current study on the amount of money the S&L Scam has ;cost the American taxpayers to date.

(2) Have Clinton open the files of the Resolution Trust Corporation and the other S&L regulatory agencies to investigation, preferably through posting on the Internet.

(3) I even have some hope of convincing Janet Reno that another OIC needs to be appointed, this time determine if any people in the S&L regulatory agencies, or in her department or the FBI were part of the Scam. As far as I can determine, if a federal official had been involved in criminal acts to protect a fellow Republican (or Democrat) then the statute of limitations no longer applies.


Fortunately a number of good reporters did write some books on the subject, and these have provided much of the information that I used in a series of letters to the San Jose Mercury News from early 1994 onwards in an attempt to get some investigative reporting into the S&L criminal activity. I received no replies to any of them. Let an aged movie star die and he or she gets front page coverage. Let the average American family be robbed of from $5,000 to $10, 000 dollars apiece and there is no story. It is also interesting that at least two of the reporters writing on the S&L Scam (Pete Brewton and Stephen Pizzo) have now been ostracized by the main stream media.

While all of the Web Pages on the Savings and Loan Scam will be works in progress, there is a special set of Pages that should be close to the heart of anyone who wants the S&L criminals and the government officials who shielded them during the 1980s and early 1990s, identified and indicted for criminal acts against the people of the United States. Well over a thousand Savings and Loans collapsed during the Reagan and Bush administrations and were responsible for much of the billions of dollars it cost the American people. Yet I cannot locate a list of these S&Ls and the amounts of money looted from them. Therefore, one of the Web Pages is called


I will need the help of all those who visit this Web Site to add the names of the looted S&Ls to the list, and the amounts of money looted from each. In addition, please provide the source of information to the E-mail address below.

The means by which the S&Ls were looted varied from S&L to S&L. There are strong indications in the literature (the books, not the Mainstream Media) that Organized Crime and the Mafia set up various swindles with cooperating S&L owners and managers to skim off millions of dollars. Then there was any number of fraudulent real estate transactions in which the S&Ls were robbed. None of these received much attention in the Mainstream Media because of the political connections of the people defrauding the S&Ls.

Because much of this was ignored in the Mainstream Media, Federal and state law enforcement agencies gave a pass to much of this, and even in those cases that were criminally investigated, finally gave a pass to frauds where the money being defrauded was less than $20 million dollars (or was it $100 million dollars?) Certain people were allowed to default on loans in the tens of millions and in at least one case, in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Who were these people? What were their political affiliations? Did they make contributions to the major political parties, and if so, to which ones? Were their political contributions the reason why many of the people were never investigated by state or federal officials, or brought before federal grand juries? Then again, perhaps some of the defaulted loans were legitimate. But in any case, the Mainstream Media yawned and looked away. Therefore another Web Page is called:


As you will see, the initial list is limited to just a few names.
The first looting of the S&Ls caused them to collapse. The federal S&L regulatory agencies took over the assets of the failed S&Ls. Some of these assets were real property — buildings and land, or simply land. In disposing of this property, speculators and multi-millionaires were given first crack at acquiring the properties at cut-rate prices. Various public-advocacy groups attempted to acquire some of this property for their programs, but always seemed to lose to the well-connected speculator groups and the rich. I would be glad to create a list showing some of these things if the readers of these pages want to send me an E-mail at the address below. This list would be:


Many of the assets acquired by the S&L regulators was in the form of mortgages or other documents indicating that large sums of monies were owed to the S&Ls (and now to the American taxpayer). Some effort was made by the S&L regulatory agencies to recover some of this money, but the more aggressive lawyers and investigators involved in the recovery effort were somehow laid off or transferred to other jobs during the last year of the Bush Administration. Again the Mainstream Media yawned and looked the other way. There was one article in the Washington Post on Senate Hearings into this in August 1992, and then silence.

Another policy adopted by the S&L regulatory agencies during the Bush Administration was a policy of the FORGIVENESS OF LOANS. This came to light for a day or two in October 1990 when Jeb Bush and his real estate partner were able to pay off a $4.65 million dollar mortgage for $505,000 (see below). It is indeed possible the money to pay off the mortgage came from the original $4.65 million dollar loan. Again, perhaps it was legal, but it was never examined by the Mainstream Media and continued to raise questions to this day. How many other well-connected people in this country were able to pay off their loans to defunct S&Ls for pennies on the dollar? We do not know. The Mainstream Media thought this kind of information was not necessary for the people of this country to know. I would like to put together a list of the names of those persons whose loans were FORGIVEN by the S&L regulatory agencies.

If I can get some names and dollar amounts, they will be added to the single name of Jeb Bush in

Unless the readers of these pages can think of other lists that could be used to inform the American people of the GREAT S&L ROBBERY, the remainder of the Web pages in the S&L section will be devoted to specific cases on which there is some documentation.

