Racketeering Lake George NY

Draw Down Lake George – Expose The Pin Hole Project

Racketeering and Land Thieving from the  FIRST NATIONS to CONVERT all  that  Stolen Timber and Minerals into WEALTH for the New York MOBSTERS and Their Banks and Lawyers

Save and Protect Lake George –  Dump Into Champlain ……  You can NOT make this stuff up


GREAT JOB  New York State Conservation what a Swindle

Document (pdf)

From  1905  a  Front Row Seat to the  MEGGA  CRAP  FLUSHING  OPERATIONS on  Lake George New York ……   THE  FLUSHER


There are LITERALLY  Millions of  Government and Judiciary Witnesses,  Gangster Banksters and Corp O RAT  Trash that use Lake George for  Chemicals and Sewage Disposal just like the Essex and  Warren County Governments and the  Elites of the  Financial Investment Class ……  MOBSTERS ….. and Of Course  the  USGS, Department of the Interior EPA and Army Corp of Engineers with  NEW YORK STATE and  VERMONT

Destroying Family Marinas, Boat Houses and Docks for  PROFIT

Recently on Lake George there was a  Tragic  Accident and as a result a precious Young  Girl in that accident lost Her life.  Following the Accident it is said that the Party operating one of the Boats engaged in actions to conceal the Boat and Themselves from being identified as a Party to this extremely unfortunate Accident.   Concealing and Hiding from the  Scene is a central element to Warren County, The State of  New York’s prosecution in this very very sad event that happened on Lake George.   Our World lost an incredible Young Girl and Her Family lost so much more.  There are no words to express how deeply this Accident has effected  ALL the  Family members involved and the Young People Who are in this story as well.  ALL  THE  WAY  AROUND a very sad moment in Lake George History.

The research and investigation associated with this series of events reveal something remarkably different.   The  Operations of  Flushing vast Industrial Wastes and Billions of  Gallons of  Poisoned and Contaminated Materials and Water …… was done INTENTIONALLY,  By  design, on purpose or  with SCINTER.   Hiding the wastes, secreting the Poisoning of  Two New York Lakes and concealing the liability for the destruction of  Marinas, Boat Houses, Islands, Shoreline and costing untold BILLIONS in damages.   I write as the last surviving Son of  Anita and Clifford  Witham …… the founders and original developers of the SWAMP /  East Shores Harbour Marina at Harris Bay on Lake George.  The Lake Ice Manipulations by The State of New York and the International Paper with Systems Properties and others with FINANCIAL INTERESTS in mind did this destruction  INTENTIONALLY.   Their Efforts to  Hide It and Conceal It as well as avoid Financial Responsibility are  herewith  EXPOSED.

This is what the  History Shows ……  Son of  the  Swamp Fox 


They’ve  ALL been involved from the VERY START

NOTE TO THE US  ARMY CORP OF ENGINEERS ……  New York State Dam Safety Inventory  DAM #  230.   The reality of  the  IRON PINS that secure the DAM “A” being ripped out by UPLIFTING Forces of  Lake Ice  and  the  Billions of  Tons of  Hydraulic LIFT and CUSHING the  Frozen Ice and Snow  Sheet  creates  NOT only creates an UNSAFE  condition  for  DAM “A” ……   The  Intentional Lake  Ice Manipulations ……  DESTROYED  the  Witham Family Marina from 1960  to 1970 ……   Up and  Down  and  Up and  Down  the  STATE OF  NEW YORK and it’s  Corporate Accomplices   DESTROY  Boat Houses and Docks, Islands and Seline   all over the Lake George Basin as  Sewage Contaminated Water is  INTENTIONALLY  Flushed by the  Lake George Park Commission,  NYS  DEC with Their Corporate Partners.

According to MANY MANY   members of the  New York State  Attorney General’s Offices for nearly TWO CENTURIES …… Lake George NY has been EXPLOITED for the Financial /  Banking   Interests that   OPERATE  The  MILL POND ……  Laughing all  the  way  to  the  BANK with  Their  Lawyers   and  Investor  Class  Members of  the  EXCLUSIVE  Financial CLIC of Warren and Essex County New York


Making Paper and  Destroying Boat Houses Docks Shoreline Bulkheads and Islands   EVERY STEP OF THE  WAY

WITH RECKLESS DISREGARD  and  SCINTER …..  Poisoning  Lake George Lake Champlain …..  Richelieu and Saint Lawrence Rivers and the Waters of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia ….. The Atlantic Ocean


Where oh Where Oh Where  ARE  ALL  THE  WATER KEEPERS ?


