So  I must assume  the  PINHOLE  in the  Lake George Bath Tub  was  INTENTIONALLY DESIGNED  to  allow  the  Water to be Used for  Money Making  with the Water for as  LONG as Possible    AKA   Acting With  SCIENTER  ….  Intentionally


How the Witham Marina was  destroyed many years in a row …..   Vast Lake Ice and Water Level Fluctuations ….  NYS and International  Paper’s   DAMNED  DAM  

”   The additional elevation of lake level created by the dam can be regulated to some extent by the dam’s discharge structures.  ”  

”   However, natural forces sometimes exceed human designs.   Excessive precipitation and runoff can cause the lake to rise occasionally to undesirable levels. The limited discharge capacity of the outlet means that when the lake is too high it is slow to return to normal.  ”  

”    The capacity to release water from the lake is small in relationship to the volume of heavy runoff. The capacity has been likened to draining a bathtub through a pinhole. When water entering the lake exceeds the maximum rate that can be discharged, the lake rises.  ”  

”   Each winter the lake is drawn down in anticipation of the spring snow melt. Snow surveys help to estimate the amount of water that is resident in the basin’s snow pack and refine “winter pool” target elevations. Under ideal conditions the spring thaw is gradual, re-charging groundwater and tributaries and allowing the lake to slowly replenish a foot or more of elevation to the target level of 4.0 (RRG) around April 1. However, nature can be anything but predictable. A combination of rain and melting snow can produce an inflow of water that exceeds the storage capacity created by draw down.   “



Dear NEW YORK STATE DEC …. Time for some TRUTH ….


SwampFox <>

10:21 AM (9 hours ago)

to infodavejjohnsKenTravisrogergeorgiaJamesBrianMargaretmagazineMarisaKristyMargaret, bcc: Sarah, bcc: Lisa, bcc: Kim
       I have a question about the Water Release Capacity of the  Dam “A”  ,  Penstock and  Alexandria Street Bridge  Underpass.

The  US  Army Corp  and  Stetson Engineering and Park Commission have  ALL made findings that the  Spillways and Penstock at Ticonderoga are TO SMALL to control Spring Lake Levels without   PRE-RELEASING  Water or doing the Winter Time Draw Down.


Stetson Engineering and the US ARMY figures the  Release Capacity is  54%  Undersized ……

1.   What Would You Consider to  PROPERLY  FIX  and Increase The  Release Inadequacy ?


2.   Would  additional Drainage Be a  Corrective Measure during the  SPRING  Snow and Ice and Rains that overwhelm the Lake ?



      It would seem LOGICAL that increased RELEASE CAPACITY would be GREAT.    
Thank You
Judson Witham
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