Lake George Mill Pond – Pump and Dump for Millions

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The UNFINISHED  WORK  of  Lanmuir  and  Apperson,  Frank Leonbruno and so many others


The  Mega  Poop  and  Crap Flusher Works of  Lake George NY


Look at all  that  CRAP


Toilet Lake George POSIONING Lake Champlain

The Giant Toilet Flusher Lake George NY … Poisoning Lake…






    For  MANY  MANY  DECADES    Islands, Shoreline, Bulkheads Boat Houses and  DOCKS have been vastly damaged and destroyed.   EXACTLY  Who Paid for the  Immense Damages ?

Lake George New York THE MILL POND SAGA | Trillions Looted …

They FLOODED LAKE ANDIA’TA’ROC’TE. The Indictments were DISMISSED by the Investors in the Steam Ships and paper Mills oh and the Warren County …

Aug 11, 2017 – Dear Lake George Central Schools ….. The Poison Papers catalogue both the secret concerns of industry and regulators over the hazards of …

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Dec 24, 2016 – NEW York State’s Mill PondLake George NY … International Paper, the DEC, Glens Falls Banks and the Power Corporations OPERATING …

Jul 2, 2013 – I recently came across an essay by Edmund H. Richard in The Forest … To paraphrase Mr. Richards, Apperson considered Lake George as his “Lake of … were controlling the water levels of the lake…as if it were a mill dam! ….. Smitty on At Boreas Ponds Will Governor Cuomo Learn From His Mistakes?





Lake George, famous for its clarity, is changing color | Local | poststar ……/lake-george…changing-color/article_059a5458-49b3-5267-b621-2bf…

Jul 2, 2016 – Editor’s note: This is the third in a series of articles on the quality of water in our region and threats that could compromise it. Tomorrow, we will …


Algae Awareness and Analysis | Save Lake George : The Fund for …

As described in the State of the Lake document, Lake George is now facing fundamental threats; including declining water quality and decreasing clarity.









Lake George Leachate The Faked Lake George Records | The …

The FLUSHING of the Lake George TOILET BASIN …… Flushing the Sewage Ladin Water to Lake Champlain , CUTE really CUTE DEC / LGPC FLUSHING THE …

Aug 10, 2015 – Sewage Leachate Is Extremely Poisonous and Toxic. Protecting … Lake George’s Sewage and Pollution is FLUSHED HERE. Courtesy of the …

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Aug 11, 2017 – Many Sewage Treatment Facilities around Lake George have caused millions of …. Lake George NY Flushing the Leachate Poisoning Lake …

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Lake George Waste Water Treatment Plant has a trickling problem ……/lake-george…/article_9903029c-5cb4-11e4-aabd-a7f34f908bab.html
Oct 26, 2014 – LAKE GEORGE — Ideally, you can flush and forget. But in Lake George the antiquated sewer plant’s failure to meet state standards has had …

DEC wants plan from Lake George to address sewage issues | Local ……lake-george…sewage…/article_13cadd8b-16aa-53b3-9cba-5d24c2d57…
Jan 6, 2017 – LAKE GEORGE — The town had two sewage spills in the past six months, and Department of Environmental Conservation officials want to …

Waterkeeper wants crackdown on septic leaks that feed algae | Local ……/article_e04e3920-f2ba-11e1-af01-001a4bcf887a.html

Aug 30, 2012 – LAKE GEORGE ♢ A Lake George environmental group and some … Chlorine or dye testing can show where sewage outflow or leaks originate.

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Lake George NY Flushing the Leachate Poisoning Lake Champlain … Sewage and Chemicals Filled Waters of Lake George New York, The DAM Facts and the …

Environmental Impact Statement on Wastewater Treatment Facilities …


For further discussion of costs associated with various wastewater options, please … is a very important tool, but it was only used for six days at Lake George. If more ccmplete leachate detector work was done, it would likely prove that there are …

Broken sewer line found near Million Dollar Beach in Lake George…/broken-sewer-line-found-near-million-dollar-beach-in-lake-george/
Jul 11, 2017 – LAKE GEORGE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – People are allowed to go in the water at Million Dollar Beach on Tuesday and officials hope it stays that way.

Oct 6, 2017 – LAKE GEORGE — The state is putting up millions of dollars to help protect the legendary clear waters of Lake George from an aging sewage …

UPDATE   LOOKY  HERE    International Paper & Power   GIFTING   Big Big Property and Bucks  to  NEW  YORK STATE  ….   Interesting    1974  ….  Just After the  Repeated DESTRUCTION of the  Witham Family Marina  …..  HOW  NICE  


7  Acres  $150,000.00   and  a  FREE  DAM    WOW


The  UPS  and  DOWNS  and the  VAST PROPERTY DAMAGE  on Lake George during Late Winter and Early Spring ICE and Water Levels.