Do a  word  search for  SLUDGE using Control  F  and  enter SLUDGE at this  link.


FLUSHING THE POLLUTION  from the La Chute  River and  FLUSHING  the  Pollution and  Sewage / Leachate from Lake George


High Water Sinks State Islands 1919  ….. Annual Dock, Boat House Damages ….. see NYS  Conservation Commissioner  George D. Pratt  ……   Gentleman’s Agreement to END all  the  Annual Property Damage

The State of  New York  and Their Partners and Agents in the Corporate World ( The Bankers ) INTENTIONALLY   Drawdown Lakes in the Winter During ICE and SNOW  Cover ……  NOT  Just for  Generating Electricity and Flushing Sewage ……   The INTENTIONAL  Drawdowns by New York’s  DEC include other ON PUPOSE  Results.

RELEASING WATER AND DRAWING LAKE GEORGE DOWN  EVERY WINTER ….. INTENTIONALLY  makes  the  State of  New York, Essex and Warren County and  Their  Buddies  TONS of  MONEY

Ka  Ching  Ka  Ching  Ka  Chinkg the  Lake  George  MILL  POND  State  Money Making Machine


Ticonderoga Stormwater Management Plan Vol.1 – Lake George Park …

capture the power of water leaving the lake and manufacture electricity which …

The first function of the Dam in relation to water levels is storage of spring runoff,  so as to provide a reservoir for use during drier parts of the season and prevent a too rapid decline of lake surface during summer.  Natural forces which produce or affect the surface fluctuation are rainfall, snowfall, runoff, evaporation, absorption, seepage, and wind.

Author’s Note  ….  To Allow the  MAXIMUM USE of  the  Water for those  making  MONEY from it  SUCH as the Bankers, State, Mills and Systems Property and Electrical Generation ….. Not wasting the  Money and Opportunity Is  JOB #  1

SEE   Electrical  Generation  La Chute River  Ticonderoga using WATER  all Winter Long (  The  Drawdown  )

A Primer on Aquatic Plant Management in NYS – New York State …

For a frustrated lake resident, aquatic plants may all be called seaweeds, while … plants, particularly non-native plants, can rarely if ever be eradicated from lake systems. … land or wetlands and the open water littoral zone of lakes, although they are actually part …. weather the deep freeze associated with winter drawdown.

Fitchburg Sentinel from Fitchburg, Massachusetts · Page 38

Dec 10, 1970 – Fitchburg Sentinel (Fitchburg, Massachusetts), Thursday, December 10, 1970, Page 38. … Lake Champlain, which forms Vermont’s scenic western border, … A million and a half cubic vards of paper mill sludge, nearly half the …

THE  GIANT  FLUSHING SOUNDS  of  the  Lake  George  Drawdowns ……. Welcome to the  Gargantuan  Crapper FLUSHER Caper

AThe Mill Pond

DEC  Lake Ranger  Frank  Leonbruno   is as  well a  MATERIAL WITNESS along with the  Lake  George  Association  Lake Charting  Committee  and  New York State Attorney Generals  Office and  MILLIONS of  Others

Rush Island Lake George | Lake George islands get …


Lake George islands get … Conservation ranger Frank Leonbruno, are armoring the islands so they can … Leonbruno as Lake George‘s …


The Upper  Privilege   DAM  ” A ”   Keeps  Lake  George 8 +  Feet  Higher  than  Natural   (see page  34 )tcdam
The Upper  Privilege   DAM  ” A ”   Keeps  Lake  George 8 +  Feet  Higher  than  Natural   (see page  34 )

Ka Ching  Ka Ching Ching Ka Ching   WARREN COUNTY’s /  Empire State’s    Giant   MONEY  GENERATING    Flushing  Machine

NOTICE  THE  NW Corner Tract 13

And Look at the Road Across Dunhams Bay


Map Left  1800s             Map  Right  1700s


The  AA  Rated  Drinking Water “Cesspool”   and  the  Gangster Banksters    that Operate It

Submerged Native Encampment West of  Assembly Point

Flooded  5000  Acres  of  Land

WOW  5000  Acres


A  Special  Thanks  to  Warren County  Sheriff’s  Office   Major  James A.  LaFarr …….   The  1847  True Bills and  Jail Records  coupled with Huge Numbers of  other  New York State and Eye Witness Accounts  ALL  Support  the  Winter Lake Ice Destructions I set forth herein.    Thank You Major James A. LaFarr.  Town of  Lake George,  Essex County, Washington County and  Queensbury Historians as well.   Special Thanks to   Warren County Historians They  are Likewise  Appreciated …….  DEC and  LGPC  should take  NOTICE


