Lake George NY Pumped for BILLIONS

The  FACTUAL RECORD is now Far More Complete

New York State  IS  Revealed

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Thank You Major LaFarr,

The  extremely INTERESTING configuration of the  Conservation Commission’s  Glen Island Gauge coincides with the  US  Army’s  Inspections and Diagrams of the  Dam Construction itself. 


The  Lake George Warriors  NOW have a more complete  picture of the  ACTUAL  HISTORY.

​D & H   Railroad’s   Bridge  for the  Baldwin Line  at Lake George gave the  Railroad Company  GREAT Knowledge of the  Man Made Flooding  ( DAMMING of LAKE GEORGE  )



The Glen Island Gauge and the Natural Lake level  coincide.

The TWO Small  Release Gates  and the  Green Mountain Power, Enel Power, International Paper and Power Penstock /  System Properties have been determine by the  US  Army  and Stetson Engineering to be 54%  Inadequate to control Lake Levels.


ALSO  the  Dilution is the Solution to Pollution  Practices of  LOWERING THE LAKE as much as possible in the  WINTER TIME as well allows the  POWER COMPANIES  to  Generate Profits LONGER.

Diluting Lake George Pollution allows  GREATER PROFITS  for  ALL  PARTIES  Generating Revenue.​​​   The  Dilution of Lake George’s  Pollution is as OBVIOUSLY known a  LARGE FACTOR to the  Claims that Lake George is  a  DRINKABLE LAKE ….   LOL …  

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Remember folks  SEWER WASTE TREATMENT PLANTS ….  Treat  Sewer Water and Make   PUBLIC UTILITY DRINKING WATER from that  


Many Thanks to  Major James LaFarr

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Mr. Witham,


Please find the response to your Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) request attached.



Jim LaFarr


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Subject: Glen Island Ranger Station LAKE GAUGE.


I  have some questions regarding the  Lake Level Gauge  RECORDS for the  Glen Island Gauge.   And a  FOIL  Request as follows


SEE   State NY  Engineer, Surveyor’s  and Conservation Commission  Records



The  Legislative  and  DEC  History along with the State Engineers / Surveyor’s  Office  reveal the  ZERO  Level for the Glen Lake Gauge was set 8.32   Feet   BELOW  the  Masonry Crest of   DAM “A” at the LaChute River where  Lake George  empties into the  Ticonderoga Creek.


Who has the  Old  Glen Island   Records of the  Lake Levels that were taken TWICE  Daily on Glen Island ?​




The  State Engineers and Surveyor’s   Records  show the  TOP of the  Gauge was at  8.32 Feet   ABOVE  the  Zero  Increment.   I’ve also determined the  Height of the  Dam   and the  Depths of the  MANY  Channels in the  Natural  Stone  Ledge just North of  NorWal  Marina.


All of the  Indications reveal Lake George Water  Level is  8+   Feet  HIGHER​   than the  Natural  Level would be  IF  ….   DAM  “A”  was  removed.




Legislative Document 1921 No 44
State of New York
Report of the State Engineer and Surveyor SEE


Also  See  the  Dam Inspector’s  Study and Report



The  HISTORICAL  Records on the  Glen Lake  Gauge  and  the  Engineering and Surveyor’s  reports  reveal  the  ZERO  level on the Glen Island Gauge was  the  Level of the  Lake Bed  at the Foot of the  Masonry  Dam  “A”.


[PDF]National Dam Safety Program. Lake George Outlet Dam – Defense …

A structural stability investigation of the dam should be started within. 6 months to …. NAME OF DAM –LAKE GEORGE OUTLET DAM ID# – NY 230. SECTION ….. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers‘ Hydrologic Engineering Center’s. IComputer …



This  FOIL is seeking  Photo’s  Charts, Records, Files  associated with the  Glen Island  Records  and the  INCREASED  Level in Lake George Waters  caused by the  Flooding  BY   Dam “A” across the  Lake Basin.





The  D&H  Rail Road  Owned  the  Rail Bridge and Dam area at  Weedville for decades and indicate the  Water level is 8+ Feet  Higher as a result of the  Dam “A”.



This  FOIL  request is seeking the  records of  the  Water Level Increase on Lake George caused by Dam  “A”   which would include the  SPRING  TIME​  Conditions  associated with  SNOW PACK  MELT,   SPRING RAINS  and  ICE SHEET  Melting.



​​In closing  there also is a  Water  Seiche  on the  Lake  that causes  the  SOUTH  END  (   South   LEG  )  of the  Lake to be somewhat  HIGHER than the  North end  especially  during   EARLY  SPRING   MELT.   The Water  Seiche  records would also be  requested.


As  an Historical  Note  very large areas of  NORTHERN  QUEENSBURY have been  Flooded and Submerged as a result of the  Artificial  Heightening of  Lake George  Caused by  Dam  “A”.





It is ALSO  Crystal Clear  that  the  Property where the Dam was  Built  and the  ” Stream Bed ”  as well as the  ” RIGHT ”  to control the  Lake Level has always  VESTED with  New York State.  Succinctly Stated …. New York State  has  since the  Beginning of  New York State had the  Lawful Control of the  Lake Level.​


The  Paper Mills  and  Electrical  Companies and Mills  NORTH of  Dam “A”  utilized the  Horsepower Of The State’s  Water  and as such  I am as well to understand  the  BIG  Steam Ship  Companies  used  the  Greater Depths  to  Float  Larger  and  Deeper  Draft  Vessels on the Lake.





Your  Records regarding the  Raised Lake Levels ….  Winter Time  Draw  Downs   and  the  Flooding  of  Northern  Queensbury  caused by Dam “A”  are  herein  requested.



Thank You



Judson  Witham

Son of the Swamp Fox







The  1965   USGS   Topographical Map   FOREVER  memorializes  the  Hard Work Of


Clifford  and Anita  Witham &  Family ….  Founders of   THE SWAMP MARINA,  Lake George  NY




Warren  County  NY  Sheriff  Carl  K.  McCoy    Blessed  The  Project  ​​​​​






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