New York Fills In Lake George

What is  COMPLETELY  Amazing is  the  Money / BAG MEN  that are the  Lake George Association …  Amazing stuff  HUH   William  Mason (  AKA  Billy  )

The  Sequence from  3:33  begins to show how  the  State of New York   FILLED IN LAKE  GEORGE  by  Building the  Beach Road .

Original Shore

The  Withams   NEVER  Filled IN  Lake  George in such a manner.

1VBEQ00010099 - 29-APR-65 - CROP - Harris Bay

     A  Note to  William Mason,  The Lake George Association and  Mr.  Joe  Roulier of  Brayton Lane,   Chris Navinski and the  Lake George Park Commission

     Clifford and Anita Witham and  Family  are  HUGELY  to be  Honored  for  providing UNTOLD  MILLIONS in Tax Revenues and Tourism to the Lake George Area Economy.  There are some  TREE HUGGING TYPES  that forget  it takes  MONEY to make lots of things work  LIKE  the  DEC and  LGPC as well as  Town of  Queensbury and Warren County EVEN the State of  New York.     What the  Witham  Family did IMPROVING THEIR LAND  greatly enhanced the local  SCENE  and  the  ECONOMY.     Truth is  those  SWAMPS are  VASTLY  ARTIFICIAL and  MAN MADE …. So I suggest  some  Environmentalists  keep that in mind.    Mother and  Dad  did  NOT  EVER   Fill in  Lake  George  that is  completely  UNTRUE.      William Mason  and  Chris Navinski  and  the  State of  New York  should  really  keep  THE FACTS  about the  Withams  Contribution to Queensbury,  Lake George and the  Adirondacks in mind.     A  THOROUGH UNDERSTANDING OF  REAL HISTORY  IS IN ORDER.


The  Shoreline  BARELY  Impacted  the  Photos  Do Not Lie

This Video Shows New York State and the Town and Village of Lake George  MASSIVELY Filling in Lake George

Beach Road Filled3

New York  Filling  In  Lake  George

It should be noted  BERMS /  DAMS ….  AKA  Route  9 L   across  Dunhams,  Harris  and  Von Wormer’s   Bays  were  FILLED IN  by  New York State on account of the  Massive ARTIFICIAL  Flooding of  the  Lake Basin  by the  Isacc Kellogg    and  International  Paper Company’s  Dam  (  NEW YORK STATE’s  DAM  ” A ”  at  the  LaChute  (  Poop Chute  River.

Beach Road Filled2

Take Note of the  TRAIN STATION  and  the  Area where  the  REBUILT  Fort William Henry is located.

See the  Massive  Filling In of Lake George by State Authorities

Beach Road Filled



The  Filming  Tells  The  WHOLE  STORY

Running Bulldozers  IN LAKE GEORGE



The Original Ship Landing as noted in the Maps from the 1700s  and 1800s

A_glimpse_of_Caldwell,_Lake_George,_N.Y,_by_Stoddard,_Seneca_Ray,_1844-1917_,_1844-1917 (1).png


It should be NOTED  the entire  Gaslight Village 

Charlie Wood’s  Park and  is a  ALL   Filled In



Note the  Location of  the  Train Station and Steam Ship  Dock


YES  That’s the  Lake Shore  IMMEDIATELY to the  Right of the  D&H  Train Tracks 


See How Close the  Beach is to the  D&H  Train


Well  Look at that   LAKE FILLED  IN  By  Da  Oligarchs of  New York’s   EMPIRE








Why Look  the  Train is ON THE STEAM SHIP  PIER


Look  the entire Shore Line  FILLED  by  New York State


      The  Filling In Of The  Lake  By The  State and  the  HUGE  Development of  THE VILLAGE has made  Da  BOIZ  and  Da  STATE  very very very  WEALTHY with the  FEDERAL GOVERNMENT


Take Note of the Filling to the  WEST of the Rail Road STATION


The Entire Beach Road  Massively Filled  BY  New York State


Mr. and Mrs. Clifford and Anita Witham

Author’s Note:

The Witham Family built up a Marshy Area that had been  ARTIFICIALLY  Flooded by the  Mill Dam at Ticonderoga in the 1800s.  Lake George is  ARTIFICIALLY about 8 feet deeper ( higher ) as a result of the  Ticonderoga Dam Operators and the  State of New York.   PLEASE TAKE NOTE …  Clifford and Anita Witham  NEVER  Filled in Lake George, rather They built up some Swampy Ground the State and the  Bankers of the  Lake George Steamship Companies  and  Glens Falls and Ticonderoga Mills  FLOODED.

SEE    The  Artificial Flooding and Raising of Lake George


Clifford and Anita Witham  NEVER FILLED  In  Lake George  Like The State of  New York Has ….   They DID NOT  Massively  Flood  The  Lake  as  Judge  Kellogg  and International Paper & Power Corp. with Systems Properties and New York State Have.   The many facts and Photographs REVEAL THE TRUTH.


Mother’s  Graduation Photo  from Glens Falls  High School


The  Witham Marina Simply Sought to build up the land  that has been  MASSIVELY  Submerged and Flooded by the  NY State Judge Isacc  Kellog   and  International  Paper’s  Dam “A” at LaChute River …  Ticonderoga


The Swamp Marina  AKA  East Shores Harbor  1965   

Clifford and Anita Witham Built by the   Witham Family


The  Witham’s  NEVER  Filled in the  Lake   LIKE  New York State has.  New York State ALSO permitted  STATE COURT JUDGE  Isacc Kellogg and the  International  paper Crew to  MASSIVELY   Flood  5000 acres of  land all around the Lake.   The  Witham Swamp / Marsh being  HUGELY  Submerged and Flooded.


USGS  Topo Map from 1966   Showing  Clifford and Anita Witham and Family’s  Marina


The Witham Family Marina  DID  NOT  FILL IN  LAKE  GEORGE  in the  Manner  the  State of  NEW YORK  Filled in  Rt  9 L  across   Dunham’s  Harris and Van Wormer’s Bays  and  the  BEACH ROAD at Lake George Village

East Shores

Note The  BERMED   ROAD BED  the  DAM  Across  Dunham’s  Bay



The  State of  New York’s  Bermed Dam’s /  Roads   9  L   at  Harris,  Van Wormer’s  and Dunham’s  Bays

Lake George … The Damned Dam Truth | The Adirondacks Conspiracy

160 Creeks and Streams Flood Lake George with Water in Spring when the Ice is STILL ON THE … More images for Weed Baldwin Coolidge Kellogg Dam Lake George Report …

The Baldwin Branch was constructed in 1874 between Baldwin‘s Landing (Baldwin Dock) on LakeGeorge and Montcalm Landing on Lake Champlain.


All  of  the  Areas  in  BLUE  and  even beyond   ARTIFICIALLY  Flooded by  the  Vast Flooding of  Lake George in the  18 and 1900s    by  the  DAM  “A ”   at  the  LaChute  River



 Just The Damned  Dam Truth  Lake George The MILL POND


The  Massive Artificial Flooding of  Lake George IS FACT

       The Fascinating Testimony of the PLUM POINT STEAM SHIP DOCK Witnesses is very interesting …. Destruction of DOCKS and ISLANDS all over Lake George …. REPEAT Winter Ice Levels and Spring Ice Levels DESTROYING Whole MARINAS   SEE  The  Burnett  Testimony  ….…




      The  Areas in Blue  ARTIFICIALLY  FLOODED  and Out to  7 and 8 Feet  are as well.   Lake George’s  East Side  Marshs  are   GREATLY  Flooded and Submereged because of the  DAMMING at  Weedville.