Billions of  Gallons of  Toxic Industrial Slop and  SEWAGE ……  FLUSHED for 1-3/4 CENTURIES  into Lake Champlain NEW YORK

The  FLUSHING  of  the  Lake  George  TOILET  BASIN ……  Flushing the  Sewage Ladin Water to Lake  Champlain , CUTE  really  CUTE   DEC  /   LGPCleachate


Sewage Leachate Is Extremely Poisonous and Toxic


Lake George’s Sewage and Pollution is  FLUSHED HERE


Flushing the Lake – Raking in the Bucks

Understanding  The  Giant FLUSHINGS  of  the  LEACHATE  LADEN QUEEN  of  America’s  Leach fields  ……  Flushing the  Brownfields of  Lake George  …..  Pre 1980  Records Requested from US  ARMY





I want to Give THANKS to Major James  A. LaFarr with the Warren County NY Sheriff’s Office ……. His OATH obviously means much to Him …… He sent Me  PDFs  of  the  1847  Informations  and  True  Billed  Indictments .  Thanks Major James  A.   LaFarr …….
Thank  You

SEE  Lake  George  Outlet  DAM  “A”

Submerged Native Encampment Fire Hearths  Assembly Point


IN  THE  WATER  West  of  the  Point  ……   Indian   CAMPING  GROUNDS  ……   West  of  the  Point  ”  IN  THE  WATER ”   2000  Years  Old  …….   Imagine  That  SUBMERGED

Queensbury  RATHER  First Nations Land

The Burnt Ridge Artifacts


The Burnt Hill ( Ridge ) phase is a recently discovered regional late Middle Woodland manifestation on Lake George, New York. On the basis of comparisons with related groups in central New York and the Hudson Valley, a temporal placement of about A.D. 800 is suggested. Salient ceramic traits include rocker-dentate, dentate, corded-stick and pseudo-scallop shell-like stamping on small to medium-sized vessels with straight or slightly flaring rims, flat, thickened or rounded lips, and elongate bodies with sub-conoidal bases. Other pottery features include vertically corded, punctate,  incised, or complex decoration, appliqué collars, and scalloped or incipiently castellated rims. Broad triangular Levanna type points dominate the weapon inventory, but Jack’s Reef Pentagonal and Jack’s Reef Corner-notched types are minority forms. Possibly associated are thin side-notched points and Steubenville Stemmed points. Meager refuse food remains, the total stone tool assemblage, and local ecological factors indicate an economy based on hunting, fishing, mussel-collecting, and nut-gathering.  Burnt Hill stations were probably occupied in warm months of the year by small bands of people consisting, perhaps, of a few extended families. These groups may have lived in small, temporary structures of poles and bark. As recorded for historic tribes, the bands may have split into family units during winter hunting rounds.

SEE  Submerged Site IN THE WATER  Assembly Point  SEE  APPENDIX   X  at  Pg 302-317  SITE IS IN THE WATER

[PDF]Lake George Wild Forest Draft Unit Management Plan – PDF http://www.dec.ny.gov/docs/lands_forests_pdf/lgwfdf.pdWildlife Inventory . …… of the unit serve as important habitats for a number of wildlife species listed as.

2,000 Year Old  Encampment Site  Submerged off  Assembly Point


The  US  Army Corp of Engineers  have  cited the  DAM “A”  at the  La Chute River for  being  46%  Adequate.   In a  100 or  200 Year  Flood  the  La Chute  River Dam is alleged By the  United States  Army  as  being   LIKELY to be  hugely  OVER TOPPED by as much as  3  Feet Of  Water …….  Lake  George  Park  Commission  and  DEC  Basil  Segoss,  Governor  Andrew  Cuomo …….   THIS  IS  VERY  SERIOUS


DAVE  WICK and  the  Lake  George  Park Commission  describe   THE  PINHOLE


US  ARMY  CORP  OF  ENGINEERS   imagine  that  a  PINHOLE  in  a  BATH  TUB ( In  a PFM   100  or  200  Year  Flood  Emergency )

Flush toiletWikipedia

  • Overview
  • Contents
  • Operation
  • Manufacture
  • Water usage
  • Flushing mechanism
  • Bowl design

A flush toilet is a toilet that disposes of human excreta, by using water to flush it through a drainpipe to another location for disposal, thus maintaining a separation between humans and their excreta. Flush toilets can be designed for sitting or for squatting, in the case of squat toilets. The opposite of a flush toilet is a dry toilet which uses no water for flushing.


