Hidden Crimes of Lake George NY – Way Beyond the Lake George Lake Champlain Coalition , The Decker Crew

Hiding the  Criminal Conspiracy and AGE OLD ART of  Not Getting Caught , and so goes the Story of  Operations on Lake George, NY.

It seems  the  Criminals May Be The  Operators of the  Mill Pond Itself …..  Maybe Huh  Sheriff Bud  York …

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Incalculable  Property Damages  and  Profits from the  MILL POND OPERATIONS  ….  Decker’s  Crew  is  just  the  TIP of the  ICEBERG.

MILKING  THE  MILL POND   for  the  Mega  Bucks

AKA   Hydrologic  Availability …  Maximizing  Profits and Hydro Electric Dams


Lake George Mirror, Tom West ( West Law Firm )  Adirondack Almanac, Post Star, Union College and RPI University,    TAKE  NOTES

SPECIAL STATE PROSECUTOR  and  GRAND JURY  …  There’s Lots More to the  Hidden Crimes at Lake George  than  David  Decker’s   Crew ….  JBW

1,500 Acres   over One and a Half Million Cubic Yards of  Toxic Mill Wastes,  Ticonderoga Sewage and Lake George Sewage Contaminated Waters ….  1500 ACRES as of 1968 ….  Far Far Far  MORE  Today

That’s a  LOT of  Flushes   Sheriff  Bud  York ….   The  NEW YORK  Special Prosecutors Office,   State  Attorney  General,  Lake George Park Commission and  NYS  DEC ….. This is an ENORMOUS NUMBER  of  Flushes  



The Pinhole in the Bath Tub   HYDROLOGIC  AVAILABILITY and the  USGS and The RULE CURVE 

The Pinhole in the Bath Tub   HYDROLOGIC  AVAILABILITY and the  USGS and The RULE CURVE

VAST  LAKE PROPERTY  DAMAGES ….  LIKE  The Repeated  Destruction of  Clifford and Anita Witham’s  Marina at Harris  Bay



I just wrote  the Post Star and Travis Whitehead as well as Sheriff Bud York, This is for the  Special Prosecutor looking into ECONOMIC CRIMES involving the Lake George Lake Champlain Coalition   AKA   David  Decker’s  Crew.

For many decades huge amounts of  Property Damage has occurred during FLUSHING and ELECTRIC  POWER  GENERATION  which only is possible with  SQUEEZING every penny from  Water  Drained from the Lake George Water Shed.

The  Hidden and Secreted nature of the  Profits derived from  PROPERTY DESTRUCTION  to   Islands, Shoreline, MARINA DOCKS, Boat Houses and Cribbing or Bulkheads  comes from LOWERING THE WATER as much as possible to allow for the  LARGEST PROFITS  for the Mill Pond Operators.

The  History of all the above   ECONOMIC  DAMAGES for some and  GOLD MINE for others  is pretty well  available.   It sort of started when Judge Isacc Kellog,  Weed and Baldwins  began   FLOODING the  Lake Basin in the 1800s and grew from there.

ICE and WATER up and down and Up and Down and Up and Down …..  Ripping and Shredding  every cycle …..  Examined against the  RULE CURVE   engineering  and the  Winter Time Lake Draw Down reveals    DECKER’s  CREW  has NOT been the Only PROFITEERS …..   Milking The Mill Pond.

