Author’s Note ….. Facts are Stubborn Things  as are Photos, Reports and the Historical Record ……  JBW

Save and Protect Lake George –  Dump Into Champlain ……  You can NOT make this stuff up



Recently on Lake George there was a  Tragic  Accident and as a result a precious Young  Girl in that accident lost Her life.  Following the Accident it is said that the Party operating one of the Boats engaged in actions to conceal the Boat and Themselves from being identified as a Party to this extremely unfortunate Accident.   Concealing and Hiding from the  Scene is a central element to Warren County, The State of  New York’s prosecution in this very very sad event that happened on Lake George.   Our World lost an incredible Young Girl and Her Family lost so much more.  There are no words to express how deeply this Accident has effected  ALL the  Family members involved and the Young People Who are in this story as well.  ALL  THE  WAY  AROUND a very sad moment in Lake George History.

The research and investigation associated with this series of events reveal something remarkably different.   The  Operations of  Flushing vast Industrial Wastes and Billions of  Gallons of  Poisoned and Contaminated Materials and Water …… was done INTENTIONALLY,  By  design, on purpose or  with SCINTER.   Hiding the wastes, secreting the Poisoning of  Two New York Lakes and concealing the liability for the destruction of  Marinas, Boat Houses, Islands, Shoreline and costing untold BILLIONS in damages.   I write as the last surviving Son of  Anita and Clifford  Witham …… the founders and original developers of the SWAMP /  East Shores Harbour Marina at Harris Bay on Lake George.  The Lake Ice Manipulations by The State of New York and the International Paper with Systems Properties and others with FINANCIAL INTERESTS in mind did this destruction  INTENTIONALLY.   Their Efforts to  Hide It and Conceal It as well as avoid Financial Responsibility are  herewith  EXPOSED.

This is what the  History Shows ……  Son of  the  Swamp Fox 



Flushing the Sewage and Mill Wastes and Cesspool known as Lake George is REALITY

There are many thousands of Lake George Septic Systems



Dilution/flushing has been documented as an effective restoration technique for Moses and Green Lakes in Washington State. The dilutionDILUTION/FLUSHING

Lake  George Has  Been   FLUSHED  dozens of  times  with it’s  LEACHATE  Laden Waters  adding to the  1968  Amount.    Imagine  the  Fluids  Flushed  that left 1500  acres  of  SOLIDS


SwampFox <>
7:58 AM (6 minutes ago)
to little, StecD, Timothy, georgia, Ken, Kristy, John, jjohns, James, Carol, Richard
Dear Mr. Stec, Ms. Little Et Al,
As everyone knows by now, I was raised at Goodman Street and Cunningham Ave and at Harris Bay on Lake George. The Stecs and Stewarts and others know the Witham Family that built the Premier Marina on Lake George back in the 1950s.
This matter involves DIGITAL and ELECTRONIC Mapping and IMAGING of Lake George being Paid For With State Revenues and Federal Revenues and the Operations by CHINESE OWNED IBM with the RPI University on Lake George.
To get straight to the point, I know well the implications of a DIGITAL SENSOR ARRAY being installed on Andia’Ta’Roc’Te …… The Adirondack Indians Lake. I am also well informed of the GARGANTUAN Leaching Chemicals and Sewage that is KILLING LAKE ANDIA’TA’ROC’TE.
As a kid back in the 1960s ….. I personally plugged tons of Ports where Marine Holding Tanks were FLUSHED into Lake George and today I am astutely aware of the Pollution of Andia’Ta’Roc’Te being FLUSHED by DEC and the Lake George Park Commission into the La Chute River. I spent many years building Camps and Septic Systems all over the BEDROCK Lake Basin …… Trust Me I am well informed.
RPI and Darrin Fresh Water has to sign contracts to take PUBLIC FUNDS. The People’s Republic Army of China that owns and finances LENOVO and IBM have a history of COMMUNIST STYLE INSTALLATION of Surveillance Arrays and Monitoring Systems LIKE the Jefferson Project. The ILL’s Of Lake George ….. ALBEIT ….. reduced and negated by the YEARLLY FLUSHINGS to the La Chute River and Ticonderoga’s SEWAGE and the MILLS Flushing into NEW YORK STATE’s Lake Champlain is a GROSS and SURREAL Crime against Humanity. Champlain is a New York Lake.
SEE The Following Collection of Historical Records and all the PHOTOS of the MEGGA MESS in Lake George, La Chute and , Champlain

The Contour Mapping and Topo Mapping of the Lake George Basin has been paid for with PUBLIC REVENUE.   I requested this information to RESOLVE and FIX the Giant Mess in the Andia’Ta’Roc’Te Basin.