BEWARE   The NEW  YORK  STATE  CONservation  Racketeers

The  TOXIC  Sludge, Sediments and Mud of the  MILL PONDS

The Boat Engines are a mere 60%  Efficient  at best

the rest goes IN THE LAKES


Courtesy of the Lake George Park Commission,  New York State and the Lake George Association,  Warren County and the  NYS  DEC


DEAR NYS  Jan 27, 2017

SwampFox <notjuris@gmail.com>

3:44 PM (1 hour ago)
to Michelle, townclerk, dec.sm.Central., info.R5, info

Ticonderoga  townclerk@townofticonderoga.org Lake George Village  lgvclerk@nycap.rr.com Lake George Park Commission    info@lgpc.state.ny.us Town of Lake George  supervisor@lakegeorgetown.orgmmuratori@lakegeorgetown.org nstannard@lakegeorgetown.org  ,   vcrocitto@lakegeorgetown.org  NYS   DEC   central.dispatch@dec.ny.gov,   info.R5@dec.ny.govpressoffice@dec.ny.gov

Lake George Park Commission  (  info@lgpc.state.ny.us  )

On Fri, Jan 27, 2017 at 3:28 PM, SwampFox <notjuris@gmail.com> wrote:

The Lake George Park Commission Has been involved in Lake Drawdowns for many decades.   Annual Winter Drawdown on account of the  Inadequate Spillway that the Army Corp of Engineers reports several times.  LGPC  calls the Inadequate Dam Release Ability ” A Pin Hole in the  Bath Tub “

The LGPC  with the Lake George Association has for many years with the NYS  Park Commission, DEC, as well as  the  NYS Attorney General’s Office and Warren County,  litigated, executed, implemented :ale George Water Level Drawdowns lowering and raising Lake George huge numbers of times.    The  Director of LGPC  , Warren County, New York State have many many many times issued  Repair and Replacement  Permits and reviewed plans and approvals and inspections because of   Ice Damage and Lake Level Ups and Downs associated with the Lake Levels  going Up and Down.

Your Commissioners, Your Office, with Lake George Association,  NYS  DEC,  Warren County and numerous other Groups have been in Court, Given Testimony, Witnessed and implemented  the  Lake  Levels  Changes for Decades.

I have been requesting these records for a significant amount of time.   Lake George Park Commission is  an arm of the State of New York , Warren County as well as  the  Town of Lake George.   LGPC  has an obligation to keep the above records.   Films, Recordings, Photos, Video , Notes, Letters, Court Records etc.

This is the  CATAGORY of  records I have clearly identified before.  Please produce them.

Thank You

Judson Witham

Anita and Clifford  Witham Family Estate

Should You have any questions about  DRAWDOWNS  AKA  Flushing Lake George  during Winter Ice and Snow Cover  The Following Individuals Should Be Asked for Guidance.   

Lake George Park Commission 75 Fort George Road, PO Box 749 Lake George, New York 12845 Phone: 518-668-9347 Facsimile: 518-668-5001 General Email: info@lgpc.state.ny.us

Board of Commissioners

Bruce E. Young, Chairman William Mason John C. McDonald Jr. Catherine LaBombard Joe Stanek David G. Floyd James T. Kneeshaw Dean Cook Kenneth W. Parker Basil Seggos, Commissioner, DEC, Ex-Officio* *Marc Migliore, Commissioner Representative


Eileen Haynes

Commission Staff

David Wick – Executive Director F. Joe Johns, Director of Law Enforcement Keith Fish, Director of Operations Roger Smith, Conservation Operations Supervisor Molly Gallagher, Environmental Analyst 2 Joe Thouin, Environmental Analyst 1 Justin Luyk,  Park Ranger




On Fri, Jan 27, 2017 at 1:35 PM, Michelle <Michelle@lgpc.state.ny.us> wrote:

Mr. Witham,

I am e-mailing to let you know that we cannot locate any records that you are looking for based on your 12/23/2016 and 12/24/2016 Foil Request.  In the future, if you could be more precise in what exactly you are looking for it might help us to locate the materials.

