Lake George Separating Facts from Fictions


LAKE GEORGE FACTS – Separating Facts from Fiction ……  NOTE  One Small Drainage Structure at Alexandria Street Bridge  THE PINHOLE

The  PINHOLE  Exposed ……   The  PINHOLE IN THE  BATH TUB  according to  The Lake George  Park  Commission that is.

A  FOIL  Request has been  made on more than one occasion  to the  State of  New  York  regarding  the  WINTER TIME  DRAW-DOWNS   and  the  PINHOLE in The Bath Tub.

Alexandria  Street Bridge at Weedville  ONE  SINGLE  DRAIN HOLE for Lake George


Alexandria  Street Bridge at Weedville  ONE  SINGLE  DRAIN HOLE for Lake George


The  Dam  Release  Spillway has been inspected by the  US  ARMY’s  ENGINEERS  and  the  New York State’s  Engineers as well  revealing the  Dam is  54%  Inadequate to handle  Flood  Stage  Spring  Runoffs ……    THUS  the  State  Implements    WINTER TIME  DRAW-DOWN …..    Certain  Dock and  Boathouse and  Shoreline  REPAIR  Companies  and  the  State makes  LOTS of  Money  from the  ICE  DAMAGE.






Dear Lake George Central Schools ….. The Poison Papers catalogue both the secret concerns of industry and regulators over the hazards of pesticides and other chemicals and their efforts to conceal those concerns.

Poison Papers (Photo Credit Risa Scott)
Poison Papers
Corporate concealment is not a new story. What is novel in the Poison Papers is abundant evidence that EPA and other regulators were, often, knowing participants or even primary instigators of these cover-ups.

The Papers The “Poison Papers” represent a vast trove of rediscovered chemical industry and regulatory agency documents and correspondence stretching back to the 1920s. Taken as a whole, the papers show that both industry and regulators understood the extraordinary toxicity of many chemical products…





242  Square Miles of Watershed and the  Winter Snow and Ice  Melt  all must pass through that  ONE PINHOLE at  WEEDVILLE


LAKE  DRAW-DOWN   and  the  PINHOLE  (  Alexandria  Street  Bridge )   Explained


LAKE  DRAW-DOWN   and  the  PINHOLE  (  Alexandria  Street  Bridge )   Explained


The  Lake  George  Association  and  the  Darrin  Freshwater Institute  with  RPI and  Queensbury  with  Warren County and  the  State of  New  York  are  HAWKING  Septic  Tank  Technologies   BECAUSE  They  KNOW  the  Lake is  a  LARGE  STONE  BASIN  and  the  “AA”  Clean Water  Rating …..  well  that’s  a  JOKE.   Large Amounts  of  SEWAGE  RUN OFF  contaminates  Lake George  and has for  DECADES.    The Reality of  Lake  George  SEPTIC  and  SEWAGE  Run Off is something it seems  THEY WANT TO SEPARATE  from  Their  Version of  Their So Called  FACTS.

For an INDEPTH Historical Look at the REAL RECORDS ….. Here are Those Historical Records





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