Secret NYS DEC Government – Unlawful Takings

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My Family and  Friends
What is abundantly obvious is the  NYS  Conservation Commission,  DEC ,  EVCON and the  Witnesses and Lawyers or New York State as well as  the  Lake George Park Commission,  Lake  George Association and many many others understand is,
I am positive  DEC and  Governor  Cuomo, Basil Seggos,  Eric Schneiderman and the  Court Houses  EVERYWHERE would really get this concept  “IF”   Millions and  Millions of  Pounds of  Ice and Snow were  BY DESIGN and Intentionally DROPPED for instance on the  Roof of  the  State  Capital,  DEC Buildings,  Sheriffs  Offices or say  Town of Queensbury  Buildings.  ” IF ”  Millions  and  Millions of pounds of ice were  PURPOSELY employed to  CRUSH  State and County Buildings or Say  Federal Government Buildings ……   EVERYONE would get WHY INTENTIONAL  LAKE  DRAINING DURING  ICE AND SNOW COVER is so extremely  DESTRUCTIVE.
The  Pinhole in the Bathtub  as  Lake George Park Commission describes it ….. is revealed by the  DAM SAFETY REPORTS and DAM SAFETY  Inspections on the  ” SO CALLED ”   Pinhole in the  Bathtub.   What LGPC is describing are  FLUSHING / DRAINING  Apparatus  (  Dam and Penstock )   Intentionally designed and built to  POND BACK WATER.  Pond Back the Mill Pond to  EXPLOIT the  Horsepower of Lake George.   The NYS  Dam Safety  and  the  US  ARMY  etc etc  have known that the   DRAINING /  FLUSHING  mechanism  is  wholly  INADEQUATE and UNSAFE for a long time.
One Acre of 16″ Ice and 12 Inches of Snow  weighs  3,500,000  lbs.   The area around the Witham Marina alone was about 7,000,000 lbs.   I wonder “IF”    Governor  Cuomo’s Mansion or the Courts, Town Buildings could stand up to  7,000,000 lbs of  Ice and Snow being  INTENTIONALLY  Lowered by the  Government ?
In closing   New York State and ENEL, Systems Properties and International Paper with  Ticonderoga’s, Essex and Warren County’s   Intentional  DRAWDOWN  FLUSHINGS …..  That’s  what  destroyed  Clifford  and  Anita  Witham  Financially  …….  THE  STATE and it’s  PARTNERS  had  NO RIGHT to conceal their actions and certainly NO RIGHT to destroy other Public and Private Property for the Corporations could  MAKE MONEY and Environmentally  FLUSH into Lake Champlain.
During a Probable Flood Moment the  Dam would be over topped by 2.78 feet of  OUT OF CONTROL WATER and make Lake George 14.78 Feet  Deeper than it was before being damned ( see natural bedrock stream bed note )
During a Probable Flood Moment the  Dam would be over topped by 2.78 feet of  OUT OF CONTROL WATER and make Lake George 14.78 Feet  Deeper than it was before being damned ( see natural bedrock stream bed note )
I’m pretty sure  the  District Attorney,  Sheriff and State Police understand what  HIDING from Liability is about   ……..  The  LOG  BAY  DAY  TRADGEDY  with that Family from California  certainly establishes  that  That.
My Parents  Did  NOT do anything except  sustained the  DAMAGES from the Intentional  Winter Time  Lake  Manipulations.    New York  needs  to  make restitution and amends for what New York State  ” DOES ON PUPOSE ”    See  With  Scienter
Judson Witham
Estate of  Clifford and Anita Witham and  Family



Accession Number : ADA090941Title :   National Dam Safety Program. Lake George Outlet Dam (Inventory Number NY 230), Lake Champlain River Basin, Essex County, New York. Phase I Inspection Report,


Personal Author(s) : Stetson,John B

PDF Url : ADA090941

Report Date : 28 Aug 1980

Pagination or Media Count : 156

Abstract : The examination of documents and visual inspection of the dam and appurtenant structures did not reveal conditions which constitute an immediate hazard to human life or property. The dam, however, has a number of problem areas which should be investigated further. The structural stability analysis indicates unsatisfactory stability for the dam when subjected to forces which could occur during winter operations (including ice loading), the Probable Maximum Flood (PMF), and 1/2 PMF events. A structural stability investigation of the dam should be started within 6 months to determine the effect of the dam’s steel bar anchor system and the uplift forces acting on the base of the dam. Remedial measures should be completed within 2 years to increase the structural stability of the facility to meet the Corps of Engineers screening criteria. The hydrologic/hydraulic analysis establishes the spillway capacity as 46% of the Probable Maximum Flood (PMF) with the sluice gates open and 30% of the PMF if the gates remain closed throughout the storm. The dam will be overtopped by 2.72 feet by the PMF with the gates closed or 2.55 feet with the gates opened. However, the spillway is capable of passing the 1/2 PMF under either of these two conditions without the dam being overtopped. Therefore, the spillway is assessed as inadequate according to the Corps of Engineers screening criteria.


Subject Categories : Hydrology, Limnology and Potamology
Civil Engineering

Distribution Statement : APPROVED FOR PUBLIC RELEASE


See  With  Scienter

Flush Flush Flushing LAKE GEORGE

It Should Be Noted the Dam is 8 feet to 12  feet  ABOVE the  Natural Stone Ledge Outlet making Lake George  OVER 8 feet deeper and 10 and 12 feet  higher during Rain Conditions and Snow Pack Melt
THE  DAM MAKES LAKE GEORGE  8 – 12  Feet  Deeper
The  Dam during a  PFM  ( Probable Flood Moment )  Raises Lake George  12  Feet  and  More
The Dam is a  High Risk Dam and 46% of  Proper Capacity
High Risk Dam   only 46%  Capacity in  PFM  ( 100 or  200 Year Floods )
Original Stone Dam  8 to 12 Feet  Higher
See  Alexandria Street  Bridge  Acts to  Dam the Lake  WORSE
Dam  “A”   Causes Lake George to be Greatly  Flooded   “THE MILL POND “
Back in 1975  I was  a  19 year old  kid.  I had  never heard of Inverse Condemnation  or  Regulatory Takings.    Constitutional Property Rights   and  VOTE and  ELECTION  Rigging was something I had  never given a thought to.    As  I  was  trying to  review  the  OPEN  RECORDS  request  materials  I had been  granted access to  by  NYS  Lawyers  ……  In  Coloney  NY at  DEC  Headquarters …….   As  I  was  being    KNOCKED  OVER BACKWARDS  and  the  Files  Ripped  from  My  Arms  by  some   DEC   Nazi  Asshole ……  I did  NOT  understand  then   BUT  I am not 19  years old any more.
The  INVESTIGATION  FILES  on  Adirondacks  Land  Owners  by   DEC  for  TAKINGS  PURPOSES   are  a little  better  understood to Me today.  Back in 1975  I did NOT understand  what had  happened to My Mother and  Father ……  Today  however  that  picture is  becoming far  clearer.


The  FIX  WAS  IN …….  Mother and  Dad had  NO  IDEA 

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