Best wishes,

Michelle Way

The Megga Bucks of the Pin Hole Gang ….. Flushing The Poop Chute and Raking in the Big Bucks for the Uber Wealthy of the North Country  “A”  Dam  ” A ”  the  Money Machine

The  ACTUAL  HISTORY   Not  The  Empires FAKE  NEWS

Lake George   Warriors ,  Glens Falls   Indians   GET  IT  DONE

From 1775 ……. Before   Wings Falls and Jessups Falls …… Before the Damming of Lach Andia’Ta’Roc’Te http://www.justus.ca/versailles/before_1850/images/Jefferys-MapPart-1775.jpg


Lake George New York  8 Feet Higher than Natural  THE MILL POND


Dr. Irving  Langmuir  and John Apperson and Lake George History Confirmed and revealed   8 Feet Higher than Natural  ……  Yes  and  even  Warren County Grand Jury Indictments .  Hello  WARREN COUNTY JUDGE JOHN HALL

Up and Down and Up and Down every year the Frozen Ice Sheet destroys   Docks and Boat Houses, Islands, Shoreline and Bulkheads and make  INVESTOR CLASS  filthy rich  …… The  Never Ending Story of  Erratic Lake Ice and Snow  Pack  Levels on Lake George New York

Dear NYS,  Basil Seggos,  Andrew Cuomo,  Warren County District Attorney, Warren County Attorney, Judge John Hall,  Warren County Sheriff, Lake George Mirror, Adirondacks Almanac, Union College, Paul Smith’s College …….  Glens  Falls  Post Star ……. et al   (  Warren County Criminal Indictments  Oh My  )

The Fascinating Accounts of large numbers of witnesses  WITH  Photos, Court Records and Transcripts    FREE  READ  at  Google  Books.   The Dock Damages Issues  From High and Low Water especially from  WINTER ICE SHEET  FORCES ……  Interesting

FREE  EBOOK  WITH STATE AG, and Warren County Criminal  Indictments  and lots and lots Lake George Association Witnesses …..  So  Judge  Hall  DA  Hogan and County Attorney Amy Bartlett ……   EVEN  Warren County Grand Jury Indictments  The Adirondacks Almanac, Lake George Mirror and Glens Falls Post Star ……   WARREN COUNTY GRAND JURY INDICTMENTS  Oh My

Warren County NY  Sheriff’s  Office   GRAND  JURY INDICTMENTS 

(  Note  Oyer and Terminer  … Amazing Stuff )


Oyer and Terminer at the Court House in Caldwell  Seriously

Burnett from Plum Bay  Testifies …. You Can’t  Make This Stuff Up


1,300,000,000  Pieces of Admissible Evidence https://www.facebook.com/isacc.witham/videos/701819773318795/ Listen to the United States Supreme Court Discuss the Huge Pile of Toxic Slop …….. https://www.oyez.org/cases/1971/50%20ORIG

New York Supreme Court Record on Appeal – Page 26

That it owns and operates certain hydroelectric property throughout New York State and has been held to be subject to the … That, upon its incorporation in 1932, there was conveyed to it by International Paper Company, among other …

AThe Mill Pond


Weed,  Coolidge,  Baldwin and many many others  Built Dam “A”  with the Lake George, Glens Falls, Ticonderoga and Caldwells  …..  YES   The  Caldwell family  at  (  Lake George Village )   The  Warraen County  Jail  and  Court House seat in the 1840s .   The  Glens Falls Banks  along with the Local Industrials   LIKE  Weed, Coolidge and Baldwin WITH  The Steam Ship  Companies   BUILT  and OPERATED  Dam ” A “.  The  Deeper Lake  Served Their  FINANCIAL and INDUSTRIALISTS   Interests  ………   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lake_George_Steamboat_Company  The  Local Newspapers  LIKE  the  Post Star, Ticonderoga Sentinel, New York Times  and many others  BUILT  very Large Political Power Machines  because of all  the  PROFITS.   International Paper of  Glens Falls  being just  ONE  …….  See  Glens  Falls  Post Star


The five years following the Civil War were very important to the steamboat industry. The ‘old regime’ died out and new business groupings and leases led to the control of the steamship lines on both Lake George and Lake Champlain by

the Delaware and Hudson Railroad. From 1867to 1871, the Champlain Transportation Company assumed control of the Lake George Steamboat Company  ……..  

Many Many Many connected to the Glens Falls Banks and the Paper Companies as well as  the  Steamers on Lake George were all the Industrialists behind the  Paper Companies  and  Dam “A”  and  the  Delaware and Hudson Rail Road  


These Folks are WHOLLY  behind  Clifford and Anita Witham and  Family  being   ROBBED  for  Their  Lands  at  Harris  Bay,  Up and down and up and Down  the  Lake  George Lake Ice  destroyed Boat Houses and Docks with the Islands ……..  WARREN COUNTY  OFFICIALS  being  very  well  aware.