Up and Down and Up and Down and Up and Down  …..  Destroying Islands, Shoreline, Bulkheads, Boathouses and Docks

Reports of selected cases decided in courts of the State of New York …

1978 – ‎Snippet view – ‎More editions

(Department of Environmental Conservation took control of Lake George outlet dam in summer of 1974.) What consideration should be given to the fact that Lake George is an artificially controlled lake—controlled since 1974 by the State Department of Environmental Conservation and prior thereto by private enterprises operating since 1957 under section 38 of the Navigation Law? The long history of litigation over Lake George water levels indicates the conflicting interests and …

     New York State’s Authorities  Complained for Many Decades, Prosecute and Litigate the  Damaging  UPs  and  DOWNs  of  Winter and Early   Lake George  ICE and WATER Levels for more that a Century and a Half …..   The  Massive  Destruction of  the   PRE 1975    Pinhole in the Bath Tub  …..    LAKE  GEORGE



New York Supreme Court Record on Appeal – Page 29

Amended Answer of System Properties, Inc. dam have been furnished to the Conservation Commission and thereafter to the Water Power Commission and the Water Power and Control Commission of the State of New York. 24. … That on or about October 10, 1929, the plaintiff, The People of the State of New York, through the Chairman of the StateConservation Commission, duly entered into an agreement with International PaperCompany, predecessor in title of the defendant, …

Case on Appeal Volume II – Pages 781 to 1182 – Page 29

Answer of Defendant, System Properties, Inc., 85 Read in Support of Motion Power Commission and the Water Power and Control Commission of the State of New York. 24. … That on or about October 10, 1929, the plaintiff, The People of the State of New York, through the Chairman of the State Conservation Commission, duly entered into an agreement with International Paper Company, predecessor in title of the defendant, concerning in general the manner in which the International …

The Historical Records and Huge numbers of witnesses reveal … I have the story STRAIGHT ….

Paper – Volume 25 – Page 589

1920 – ‎Snippet view – ‎More editions

High water at Lake George has caused extensive damage. each spring for many years even to the extent of the threat— ened loss of many of the beautiful islands. … The agreement for a two-year period of trial in the control of the level of the lake is made without prejudice to the rights of either party with the understanding that at the end of that time steps will be taken, based on data collected during the two-year period which it is expected will end for all time the annual damage to both …

Annual Report – Volume 24 – Page 34

International Hydro-electric System – 1952 – ‎Snippet view – ‎More editions

… dam across the Ticonderoga River owned by System Properties, Inc. and leased to International Paper Company is an encroachment on the lands of the State and that maintenance and operation of the dam raises the water level of Lake George, thereby injuring state-owned lands and islands. The State seeks a judgment determining its rights with respect to title to and control of the method of operation of the dam, but not seeking money damages. Individual plaintiff-intervenors seek …

Annual Report – Page 122

New York (State). Conservation Dept – 1928 – ‎Snippet view – ‎More editions

The planting of such trees is particularly important, since in many places the large number of people using the islands makes natural reproduction of the trees impossible, so that the only way to insure new growth for the future is to plant. High water in Lake George, caused by the dam at the outlet of the lake, has resulted in extensive damage each spring for many years, even to the extent of threatening the loss of many of the most beautiful islands. This year for a long period an …

Legislative Document – Volume 8 – Page 177

1945 – ‎Snippet view – ‎More editions

Damage caused by erosion along the shores of state-owned islands at customary stages of 4.00 or above on Rogers Rock Gage can be effectively prevented by riprapping. – 13. It is impossible under present conditions to maintain the lake level at stages sufficiently low to prevent erosion of the island shores unless they are protected by riprapping. … The loss of fish which go over the dam in times of high water can be prevented only by the installation of a screen in the outlet. Such a …

North eastern reporter. second series – Volume 141 – Page 431

1957 – ‎Snippet view – ‎More editions

these additional findings: “The dam serves the function of holding back the waters of Lake George and converting it in effect into an enormous reservoir. The waters of the spring floods are stored for use in the drier seasons. This helps to stabilize the water level of the lake and also aids in the development of water power at the dam site”. The record shows disputes as to the fact and extent of damage caused by the dam’s flooding operations to the shores and islands of the lake and …

Toilet Lake George POSIONING Lake Champlain

The Giant Toilet Flusher Lake George NY … Poisoning Lake…


Part of the  Continuing Series  The Lake George Pinhole  Mysteries

Author’s Note :    The  Repeated  Flushings of Lake George, NY are very famous for Property Damage.  The State’s Own Authorities and many many Environmentalists for well over one and a half centuries have noted the  destruction of Islands, Shoreline, Bulkheads, Boat Houses and Docks.  There are  HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS  even Millions of  Witnesses ….   The  Witham Family Marina was  destroyed  many times during the 1960s  because of the  Winter Time  Drawdowns conducted by the Operators and Owners of the  GIANT FLUSHER WORKS ….   Dam  # 230  AKA   Dam  “A”  at the LaChute River.

This work is dedicated to My Parents …  Clifford and Anita Witham

MotherAnd Dad2



This  Witham  Knows  PLENTY of the  ACTUAL HISTORY of the  Mill Pond called  Lake George, NY


Since the 1800s   Lake  George Has been the  BIG  FLUSHER




Report on Pollution of the Interstate Waters of Lake Champlain and its …

the Secretary of the Interior called a conference in the matter of pollution of the interstate waters of  Lake Champlain and its tributary basin (New York-Vermont). This report is based … Basin …………… Appendices C-l Data, Federal Water Pollution Control Adminis- tration Survey of Lake Champlain, August1968   Appendices VI …

UPDATE FROM THE  PO’d  Taxpayers of  Vermont.  Read the Comments regarding WHO PAYS


The Massive  Sludge Bed   FLUSHED  from Ticonderoga to Lake Champlain


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