The  Witham Family  ”   Pictures  of  Tracy   Coming  Soon

Clifford  and  Anita  Witham  ALREADY  SAVED  The  Artificially Flooded   FAKE  Wetlands  Area



The Area out to about 8 foot depth is  ARTIFICIALLY  FLOODED  due to the  LaChute River  DAM  “A “


Lake George Massively Flooded at least 8 Feet  Deeper as a  result


The Charles  Tuttle –   TOP OF THE WORLD …. Lake  George Association

After retiring from practicing law Tuttle was counsel emeritus at Breed, Abbott and Morgan. He also maintained a summer home in Lake George and served for many years as counsel for the Lake George Association. Tuttle died in New York City on January 26, 1971 and was buried at Evergreen Cemetery in Lake George, New York


US ATTORNEY  Southern District of  New York –  Tuttle

In 1927, President Calvin Coolidge appointed Tuttle as United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York.[9][10][11]

During his three years as a prosecutor Tuttle earned a reputation as an anticorruption crusader, winning convictions of numerous public officials, including Federal Judge Francis A. Winslow and Kings County Judge W. Bernard Vause.[12][13][14][15]

In 1927 Tuttle led an investigation into price gouging by Broadway ticket agencies.[16][17][18][19][20]

During his term as U.S. Attorney Tuttle also successfully prosecuted several crooked bail bondsmen.[21][22][23]

Tuttle also successfully prosecuted the Moscahlades and Dachis Brothers arson rings, organizations responsible for several for profit fires in New York City.[24][25][26][27]

In 1928 the British cruise ship Vestris sank and 111 passengers and crew were killed, including American tourists.[28][29][30] Tuttle investigated, and his work led to major reforms in international maritime safety.[31][32][33]

In 1930 Tuttle sent Albany’sDemocratic political boss Daniel P. O’Connell to jail in New York City for contempt of court. Tuttle was investigating illegal activities in Albany, including gambling, and O’Connell refused to answer his questions.[34][35][36]

PEOPLE v. SYSTEM PROPERTIES, 281 App. Div. 433 (N.Y. App. Div …

This action was originally brought by the People of the State of New York for a judgment decreeing and declaring that the State was the owner of the bed of Lake George and of the Ticonderoga River, the outlet of Lake George, and that the State had the paramount right to control the use of the waters of Lake George and the …

PEOPLE v. SYSTEM PROPERTIES, 2 N.Y.2d 330 (N.Y. 1957) | Casetext

This action was brought by the State of New York in 1942 against System Properties, Inc., then the operator of the dam. Seven individual owners, called herein the “Langmuir” group of intervenors, of homes on Lake George intervened on plaintiff’s side. Other intervenors were three counties, seven interested townships, the …

New York (state). Supreme court. 4th dis-
trict. . . .Brief on behalf of defendant. System
properties, inc. N.Y. 1946. 182p. Water level
of Lake George. 

New York (state). Supreme court. 4th dis-
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ciation, intervenor. N.Y. Bar press, 1946. 29p.
Brief submitted by Charles H. Tuttle, June
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level in Lake George. 

New York (state). Supreme court. 4th dis-
trict. . . .Reply brief for the defendant, Sys-
tem properties, inc. N.Y. 1946. 75p. LeBoeuf
& Lamb, attorneys. Lake George water level.

“Lake George Water Level History,” point-
ing out an error in Judge Ryan’s opinion in
the Lake George water level case. The opin-
ion is in Miscellaneous Reports, v.l89, p.993-

New York (state). Legislature. Joint com-
mittee on Lake George water conditions.
Public hearing. Minutes of hearing, August
17-20, 1943. n.p. 1943. 255 leaves. Mimeo-
graphed. Copy in New York State Library.

New York (state). Legislature. Joint com-
mittee on Lake George water conditions.
Public hearing. Minutes of meeting, October
22, 1943. n.p. 1943. 78 leaves. Mimeographed.
Copy in New York State Library.