Notice The Location of the  TRAIN  STATION and  NO  Beach Road


Where Oh Where is  Fort William Henry and the  Beach Road ?

Sheppards  Park

TWO FORTS  at Ticonderoga

Long before Garrison, Mothers, East Cove the Airport and the Canteen    WAY  WAY  Before  the  Steam Boats and the  Beach Road

OMG    The  Parking lot in front of The Fort William Henry is  NOT  there

The  Real  Minnehaha


Sent to  New York  State   regarding   Lake  George  Park Commission  and  the  Lake  George  Trespassing Case ….

Lots and Lots  and  Lots  Of  BILLIONS  for all  the  Banksters and Lawyers,   PUBLICANS  and  Timber Companies oh and of course  the  POWER Generators ……  HUGE  Money  for  the  North Country Cabal ……  Especially  the  ANNUAL  WINTER  SEASON  ICE  SHEET  DRAW DOWNS  …….   Yes  Sir   BIG  BUCKS  in  Flushing  the  MILL  POND    and  the  Lake  George  Association  and Lake George Park Commission and  the  EMPIRE  STATE  and  ARMY  CORP of  ENGINEERS (  Glens  Falls  Banks  )   Winter Drawdown at the Pinhole in the Bath Tub ……  FUNNY  STUFF

What the State of New York Claims about the Pin Hole in the Bath Tub

DAM ” A ” That’s on My Mind , DAM ” A ” ……. http://www.tibranch.com/tibranchmain.html
A passenger train led by Delaware and Hudson #559, a Class D-3 4-6-0 double cab, sits at Fort Ticonderoga station (Montcalm Landing) just south of the entrance to the Baldwin Branch. Date is unknown, but the engine was scrapped on March 1949.…

Plop Plop  Whiz  Whiz  ……….  800  Tons  Every Day   “It’s What The Truth Is “

Covers  1500 Acres of Lake Champlain at Fort Ticonderoga  1500 Acres of  Toxic Mill Wastes and Ticonderoga  SEWAGE

Adventures of  Lake George the Giant Crap Flushing   Mill  Pond 


IMAGINE  THE  BILLIONS  IN  DAMAGES  FROM  ICE  SHEET  MANIPULATIONS …… Up and Down  and Up and Down and Up and Down   The  Lake George Mill Pond   CRUSHING and SHREDDING  All those  Docks, Boat Houses, Sea Walls and Shoreline ……  Apperson and Langmuir KNEW  the  Pin Hole   Gang has always been a  SCAM.    Thanks  John Apperson and Irving Langmuir ……  Make  sure You PAY The State Permit  to Rebuild and  Fix  Your Docks  ……        The  State  is  RAKING  IN  THE  REVENUES  and  TAXES  To  ……  Ka  Ching  Ka  Ching  Ka Ching …….    The  EMPIRE  Is  Fleecing  the  People  NEVER  ENDING

The  Bath Tub and Pin Hole  Problem

Financed and Built by the  Glens Falls Banks and the  Paper Companies …….  Operated with SCINTER by the  EMPIRE

The Extreme Shoreline, Island, Boat House and Dock Damages  Witnessed by  Conservation Commission,  Lake George Park Commission,  Charlie Tuttle, Lake George Association, New York’s Lawyers and Experts and the  Court’s Reporters  with  MILLIONS and  MILLIONS of  Others.   Adventures in Draw Down and Ice Sheet Fluctuations ……. The Post Star, Lake George Mirror, Adirondack Almanac,  Lake George Warrensburg News  and  Warren County/ Queenbury  and  LAKE GEORGE CENTRAL SCHOOLS  take note. 

Every Winter and Spring Up and Down and Up and Down goes the Ice ……  Like  A  Giant  Bulldozer Blade  destroying Boat House Docks and Shoreline …….  Adventures in Inadequate Spill Ways and the  Mill Pond  Racketeers


http://www.lgpc.state.ny.us/%5C/lakelevel.html     Compare this to neighboring lakes such a Sacandaga Reservoir and Lake Champlain … The capacity has been likened to        draining a bathtub through a pinhole.


