NEW YORK STATE it’s time to Pay Your Bills … TAKE NOTICE

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      The  REALITY of the  1.5  Million  Cubic  Yard ….. 1,500  acre  MEGA  mess at the  mouth of  the  LaChute River  in front of  Fort Ticonderoga is  DIRECTLY related to the  Yearly  Destruction of  My Parents  Marina Docks.   Island, Shoreline, Boat House and Dock damage on Lake George is  literally   FAMOUS  and  UNDENIABLE  as so many  STATE  Conservation Commissioners,  AGs,   Media, Historians and  Court Records  reveal as  FACT.     The  annual   FLUSHING of  the  SEWAGE and MILL Wastes  from the  LaChute was directly caused by  NEW YORK STATE  and  it’s  DAM OPERATIONS which facilitated the  FLUSHING  of  the  MEGA  SLUDGE  BED  that is so  WORLD  FAMOUS.
      As  a  Kid …. I use to watch as  Mother and  Dad  witness  the  Ripping and  Shredding of  Their  Marina  …..  I watched it several times and then Mother and  Dad would do all They could to  rebuild.    The  Boat House and Dock,  Island and Shoreline  Damages  caused by  WATER /  ICE  manipulations by the  State’s  Dam Operators  and the  Electric Company and International Paper  are  OUT FOR ALL  TO SEE …..  What They did  is  NO  LONGER   a   secret.

     I am demanding  that  New  York  State  Compensate  Our Family for what They did …..  I am also demanding to know ,  during all the  decades  that the  FLUSHING of  the  Ticonderoga  Sewage and  the  Mill Wastes  and  Lake  George’s  Leachate  Contaminated Waters ….  WHO PRECISELY  has  ever been  WARNED of  the  Winter Time  Flushings   and  Who  Exactly has  ever been compensated  for  all  the  PROPERTY DAMAGES  ???


     Succinctly  Stated  there are  BOAT  LOADS  of  Records and  Evidence ….  The  State was  DIRECTLY  responsible for  DESTROYING  My Parents  and  seriously, seriously  causing the  Witham Family   HUGE  FINANCIAL  LOSSES.


The  State  Legislative  Records  and  the  Court Records and  AG’s  Records and  on and on and on  DO TELL  THE  STORY.


The  Historical  Records  Reveal  PLENTY

I do not think  Frank Leonbruno,  The Lake George Mirror,  The New York Times, Adirondacks Almanack,  John Apperson, Irvine Langmuire,   State Conservation Commissioner  Pratt,  several  STATE  ATTORNEY  GENEALS  and  the  Glens Falls  Papers are MISTAKEN.   It seems  the  LaChute River was  the  CONDUIT  and  Lake  George  was  the  MILL POND  TOILET  RESERVOIR.




The  Lake  George  Association,  RPI,  Union College,  the  Vermont Digger,  The  Burlington Free Press,  The  United States  Army Corp of Engineers,  Champlain Hudson Power Express,  the  EPA,  DEC  and  on and on and on and  on ……  THE  FLUSHINGS  are  EXPOSED

​SEE …..


1,500  acres  of   TICONDEROGA  RAW  SEWAGE  and  GLENS FALL’s  BANKS   Toxic  Mill Wastes


Andy Cuomo needs to PAY the State’s Bills with Basil Seggos and Eric Schneiderman …..

Save and Protect Lake George – Dump Into Champlain …… You can NOT make this stuff up The FUND For Lake George and the Lake George Park Association ….. FLUSHS to Lake C…
The  Witham  Family  MUST  be  compensated.
Judson Witham
Estate of  Clifford and Anita Witham

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I have discovered a vast historical record of ICE, SNOW and WATER damages to Lake George  Islands, Shoreline, Boat Houses and Docks caused by the  MILL POND  Operations of  New York State and the  Hydro Electric Operators with the International Paper Co..

Does Your Group have any stories or information of ANY compensation being paid for the  Private and Public Property Destruction ?    Thank You

Judson Witham

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