I was LIED TO by New York State and It’s Contractors regarding the GRANTS RPI and Darrin Freshwater have TAKEN and RECIEVED. SEE THE LETTER BELOW.
Currently as a Glens Falls Indian and as a Lake George Warrior I am requesting that DEC, LGPC, RPI, the United States Department of the Interior and US Army Corp of Engineers as well as Governor Cuomo, Basil Seggos, Eric Schneiderman, New York Dam Safety Engineers and Generally the State of New York make available the Topo and Contour Mapping of the Andia’TA’Roc’Te Lake George, Lake Bottom.
I am also requesting from the State of New York, DEC. LGPC, Warren County, Queensbury, Lake George, Bolton and Ticonderoga as well as New York State ….. The FLUSHING OPERATIONS that have been causing the Property Damage on Lake George for so many decades, even nearly TWO CENTURIES.
As a Young Man ….. I worked for several DOCK and BOAT HOUSE repair Contractors and TRUST ME ….. I understand the VAST Destructive Forces involved with ICE and SNOW SHEET manipulations and That Systems Properties, ENEL Power, International Paper and New York State have been INTENTIONALLY doing this for many many years.
Mr. Stec, Kate Hogan, Amy Bartlett, Judge John Hall, Warren County Supervisors, Mr. Coolidge, Mr. Sherman, Mr. Warren, Mr. Caldwell, Mr. Baldwin and Mr. Weed and plenty of Glens Falls Bankers and the Insurance Agency with Charlie Tuttle, the Masons and Meads and ESPECIALLY Judge Richard Bartlett and David Robert Stewart Et Al Etc …… POST STAR now realize THE TRUTH IS LOOSE.
FLUSHING LAKE GEORGE of Sewage is Not a Laughing Matter.
Please Cooperate With this FOIL and FOIA Request. The FACTS reveal the STONEWALLING and REFUSING to comply with New York Open Records and US Open Records laws has resulted in nearly ZERO cooperation by the above State and County Offices as well as IBM, RPI and Darrin Freshwater JEFFERSON PROJECT.
In point of fact …… The Vast Pollution Flushing to La Chute and Champlain is as well POISONING those New York State Water Bodies.
Thank You for your cooperation

Warren County Sheriff’s Office
Press Release

Incident Number…..: 2016-16362

Type of Incident …..: Fraud arrest

Date of Incident ……:Investigation includes 2001 though 2016

Overview …………..:

DAVID J. DECKER, 67 years of age, of 11 Ramble Lane, Burnt Hills, was arrested and charged following an ongoing investigation into Environmental Protection Fund (EPF) grants administered by the Lake George Watershed Coalition and DECKER, who is the Director of that organization.

DECKER was charged with Offering a False Instrument for Filing in the First Degree, a class E felony, Falsifying Business Records in the First Degree, a class E felony, and Grand Larceny in the Second Degree, a class C felony.

The complaints allege that he submitted false documentation to the Lake Champlain-Lake George Regional Planning Board for reimbursement for services related to the Gaslight Village project in the amount of $69,156.30.

Business records obtained by subpoenas and search warrants reflect that bills for reimbursement for these specific services was also submitted to, and paid by, the Town of Queensbury as part of a different $295,000 grant.

The investigation is continuing and involves the reviewing multiple additional invoices submitted and contracts awarded without the required bidding process pursuant to General Municipal Law sections 103 and 104, and additional charges are expected.

DECKER was arraigned in Lake George Town Court and remanded to the Warren County Correctional Facility in lieu of $5,000 cash or $10,000 bond and was directed to reappear on March 30, 2017 at 9 AM.

