Lake George NY Man Made MILL POND an Adirondacks Mystery Solved

Maybe  That  Dam  WAS  NOT  SO FREE


4,000 Pages of  Testimony, 1,200 Plus  Exihibits  and a  Record of  Court Filings that OBVIOUSLY are  Massive ….  Islands, Boathouses, Shore, Bulkheads,    DOCKS destroyed en-mass   Tens and Even Hundreds of Thousands of Witnesses   LIKELY MILLIONS


Here’s the ICE and WATER Damages and Destruction on Lake George ….. The PINHOLE IN THE BATH TUB that the State Owns and Operates. Oh The State has sued about this same NUISANCE for many decades !



FIGHTS LAKE GEORGE RISE; State Sues to Remove Dam Keeping Waters at High Level

Where oh where oh where are all the COURT RECORDS ? 

Lake George  Separating  the  Damned Dam FACTS  from the  Fiction

dam_2.jpg Film The Dam Busters

Busting  The  Damned  Dam  SCAM  Wide  Open

The Lake George  ” MILL POND ”    Exposed


The  Criminal  and  Civil  Trials, Investigations and Damages  COST HOW MUCH ?

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I  have some questions regarding the  Lake Level Gauge  RECORDS for the  Glen Island Gauge.   And a  FOIL  Request as follows


SEE   State NY  Engineer, Surveyor’s  and Conservation Commission  Records


The  Legislative  and  DEC  History along with the State Engineers / Surveyor’s  Office  reveal the  ZERO  Level for the Glen Lake Gauge was set 8.32   Feet   BELOW  the  Masonry Crest of   DAM “A” at the LaChute River where  Lake George  empties into the  Ticonderoga Creek.

Who has the  Old  Glen Island   Records of the  Lake Levels that were taken TWICE  Daily on Glen Island ?​

The  State Engineers and Surveyor’s   Records  show the  TOP of the  Gauge was at  8.32 Feet   ABOVE  the  Zero  Increment.   I’ve also determined the  Height of the  Dam   and the  Depths of the  MANY  Channels in the  Natural  Stone  Ledge just North of  NorWal  Marina.

All of the  Indications reveal Lake George Water  Level is  8+   Feet  HIGHER​   than the  Natural  Level would be  IF  ….   DAM  “A”  was  removed.
Also  See  the  Dam Inspector’s  Study and Report

The  HISTORICAL  Records on the  Glen Lake  Gauge  and  the  Engineering and Surveyor’s  reports  reveal  the  ZERO  level on the Glen Island Gauge was  the  Level of the  Lake Bed  at the Foot of the  Masonry  Dam  “A”.


[PDF]National Dam Safety Program. Lake George Outlet Dam – Defense …

A structural stability investigation of the dam should be started within. 6 months to …. NAME OF DAM –LAKE GEORGE OUTLET DAM ID# – NY 230. SECTION ….. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers‘ Hydrologic Engineering Center’s. IComputer …

This  FOIL is seeking  Photo’s  Charts, Records, Files  associated with the  Glen Island  Records  and the  INCREASED  Level in Lake George Waters  caused by the  Flooding  BY   Dam “A” across the  Lake Basin.
     The  D&H  Rail Road  Owned  the  Rail Bridge and Dam area at  Weedville for decades and indicate the  Water level is 8+ Feet  Higher as a result of the  Dam “A”.

     This  FOIL  request is seeking the  records of  the  Water Level Increase on Lake George caused by Dam  “A”   which would include the  SPRING  TIME​  Conditions  associated with  SNOW PACK  MELT,   SPRING RAINS  and  ICE SHEET  Melting.
​​     In closing  there also is a  Water  Seiche  on the  Lake  that causes  the  SOUTH  END  (   South   LEG  )  of the  Lake to be somewhat  HIGHER than the  North end  especially  during   EARLY  SPRING   MELT.   The Water  Seiche  records would also be  requested.
     As  an Historical  Note  very large areas of  NORTHERN  QUEENSBURY have been  Flooded and Submerged as a result of the  Artificial  Heightening of  Lake George  Caused by  Dam  “A”.

     It is ALSO  Crystal Clear  that  the  Property where the Dam was  Built  and the  ” Stream Bed ”  as well as the  ” RIGHT ”  to control the  Lake Level has always  VESTED with  New York State.  Succinctly Stated ….  New York State  has  since the  Beginning of  New York State had the  Lawful Control of the  Lake Level.​

     The  Paper Mills  and  Electrical  Companies and Mills  NORTH of  Dam “A”  utilized the  Horsepower Of The State’s  Water  and as such  I am as well to understand  the  BIG  Steam Ship  Companies  used  the  Greater Depths  to  Float  Larger  and  Deeper  Draft  Vessels on the Lake.

     Your  Records regarding the  Raised Lake Levels ….  Winter Time  Draw  Downs   and  the  Flooding  of  Northern  Queensbury  caused by Dam “A”  are  herein  requested.

Thank You
Judson  Witham
Son of the Swamp Fox

The  TRUE BILLED  INDICTMENT  of  Joseph Weed and Alonzo  Baldwin

YES  LAKE  FLUSHING  ( Winter Draw Down )

How long does water stay in Lake George?

The retention time of a lake is the average length of time that water remains in the lake. Lake size, water source, and watershed size are primary factors in determining retention time.

The retention time for Lake George is six to eight years. This is very long. Great Sacandaga Lake, a large nearby lake, has a retention time of 0.6 years, while many other Adirondack lakes are flushed in days or weeks.

Why does retention time matter for water quality?

The water in some lakes flushes very rapidly. These short-retention-time lakes respond quickly to management practices that decrease nutrient input.

In contrast, in lakes with long water retention like Lake George, nutrients accumulate and are recycled annually with turnover.  In these lakes, the response to management practices that decrease nutrient input is delayed.


   The  1965   USGS   Topographical Map   FOREVER  memorializes  the  Hard Work Of  Clifford  and Anita  Witham &  Family …. 

Founders of   THE SWAMP MARINA,  Lake George  NY

Clifford and Anita Witham …  The Swamp Foxes

Warren  County  NY  Sheriff  Carl  K.  McCoy    Blessed  The  Project  ​​​​​


The  Great  Photographic  Records and Collection


     KING GEORGE Did NOT Own that which He GRANTED AWAY … HELLO Adverse possession always rests on the presumption of a lost grant. A grant of these underwater lands to Stoughton would not have been illegal. Adverse possession by Stoughton’s successors commenced soon thereafter and continued. Accordingly, we hold that title by adverse possession was established here. Lack of a finding thereon by the Appellate Division does not foreclose us from this adjudication, since the necessary facts are either found by both courts or are undisputed.

     Although both the lower courts passed on the question of navigability of the river, we consider that, in view of the other determinations with which we agree, a decision on navigability is in this situation neither necessary nor appropriate. We are holding herein, as explained below, that Dartmouth owns the dam site but that the State of New York has power to regulate the use of Lake George and the Ticonderoga River in the public interest. Those ultimate holdings are not affected by and do not depend on navigability or nonnavigability. We, therefore, modify the judgment appealed from by striking out the finding of fact numbered 7 and the conclusion of law numbered 6 in the judgment of reversal.


PEOPLE v. SYS. PROPS. | 2 N.Y.2d 330 (1957) | ny2d3301292 |

DESMOND J. This protracted and elaborate litigation calls for answers to two closely related questions who has the title to Dam…ny2d3301292


The GRAND Mess of Dam “A” on Lake George … The Massive Lake Level Scams of the BANKSTERS

New York Supreme Court Record on Appeal



The ACTUAL History of Lake George New York…/

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