The Delusional Fantastical FREE Dam of Lake George NY and the Pinhole in The Bathtub SAGA

YUP    New York State  Gets  a  FREE  DAM    HAHAHAHAHAHA

Witham versus New York State DOCKETED March 26, 2018 in US Supreme Court cause number 17-8216    STAY TUNED

SEE     The  Never Ending Saga of

The Pinhole in the  Bathtub


The So Very Green Waters of Lake George …. The Queen of America’s Leachate  Lakes

The  Flushing of the Polluted Waters of Lake George over to Lake Champlain


The  Amazing  Flushing of the  Leachate / Sewage Waters of lake George  WATCH IT’s  AMAZING



The Massive  Sludge Bed   FLUSHED  from Ticonderoga to Lake Champlain





Free  Dam  MY ASS


DAYUM    That’s   Really   NASTY


The Investigations,  Litigation, Prosecutions and Vast Damages must have been in the Hundreds of Millions  the  GARGANTUAN  Damages to Lake Champlain  in the  BILLIONS



Up and Down and Up and Down and Up and Down  …..  Destroying Islands, Shoreline, Bulkheads, Boathouses and Docks

Reports of selected cases decided in courts of the State of New York …

1978 – ‎Snippet view – ‎More editions

(Department of Environmental Conservation took control of Lake George outlet dam in summer of 1974.) What consideration should be given to the fact that Lake George is an artificially controlled lake—controlled since 1974 by the State Department of Environmental Conservation and prior thereto by private enterprises operating since 1957 under section 38 of the Navigation Law? The long history of litigation over Lake George water levels indicates the conflicting interests and …

     New York State’s Authorities  Complained for Many Decades, Prosecute and Litigate the  Damaging  UPs  and  DOWNs  of  Winter and Early   Lake George  ICE and WATER Levels for more that a Century and a Half …..   The  Massive  Destruction of  the   PRE 1975    Pinhole in the Bath Tub  …..    LAKE  GEORGE



New York Supreme Court Record on Appeal – Page 29

Amended Answer of System Properties, Inc. dam have been furnished to the Conservation Commission and thereafter to the Water Power Commission and the Water Power and Control Commission of the State of New York. 24. … That on or about October 10, 1929, the plaintiff, The People of the State of New York, through the Chairman of the StateConservation Commission, duly entered into an agreement with International PaperCompany, predecessor in title of the defendant, …

Case on Appeal Volume II – Pages 781 to 1182 – Page 29

Answer of Defendant, System Properties, Inc., 85 Read in Support of Motion Power Commission and the Water Power and Control Commission of the State of New York. 24. … That on or about October 10, 1929, the plaintiff, The People of the State of New York, through the Chairman of the State Conservation Commission, duly entered into an agreement with International Paper Company, predecessor in title of the defendant, concerning in general the manner in which the International …

The Historical Records and Huge numbers of witnesses reveal … I have the story STRAIGHT ….

Paper – Volume 25 – Page 589

1920 – ‎Snippet view – ‎More editions

High water at Lake George has caused extensive damage. each spring for many years even to the extent of the threat— ened loss of many of the beautiful islands. … The agreement for a two-year period of trial in the control of the level of the lake is made without prejudice to the rights of either party with the understanding that at the end of that time steps will be taken, based on data collected during the two-year period which it is expected will end for all time the annual damage to both …

Annual Report – Volume 24 – Page 34

International Hydro-electric System – 1952 – ‎Snippet view – ‎More editions

… dam across the Ticonderoga River owned by System Properties, Inc. and leased to International Paper Company is an encroachment on the lands of the State and that maintenance and operation of the dam raises the water level of Lake George, thereby injuring state-owned lands and islands. The State seeks a judgment determining its rights with respect to title to and control of the method of operation of the dam, but not seeking money damages. Individual plaintiff-intervenors seek …

Annual Report – Page 122

New York (State). Conservation Dept – 1928 – ‎Snippet view – ‎More editions

The planting of such trees is particularly important, since in many places the large number of people using the islands makes natural reproduction of the trees impossible, so that the only way to insure new growth for the future is to plant. High water in Lake George, caused by the dam at the outlet of the lake, has resulted in extensive damage each spring for many years, even to the extent of threatening the loss of many of the most beautiful islands. This year for a long period an …

Legislative Document – Volume 8 – Page 177

1945 – ‎Snippet view – ‎More editions

Damage caused by erosion along the shores of state-owned islands at customary stages of 4.00 or above on Rogers Rock Gage can be effectively prevented by riprapping. – 13. It is impossible under present conditions to maintain the lake level at stages sufficiently low to prevent erosion of the island shores unless they are protected by riprapping. … The loss of fish which go over the dam in times of high water can be prevented only by the installation of a screen in the outlet. Such a …