The investigation is being conducted by Warren County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Unit.

See More

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———- Forwarded message ———-
From: SwampFox <>
Date: Sun, Feb 19, 2017 at 6:56 AM
Subject: FOIL response FRAUD
Specifically the Contour and Topo Mapping of Lake George is being generated with part of the GRANT. The Granted Project was FUNDED under certain terms. The Work is suppose to be GENERALLY accessible per the GRANT CONTRACT. RPA and DARRIN are NOT abiding by those terms.
The Lake Modeling and Depths Imagery collected with the $500,000 Grant is required to be available to THE PUBLIC. The State of New York required RPI to sign a Contract when accepting the Half Million Dollars.
Maybe the State of New York wants to produce it’s records and files on the GRANT CONTRACT. I am requesting them AGAIN from the State and It’s Grant Programs. RPI and Darrin Freshwater gets Grant Money …… Please produce the Grant Amounts and TERMS and CONDITIONS for the GRANTS
Why would DASNY give RPI and Darrin Freshwater Grants under SIGNED Contracts and then DENY that ?
What other GRANTS does RPI receive from DASNY and HEcap ?
The Grants They receive please provide them per FOIL and FOIA
Judson Witham

See  The  Following for  EVIDENCE –  PROOF  and  LOADS Of PICTURES

NOTE TO THE US  ARMY CORP OF ENGINEERS ……  New York State Dam Safety Inventory  DAM #  230.   The reality of  the  IRON PINS that secure the DAM “A” being ripped out by UPLIFTING Forces of  Lake Ice  and  the  Billions of  Tons of  Hydraulic LIFT and CUSHING the  Frozen Ice and Snow  Sheet  creates  NOT only creates an UNSAFE  condition  for  DAM “A” ……   The  Intentional Lake  Ice Manipulations ……  DESTROYED  the  Witham Family Marina from 1960  to 1970 ……   Up and  Down  and  Up and  Down  the  STATE OF  NEW YORK and it’s  Corporate Accomplices   DESTROY  Boat Houses and Docks, Islands and Shoreline   all over the Lake George Basin as  Sewage Contaminated Water is  INTENTIONALLY  Flushed by the  Lake George Park Commission,  NYS  DEC with Their Corporate Partners.


1,300,000,000  Pieces of Admissible Evidence Listen to the United States Supreme Court Discuss the Huge Pile of Toxic Slop ……..



Note  the  Stream Bed  Depth and  Center Channel at Base of  Original Masonry Damstetsonarmy1

During a Probable Flood Moment the  Dam would be over topped by 2.78 feet of  OUT OF CONTROL WATER and make Lake George 14.78 Feet  Deeper than it was before being damned ( see natural bedrock stream bed note )
D&H  Rail Road   Built the Rail Bridge and D&H knows the Lake is 8 feet Higher than the Natural Outlet Bed Rock for the Lake.   During a PFM the Lake would crest 14.78 feet higher than NATURAL
NOTE … The  D&H  Rail Bridge Engineers KNEW the Specs as D&H owned the Dam at one point and the Rail Bridge 500 Feet South of the Dam was built by D&H   Engineers
During a Probable Flood Moment the  Dam would be over topped by 2.78 feet of  OUT OF CONTROL WATER and make Lake George 14.78 Feet  Deeper than it was before being damned ( see natural bedrock stream bed note )




THE UNFILTERED TRUTH ABOUT NYS  DEC’s  and the Loving Caring  Environmentalists of  New York ……  The  GOOD  NEWS  Andy Cuomo is  DEMANDING   The  Fake  Press   NOT  BROADCAST  about The  Champlain and Lake George Water Sheds

ADD  The  100s  Billions of  Gallons of  Lake George Water and 100s  Millions of Gallons Ticonderoga Sewage to the 830 Tons  Of Mill Wastes  DAILY  for more than 70  Years  ( 21,206,500 Tons  of  CRAP  )