I have selected the following S&Ls and a National Bank in Washington, D.C. for study because of failure of the Mainstream Media to report on stories pertaining to their looting and because they are linked to prominent politicians, past or present.
Broward Savings and Loan in Florida

This should be sub-titled “How Jeb Bush and his real estate partner were able to purchase an $9 million office building in Florida on money that probably came out of the pockets of the American taxpayer.” Perhaps there is more to the story than I have been able to uncover, but for some reason the Mainstream Media had absolutely no curiosity about this story and gave it VERY LIMITED coverage (one story in the New York Times, one in the Washington Post). Both of these stories referred to a new Resolution Trust Corporation policy of the FORGIVENESS OF LOANS. Evidently if you were well-connected politically and you had borrowed millions of dollars from Savings and Loans that later failed, the RTC would let you off the hook for pennies on the dollar. It was excellent way to obtain property and have the American taxpayer pay for it.
Sunrise Savings and Loan, Boynton Beach, Florida

During the Federal trial of the officers and employees of $1.5 billion dollar Sunrise Savings and Loan in 1989 one witness, Ronald Berkovitz, claimed that then Vice-President George Bush had told a senior S&L regulatory examiner to back off from an examination of the S&L in 1984. In his testimony, Berkovitz claimed that Bush did this in front of Robert Jacoby, the Sunrise CEO, who had gone to Bush to complain “that federal examiners were being too tough on Sunrise.” Less than a year later, in July 1985, Sunrise crashed at a cost to the American taxpayers of $680 million dollars. The Berkovitz testimony was later confirmed by another official close to Sunrise. The Reagan-appointed Federal Attorney for that area of Florida made no effort to indict Berkovitz for perjury, or to question other officers and employees of Sunrise Savings and Loan about the matter.

Peter Brewton, who wrote one of the best books on the Savings and Loan Scam, had to learn of the Berkovitz testimony from an obscure legal journal in the Miami area. Although the trial was covered by the Miami Herald, a Knight-Ridder newspaper, I could find nothing in the archival pulls of the Miami Herald that even touched upon this testimony. There is one quote from the Herald, published after the conviction of Jacoby and another Sunrise executive that sums up the matter nicely. “In the end, it wasn’t incompetence, a poor economy or crummy luck that killed Sunrise Savings. It was criminal activity.” The Miami Heral. Nov 6, 1989.
Lincoln Savings and Loan in California – Part Two

We all know of the first part of the story of Charles Keating and the infamous Keating Five: Senators McCain and DeConcini of Arizona, Glenn of Ohio, Cranston of California, and Riegle of Michigan.

For some reason, the Mainstream Media did not cover the second part. This consisted of a meeting between the members of the San Francisco FHLBB and the senators in early 1987 when the FHLBB people evidently convinced four of the five senators that Keating was engaged in a number of criminal acts. (see the Lincoln page). The Senators were not heard of after this, and some returned their contribution. But somehow the Mainstream Media hung a maverick Republican and four Democratic senators out to dry as the Keating Five. The Keating Five and the Keating Five alone were held responsible by the Mainstream Media for all of the crimes of Charles Keating. If you read the Lincoln Savings and Loan Timeline pages, a completely different story emerges.

The San Francisco FHLBB sent a criminal referral to the Reagan Justice Department on April 9, 1987 and in May 1987, recommended that Lincoln be seized at once. After Ed Gray is forced out of the FHLBB in Washington, Reagan appoints M. Danny Wall to the post. Shortly after this, and for the first time in U.S. regulatory history, a regulatory case under investigation at a regional level is transferred from the jurisdiction of the field office to the jurisdiction of the Washington FHLBB headed by M.Danny Wall. Evidently the Republican Mr. Wall was attempting to help out the Republican national committeeman from Arizona, one each Charles Keating. Besides, Wall, who wrote much of the S&L deregulation bill while he was on the staff of the senior Republican senator from Utah, Jack Garn, did not want to discourage free enterprise in the savings and loan industry.

The transfer of the Lincoln investigation to Washington occurred sometime in late 1987 or early 1988. The movement of the investigation on Lincoln to Washington delayed the closure of Lincoln until February 1989. This gave Keating time to issue well over $250,000,000 in junk bonds to gullible investors in southern California. Some of the proceeds from the sale of the junk bonds evidently were used to make a $100,000 campaign contribution to the Bush presidential campaign in 1988. (The junk bond sales was the only source of income for Keating at this time.)
A Partial Bibliography of the books on the S&L Scam

Trust Me: Charles Keating and the Missing Billions by Micharel Binstein and Charles Bowden – NY:Random House, 1993

Silverado: Neil Bush and the Savings and Loan Scandal by Steven Wilmsen-Washington: National Press Books, 1991

Overdrawn: The Bailout of American Savings by Michael A. Robinson – NY Dutton, 1992

The Mafia, CIA, and George Bush by Pete Brewton – NY SPI, 1992

Inside Job: the Looting of America’s Savings and Loans by Stephen Pizzo, Mary Fricker, and Paul Muolo, McGraw Hill, 1989, Harper, 1991
Other stories that will be published in these pages:

Silverado -in Colorado – How to invest in the oil exploration company of a president’s son, and make a fortune from an S&L.

Madison Guaranty in Arkansas. – About the only person who made any money out of Madison is Sheffield Nelson, the Republican National Committeeman from Arkansas since 1990 and the Republican candidate for governor in 1990 and 1994.

Palmer National Bank. How a Republican bank in Washington D.C. got its original capital investment.

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