North eastern reporter. second series – Volume 141 – Page 431

1957 – ‎Snippet view – ‎More editions

these additional findings: “The dam serves the function of holding back the waters of Lake George and converting it in effect into an enormous reservoir. The waters of the spring floods are stored for use in the drier seasons. This helps to stabilize the water level of the lake and also aids in the development of water power at the dam site”. The record shows disputes as to the fact and extent of damage caused by the dam’s flooding operations to the shores and islands of the lake and …

Toilet Lake George POSIONING Lake Champlain

The Giant Toilet Flusher Lake George NY … Poisoning Lake…


Part of the  Continuing Series  The Lake George Pinhole  Mysteries

Author’s Note :    The  Repeated  Flushings of Lake George, NY are very famous for Property Damage.  The State’s Own Authorities and many many Environmentalists for well over one and a half centuries have noted the  destruction of Islands, Shoreline, Bulkheads, Boat Houses and Docks.  There are  HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS  even Millions of  Witnesses ….   The  Witham Family Marina was  destroyed  many times during the 1960s  because of the  Winter Time  Drawdowns conducted by the Operators and Owners of the  GIANT FLUSHER WORKS ….   Dam  # 230  AKA   Dam  “A”  at the LaChute River.

This work is dedicated to My Parents …  Clifford and Anita Witham

MotherAnd Dad2



This  Witham  Knows  PLENTY of the  ACTUAL HISTORY of the  Mill Pond called  Lake George, NY


Since the 1800s   Lake  George Has been the  BIG  FLUSHER




Report on Pollution of the Interstate Waters of Lake Champlain and its …

the Secretary of the Interior called a conference in the matter of pollution of the interstate waters of  Lake Champlain and its tributary basin (New York-Vermont). This report is based … Basin …………… Appendices C-l Data, Federal Water Pollution Control Adminis- tration Survey of Lake Champlain, August1968   Appendices VI …

UPDATE FROM THE  PO’d  Taxpayers of  Vermont.  Read the Comments regarding WHO PAYS


The Massive  Sludge Bed   FLUSHED  from Ticonderoga to Lake Champlain


New York Supreme Court Record on Appeal – Page 12

That the presence and operation of Dant “A” and predecessor dams in Ticonderoga Riverhave created, during the period of their existence, an artificial water level in Lake Georgeranging to a maximum of one foot and one-half above the levels that would have pertained if such dams had not been there. 9. That the most advantageous water levels of Lake Georgeare between elevations 4.0 feet and 2.5 feet on Rogers Rock Gauge. 10. That the operation of the facilities of System.

Case on Appeal Volume II – Pages 781 to 1182 – Page 178

Plaintiffs’ motion made at Special Term, after joinder of issue but before proceeding to trial, asked for an order directing that the issues in the action as stated in the following proposed questions of fact be submitted to the jury for trial : 1. Does the dam of the defendant System Properties, Inc. impound the waters, causing abnormal water levels, in Lake George, and flooding part of the Forest Preserve of the State of New York, or property of other plaintiffs? 2. Do waters at abnormal levels …



The  FREE  DAM  That’s  Cost   BILLIONS

So  IP  and  P  ( International  Paper & Power  gave  $150,000.00   for  FREE  )   Because  They  KNEW  the  Damn was  IN  GREAT  SHAPE  RIGHT  ????    LOL   


Before  and  After  the  Upgrade  …..   in  1980  The  Dam is only  46%  Capable of  Effective  LAKE  ICE   CONTROL  and  Water Levels  ….  That’s  LESS  THAN  1/2 


The  Historical Records  are  CHOCK FULL  of  the  FREE  SHIT    New  York Taxpayers  ACTUALLY  RECIEVED



The  VAST  WIDESPREAD  PROPERTY DAMAGES  ON LAKE GEORGE   in  the  LaChute River  and  the  Mega Mess in  Lake  Champlain  DO NOT  Spell  FREE  ANYTHING

The  FREE  DAM  Even  After Upgrading remains  less than 1/2 what it should be to even begin to control  ICE and WATER LEVELS



The  Free  Dam   WHAT  A  HOAX


And a  FREE  1,500 Acre   Sludge  Mess



AThe Mill Pond


Cooking the  Forests of  New  York  for  BILLIONS in Profits 


That Sedimentation  Bed is the  LaChute River

Log Drives Tupper Lake

Millions of  Chords of  Pulp Log  Wastes   FLUSHED to Lake Champlain and all the  WASTE  CHEMICALS  as  Well

State of VERMONT v. State of NEW YORK et al. | US Law | LII / Legal …

PER CURIAM. On April 24, 1972, after oral argument, we granted Vermont’s motion to file bill of complaint against New York and the International Paper Co. which alleged that as a result of discharge of wastes, largely from International’s mills, that company and New York are responsible for a sludgebed in Lake Champlain …