It Should Be Noted the Dam is 8 feet to 12  feet  ABOVE the  Natural Stone Ledge Outlet making Lake George  OVER 8 feet deeper and 10 and 12 feet  higher during Rain Conditions and Snow Pack Melt
THE  DAM MAKES LAKE GEORGE  8 – 12  Feet  Deeper
The  Dam during a  PFM  ( Probable Flood Moment )  Raises Lake George  12  Feet  and  More
The Dam is a  High Risk Dam and 46% of  Proper Capacity
High Risk Dam   only 46%  Capacity in  PFM  ( 100 or  200 Year Floods )
Original Stone Dam  8 to 12 Feet  Higher
See  Alexandria Street  Bridge  Acts to  Dam the Lake  WORSE
Dam  “A”   Causes Lake George to be Greatly  Flooded   “THE MILL POND “

The  STATE  EVCON  KNEW  and  Certainly  DID  KNOW

Knew or Should Have Known General Cases WITHAM CRIAMINAL COMPLAINT 3/17/2017

SwampFox <>

5:54 PM (0 minutes ago)

to georgia, wcso, Jake, Sarah, Travis, Richard, R5.UMP, access.records
 Regarding the  Accrual of  Civil and Criminal Cases ……  Knew or  Should Have Known    WHO the  Party Responsible for the Vandalism  and Mischief  as well as  the  Tortuous Conduct is  ESSENTIAL.
Knowing for instance of a  CAR  Theft is pretty easy ……  Knowing Who Stole it Is a  Bit more Involved.
Knowing of the  Boating Accident on Lake George involving the Death of the  McClure Girl was very obvious …… Discovering Who was the Owner and Operator of the  West Boat was  NOT known at the time of the  Accident by the victims.
Clifford and Anita Witham nor the  Family had ANYWAY to  KNOW  that the  Lake Drawdowns were being done INTENTIONALLY  By  Conservation  Employees.   Simply Stated   the  Purposeful  Lake Flushings and Drawdowns being Intentionally Done by the  Conservation Department was the  SOLE CAUSE of the  repeated  Destruction of the  Witham Marina.    Who in Their Right Mind would  PURPOSELY   Lower and Raise   MILLIONS of  Tons  of  Lake  Ice  ?
Bottom Line  the  EVCON  Folks  never Notified ANYONE  and  Clifford and Anita Witham had NO WAY to determine that  EVCON was intentionally  Moving the  Ice and Snow  Mass  down  2  feet  and  then up  4  Feet …….   NON OF THE  Nine  Municipalities on Lake George have released any  Notifications or  Advisories  NOR  Has  DEC  or  the  State Attorney  General  produced any either.
Criminal Concealment of  Vandalism and Criminal Mischief   SUCH AS  PLEAD  and  ALLEGED in the  David  Decker  Westbrook Matters  reveals …….  Concealment of  Crimes    TOLLS  THE  RUNNING OF  THE  STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS. 
See  LaFave, Israel and  King    CRIMINAL PROCEDURE  Section  18.5
The 46% inadequate release rate PLAUSIBLE EXCUSE for the  Drawdowns has only recently become known to Me.   I now KNOW that the  Intentional Acts  by EVCON were causing the  Lake Ice to  CRUSH and SHRED as well as  subject Mother and Dad’s Docks to the  DESTRUCTIVE FORCES  the  Conservation Commission and New York’s  Lawyers    KNEW it was causing.    They  knew that the  State’s  Own Actions were destroying Islands, Shoreline, Docks and Boat Houses.
Basil Seggos,  the  State AG  and the  Conservation  Commission,  DEC /  EVCON  were  Knowing Acting with  SCIENTER.  They  NEVER Gave any Advisories or  Notices to the  NINE MUNICIPALITIES on Lake George …….   NOR were Clifford or  Anita  Witham and  Family  informed of  the  PURPOSEFUL   Lake Ice  Drawdowns   and  The  REFLOATING that was being caused by the  WHOLLY INADEQUATE  46%  Engineered  Dam  “A”.
Thank You
Judson Witham
Clifford and Anita Witham  Estate
PS:   Frank  Leonbruno   The  DEC’s  Lake  George  Island  Ranger  NEVER  MENTIONED  the  State’s  Purposeful Actions when He Wrote His  Book of  His  40  Years as  an  ISLAND  RANGER  on  Lake  George  for  DEC.   Believe It




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