Lake George protective association, inc.
Lake George protective assoc, inc. n.p. n.d.
Broadside. Letter on Lake George water
level; dated Aug. 23, 1945; addressed to H.A.
Reoux and signed by Irving Langmuir, presi-
dent of the Association. 2863

New York (state). Legislature. Joint com-
mittee on Lake George water conditions.
Lake George; rev. Mar. 1945. Albany, 1945.
239p. plates, maps (part folded). Legislative
document 67, 1945. Important source mate-
rial. 2864

Tuttle, Charles Henry. Report by Charles H.
Tuttle as counsel for the Lake George asso-
ciation and as a member of its water levels
committee. Diamond Point, N.Y. 1945. 7p.
Copy in New York Public Library. 2865

Forest preserve association of New York state,
inc. Lake George water level history. Sche-
nectady, N.Y. 1948. lip. An eight-page edi-
tion was issued July 1948. 2868

Forest preserve association of New York, inc.
Lake George water levels (continiird). Sche-
nectady, N.Y. 1951. 7p. Criticism of the posi-
tion taken by the Lake George Association.


Lake George protective association, inc. State
set to press Lake George issue, by Warren
Weaver, Jr.; The battle resumes, by Charles
H. Tuttle; Missing islands, by J.S. Apperson.
n.p. 1951. 4p. Unpaged leaflet. A series of
letters on the Lake George water level, re-
printed from various sources. 2875

Run the  Name   BURNETT  associated with the  Lake George  ICE and WATER  DAMAGES cited through the above litigation

BT  Burnett and  His  Father ….  The  DOCK  BUILDERS

They Had a  60 to  70 Foot  Dock  at the  Plum Point for the  Lake George Steam Boats BACK IN THE DAY

PEOPLE v. SYS. PROPS., IN | 1 N.Y.2d 769 (1956 … –

The People of the State of New York, Plaintiff-Appellant, and Irving Langmuir et al., Plaintiffs-Intervenors-Appellants, vSystem Properties, Inc., et al. Trustees of Dartmouth College et al., Defendants-Appellants, and County of Warren et al., Defendants-Respondents. Court of Appeals of the State of New …


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    Apperson and Langmuir also deserve some credit for the current laws governing the control of LakeGeorge water levels. High waters, washing the soil off the roots of …

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    John Apperson’s Early Battles. … Apperson attempted to present data on the water levels to the Lake George Association, … Apperson met Irving Langmuir, …

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      NY Women Helped Frame 1930s Preservation Debate | The New ……

      My source of information is a collection of letters saved by John S. Apperson, … which several people expressed concerns about the low waterlevels at LakeGeorge.





      For  Mother and  Dad



      Lake George Queensbury Warren County the Adirondacks Racket and …

      … Lake’s Wetlands to be greatly enlarged and flooded. NOTE the Witham Family Marshes between Ridge Road and Bay Road north of Harrisena and the Pickle Hill Road are MASSIVELY FLOODED and for the most part caused by the FLOODING of the 5,000 acres referred to by NYS Attorney General Greene C.Bronson.

      Artificial Lake George N.Y. – The FAKE MARSHES of DEC at …

      The great majority of the Marshes of Lake George New York are Man Made as a result of the Ticonderoga Dam. The Lake level was raised 8 feet and more by New York State Judge Issac Kellog, and the Mill Operators and Glens Falls Banks. Lake George Paper, Ticonderoga Paper, Glens Falls Paper and…

      Complete Lake George History | The Adirondacks Conspiracy

      Sep 27, 2017 – An insurance map dated December 17, ISS9 shows the Lake George Pulp and Paper Company mill, dam and other installations at the Upper Falls. … The immense Island Damage and Flooding such as that made famous by Greene CBronson NYS’s Attorney General was certainly news in the Glens Falls …

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      AndiaTaRocTe – Can-i-de-ri-oit The Genuine History of the 6 Nations …

      Dec 16, 2017 – The purpose behind this writing is very simple, John Apperson, Irving Langmuir, Bronson CGreene and Ellen Apperson Brown, UNION COLLEGE as well as the Lake George Association are all well aware of the Ups and Downs and Ups and Downs of Winter and Early Spring Ice Sheet and Snow Pack …



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