Winter Draw Down During Ice and Snow  ……  HELLO


Saving the islands at lake george – SlideShare


Jun 01, 2014 · Saving the Islands at Lake George John S. Apperson, Jr. (1878-1963) by Ellen Apperson Brown … and of his realization that he could save many more!    ………   THE  BILLIONS IN  PROPERTY DAMAGES   CHRONICLED  BY  NEW YORK STATE


DEAR  NEW  YORK   DEC  COMMISSIONER  SEGGOS,  State AG  Schneiderman,  Governor  Andrew  Cuomo

ALL  THAT  DOCK  BOAT HOUSE SHORELINE AND ISLAND DAMAGE …… Exposing New York’s   Pin Hole in the Bath Tub

 $$$$$$   Making  Money With Water  ALL  Winter   $$$$$


By using the discharge capacity to draw down the lake to accommodate spring runoff … The capacity has been likened to draining a bathtub through a pinhole.

SwampFox <notjuris@gmail.com>
7:11 AM (0 minutes ago)
to      access.records@dec.ny.gov      NYS   DEC
This request focuses on Flood Stage Release Design and Ability of the Dam at the La Chute River at Ticonderoga. The Lake George Park Commission claims the Lake is being controlled with a PIN HOLE Release Ability going so far as explaining the DESIGNED and ENGINEERED ” Draw Down ” that is annually REQUIRED during the Winter Ice and Snow Cover.
The Pin Hole as the State’s Lake George Park Commission describes it was ACCORDING TO THE STATE Of New York originally engineered and installed ILLEGALLY By the Systems Properties and the International Paper Company and it’s Predecessors ( Lake George and Ticonderoga Paper Companies ).

Update: Lake George above flood stage, but no imminent flooding …http://poststar.com/news/update-lake-george-above-flood-stage-but-no-imminent-flooding/article_45ecf0e6-6e6e-5514-bddf-950a0a163e81.html

Jun 28, 2006Update: Lake George above flood stage, but no imminent flooding expected … director of engineering for the Lake George Park Commission, said that there … “It’s like trying to drain a bathtub through a pin hole,” Wardell said.

SEE The Lake George Trespassing Case. According to New York State and It’s Experts and Lawyers …… The Dam was UNLAWFULLY INSTALLED on Land these above Parties were TRESPASSING UPON. The Trespassing Case Record reveals that Lake George was ARTIFICIALLY Raised in Lake Level by the Illegal Dam that was rebuilt and remodeled between 1792 and again apparently in the Early 1902 or so period. In that time frame Systems Properties seems to have installed Penstocks and Phlumes to pipe water to the Mills along the La Chute River. ALL OF THESE Dam Related Trespasses and Constructions were for the purposes of PROFITS and COMMERCE uniquely controlled by and for the sole purposes of WEALTH CREATION for the Financial Interests that were responsible ( Glens Falls Banks and the Paper and Timber Companies ).
I am wanting the Information that reflects the Spill Way Release Ability at Flood Stage ( 100 and 200 Year ) as well as the Calculations and Operations Records for the DRAW DOWNS of Lake George during the Winter Months for as long as those Draw Downs have been performed. ADDITIONALLY Your records that reflect the DEC and Other People involved with those operations are requested.
It would seem that Financial Interests that Convert Water to Money ( Wealth ) certainly would have built an ENGINEERED SYSTEM to allow 12 Month Year Round Water Releases to INCREASE Their Wealth and NOT with Lake Levels being the object. It should be noted …….. Wide Spread and Large Scale Property Damage from Ice and Snow Level Fluctuations were ABUNDANTLY Noted by Dr. Irving Langnuire , Dr. John Apperson, The Lake George Association as well as the New York Conservation Commission going back decades.
The State of New York continues the Draw Downs as it seems the PIN HOLE DAM WORKS have INADEQUATE Release Capacity for 100 or 200 Year Flood Occurrences. I would like the State’s records that reveal any plans or reviews and observations regarding the need to REMOVE or REMODEL The La Chute Dam to properly handle 100 and 200 Year Flood Events. ALL materials referring to the MILL POND and PIN HOLE as it relates to this request are sought and requested.
Judson Witham

Case on Appeal Volume II – Pages 781 to 1182 – Page 169

125-126) and by de- fendant-intervenor The Lake George Association. … of the above questions to a jury were heard on September 27, 1943 and trial has been deferred pending this appeal. … the water levels of Lake George and that it ponds back waters on State owned lands and is a trespass and that title to the bed of the …

New York Supreme Court Record on Appeal – Page 23

That the acts of defendant in pending back the waters of Lake George are a trespass on State-owned lands, islands and lands under water and an injury to the sovereign and proprietary rights of the State. 7. That the defendant be perpetually …