Squeezing every penny from Mill Pond Operations when Generating TAXES for the State and Profits for the ELECTRIC DAM OPERATORS takes lots of CALCULATING. When the Dam A # 230 was INTENTIONALLY Designed Built and Engineered SQUEEZING Money from the Mill Pond was the WHOLE GAME. Hiding the ACTUAL CAUSE of untold BILLIONS in Damages to Islands, Boat Houses, Docks and Shoreline …. well that takes LOADS of SOPHISTRIES. HIDDEN CRIMES ….. Massive Property Destruction on Lake George Water Front Properties. The ICE and WATER Damages to MILLIONS in Lake Improvements LIKE the Islands and LIKE the Witham Family Marina are directly traceable to the DRAINING OF WATER in the Fall and WINTER from the MILL POND. The whole idea of a Spillway Dam ( # 230 ) that is 54% Undersized is to allow the LONGEST PERIOD OF WATER DRAINING as possible …. Creating MAXIMUM PROFITS for the MILL POND OPERATORS. Ka Ching Ka Ching Ka Ching THE MONEY RULE CURVE. Islands, Shoreline, Boat Houses and Docks don’t matter ONLY The Profits to the MILL POND MOBSTERS …. The INFAMOUS Mill Pond operations of Lake George involving SQUEEZING every penny of profits from the WATER POWER or the WATER RESOURCES …. Decker is only ONE PLAYER …. The Rule Curve MIXED WITH ICE AND SNOW has caused untold DAMAGES and PROFITS for the REPAIR CONTRACTORS and The State. This MILL POND has lots of twists and turns …. MILKING THE LAKE FOR EVERY DIME ….. The MILL POND ….. hydrologic availability …. https://www.google.com/search?source=hp&ei=yOgAWsrQFoGMmQHLr7eACw&q=hydropower+dam+rule+curve&oq=hydropower+dam+rule+curve&gs_l=psy-ab.12…3328.11216.0.12923.….0…1.1.64.psy-ab..

SEE ESPECIALLY https://theadirondacksconspiracy.wordpress.com/milking-the-mill-pond-lake-george-ny/

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NOTE  the  Ice  Sheet supports  TRUCKS full of  Rocks in the Winter.   IMAGINE that destructive force because  Dam “A”  Number 230  at Weedville is  54%   Under Sized.  The  Spillway can’t regulate the Lake  because the  DAM is  WHOLLY  INSUFFICIENT.


You see  Ellen Apperson Brown   The  ICE  SHEET  FLUCTUATIONS are  massively  DESTRUCTIVE  and  remain so to this very day.


The  FLUSHING of  Lake George ” Winter Time Draw Down ”  You know  the  “Rule Curve”  causes the  Ice Sheet to  Freeze  LOW and then  Spring  Water Rises  DRASTICALLY from  Rains and Snow Pack Melt …..  Destroying  Docks, Boat Houses,  Islands and Shoreline.   EVERYONE should  add these  FACTS  to Their  Records

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Oh My    from  1917

Yah See Ellen …  The  Fluctuating ICE and Water was doing the  DESTRUCTION caused by the  Mill Pond Dam at the PoopChute RiverJohn Apperson, Union College and the Lake George Mirror and Almanac with the Lake George Park Association should  ADJUST Their Records with  EVERYONE ELSE.

Annual Report – Page 109 – Google Books Result

New York (State). Conservation Dept – 1919 – ‎New York (State)

PROTECTING LAKE GEORGE ISLANDS The work of protecting the shores of the State-owned islands in Lake George from damage caused by waves and ice, …


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David Wick and  Roger Smith at Lake George Park Association and the  Litigation Records of  New York State  Attorney Generals  going back to  the  1820s  have again and again and again and again   WITH  Hundreds of Thousands of  Witnesses  including  THE ADIRONDACK  ALMANACK /   John Hall and  Yes  RPI University and  Darrin Fresh Water Institute  are  ALL  very well aware of  the  ICE and WATER  Damages  to  the  Islands,  Shoreline, Boathouses and Docks on Lake George.

This Letter is to  request from  THE NEW YORK STATE ASSOCIATED PRESS ASSOCIATION  …..  It’s  records  on  DOCKAGE,  BOATHOUSE and ISLAND DAMAGE  caused by  ICE and WATER  LEVELS on Lake George.   ALSO  the  Flushing of  Lake  George and the LaChute  River  matters are being requested as well.    IT SEEMS  Winter Lake  Draw Down  and  Vastly Rising   ICE  and  Water in the  Spring  are an EXTREMELY  DESTRUCTIVE  FORCE.

Maybe  Ellen  Apperson  Brown  and  the  West Law Firm /  Lake George Park Association  would as well  PROVIDE  Their  Records ???

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