THE  CARRYING  PLACE  ….  Site  othe  Original Outlet of The Lake
Alexander Ave Bridge   PIN HOLE  #  1

Pine Holes #  2 – and  3


The Shoreline and Dock Boat House Damage


Up and Down with  BILLIONS of  TONS  of  ICE


The Old  Stone  Dam


Lake  George  8  Feet  Artificially Raised ….  Dam  ” A “


The  SLUDGE  Ponds  Flushed to Champlain


Up and down and up and down with the  ICE  and  SNOW






Clifford  and  Anita  Witham  ……   Mother  and  Dad

The Fluctuating Ice Sheet and Snow  Destroyed Their Marina many years in a row  ……   Winter Draw Down  of  the  Bath Tub with the Pin Hole …….   Thanks   NEW  YORK   STATE /  LAKE  GEORGE  PARK COMMISSION and  the  Bankster Gangsters responsible with International Paper.   The Winter Draw Downs  continue to this day ( what’s draw down must go up )   crush and shred  crush and shred  all  over  Lake  George.

The  ACTUAL  HISTORY of the Massive Ice Sheet Draw Downs year after year after year after year POWERING  the  Money Machine for the Banksters, Gangsters and the  EMPIRE STATE …..  Thanks  Lake George Park Commission , DEC,  and  the  Investor Class of the Lake George Association GREAT JOB

An Historic Trail From Lake George to Lake Champlain | The New …


Oct 14, 2013 – The best place to start is the Ticonderoga Heritage Museum, located … Six dams interrupted the river’s 220-foot descent from Lake George to …

Contact – Pride of Ticonderoga


The mission of the Ticonderoga Natural Foods Co-op is to create and … In the August 25, 1894 Sentinel, it was reported “Alex Lee is rushing work on the stone bridge. … Richards dam, where water still flows through a former pulp mill flume gate. … stretch to the high ground where the river leaves Lake George for its two-mile …

An Historic Trail From Lake George to Lake Champlain | The New …


Oct 14, 2013 – The best place to start is the Ticonderoga Heritage Museum, located … Six dams interrupted the river’s 220-foot descent from Lake George to …


Lake Champlain  Poisoned and Poisoned Badly


The Author  Fades  Back  He  Shoots  He  Scores



800 Tons every day for DECADES  covering  1500 Acres


The Lake George Association and                 Lake George Park Commission KNOW


PLOP PLOP WHIZ  WHIZ  That’s What the Problem Is

FROM 30 Years  Ago  that’s  3  DECADES

The Talk of Lake GeorgeThe New York Times


Aug 23, 1988 · The Talk of Lake George; For Once-Crystalline Tourist Mecca, … inadequate sewage plants in Lake George … map of New York highlighting Lake George

After spill, Lake George beach to close for season


LAKE GEORGE — Shepard Park Beach, the site of a July 5 sewage spill, will close for the remainder of the season, … New York; National News Video; Closings; Weather;

Communities around Lake George working to flush sewer


Dec 18, 2016 · Communities around Lake George working to flush … during a tour at the Lake George sewage treatment … economy of the state of New York, …


GO  WARRIORS  ” If  We  Can’t Do It  Nobody Can ”

Go Glens Falls Indians  ”  If  We  Can’t Do It Nobody Can  ”

SEE  HERE FOR SOME  TRUE  Glens Fall’s  Area  History

The Last of the Mohicans, Cooper’s Historical Inventions, and his Cave

James Austin Holden
(University of the State of New York)*
Paper presented at the Eighteenth Annual Meeting of the New York State Historical Association, October 3-5, 1916, Cooperstown, New York.
Published in Proceedings of the New York State Historical Association, Vol. XVI (1917), pp. 212-255.

List of  Maps  and  Super  Illustrations / Books

Images for Nova Francia et Regiones Adiacenti

Visscher Map New Netherlands

Adriaen vander Donck’s map of the New Netherlands

Lucini  map of the New Netherlands

DeLaet’s   Beschryvinge van west Indien

Doctor Holden states that the lake had four names, namely, An-di-a-ta-roc-te,13 given it by the Iroquois according to Father Jogues, and meaning “the place where the lake contracts,” Can-i-de-ri-oit,14 “the tail of the lake” (Champlain), supposed to be a Mohawk term, Lac du St. Sacrement, “lake of the blessed sacrement,” {sic} given it by Father Jogues in 1646,15 and Lake George, in honor of the reigning monarch, bestowed by Major General William Johnson in 1755, in honor of his king.16

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