Champions of Champlain make polluters come clean –

Apr 1, 1982 – Sludge” was the subject of numerous banner headlines in Lake Champlain area newspapers from 1970 through 1977. Here again … Since before the turn of the century, theInternational Paper Company (IPC) had been dumping effluent into a creek that flowed into the lake at Fort Ticonderoga. By the late …

An Independent Man: Adventures of a Public Servant

James M. Jeffords, ‎Yvonne Daley, ‎Howard Coffin – 2003 – ‎Biography & Autobiography

One of the worst of these polluters was the International Paper Company located across Lake Champlain not far from Fort Ticonderoga. For decades, the company had deposited sludge from its paper-making process into the lake. The problem was that the sludge bed was high in mercury and other residues that posed …



SwampFox <>

11:40 AM (0 minutes ago)

to FEMA-FOIAJohnMargaretEllengeorgiaTravisJamesBrianMargaretMarisa

So  it seems   AFTER  many decades of  Lake Wide Property Destruction  from Operations of  the  original  way way way to small   PINHOLE IN THE BATHTUB …..   International  Paper & Power  gives the  really really  really  TO SMALL  Extremely Inadequate   Flushing Works   ”  Dam A ”  to  Commissioner Biggane in 1974.     The  Power and Paper Company also FOR  FREE  gives  New York State  7.04 Acres of  Lake Front Land  and  FREE  $150,000.00  ……    All  For  Free.

Now for the  Complete  Record  and  Keeping the  Facts  from the  Fiction  straight for  the  LAKE  GEORGE  ASSOCIATION ….  Prior to the  54%  Inadequate  Pinhole …..  The  FREE  Pinhole  was  even  WORSE at  Winter Time and  Spring  Ice  Level Control ….  Which  caused  MANY MANY MANY Decades  of   ICE  and  WATER  Damage  to  The  Islands, Shoreline, Bulkheads, Boathouses and  DOCKS …..   Like  Clifford and Anita Witham’s  Marina.
Now  lets see  …..   I buried  My Father   in  Spring 1974  Right After His  MASSIVE  Heart Attack  caused by  the  Stresses  of  having His and Mother’s  Marina  DESTROYED  repeatedly by the  Way Way Way  to Small   PINHOLE  that New York State  Rebuilt with  the  $150,000.00   FREE  Dollars  from  IP&P   that was  Inspected by Stetson Engineering and  the  US  Army Corp  in 1980  and  rated as  54%  Wholly Inadequate.   
 So  NOW  Judson Witham is  a  NUT and  CRAZY  because  OBVIOUSLY  the  FREE  Dam  “A”  AKA   #230  was  even  WORSE  at  Lake Level and  Ice Control   BEFORE  the  State of  New York  REBUILT IT  with the  FREE  $150,000.00.
Oh  and  CHOKING  The  Lake for  Horsepower  and  Flushing all Ticonderoga’s  SEWERS  and  The  Mill Wastes  is  of course  JUST  a  FANTASTICAL  DELUSION that  Crazy Old  Judson Witham   is  RANTING AND RAVING ABOUT.   You know  the  1,500  Acre  Sludge Bed ….  Smack Dab  in  Front  of  Mount Independence, Mount Defiance and Fort Ticonderoga.    WOW  this  Pinhole,  CRAP  FLUSHING,  Free  Dam  and  Judson Witham just  keeps  getting  CRAZIER.  

The  Free  Dam   WHAT  A  HOAX


New York State and  Vermont  Gets  a  Free  HOSING

Yes  the  Free  Sewage and Free Toxins  Dumped in Lake Champlain and all  that  Free  Septic  Leachate  from the  Lake George Association’s   Leach Fields  and  LG  Brown Fields ain’t so  FREE



When  does  this story Separate the  Facts  from the  Lake George Association  FICTION ?


Champlain Sludge Remains Problem – The New York Times

Jun 23, 1971 – TICONDEROGA, N. Y. — The air and the water in this village at the foot of the Adirondacks are purer than they were several months ago. The contamination … “Oh, it’s so much better now …nothing like it used to be,” said Mrs. Edmund Morette as she looked at her sheer white curtains that now stay white.

The Berkshire Eagle from Pittsfield, Massachusetts on June 26, 1971 …

Jun 26, 1971 – ‘Much Better Now’ “Oh, it’s so much better now , . . nothing like it used to be,” said Mrs.Edmund Morette as ehe looked at her sheer white curtains that …. Ticonderoga’s mayor, John Drymiller, for example, thinks more harm would be done because the sludge, relatively dormant now, would be stirred up to …

State Aide’s Opinion

Last November Henry L. Diamond, New York State’s Commissioner of Environmental Conservation, released a report of preliminary studies, paid for by International Paper, that he said indicated “that the ecology of the lake could be adversely affected by a large‐scale sludge removal operation.”

Technicians on the Vermont side, however, are firmly convinced that removal is necessary.

Fred I. Parker, that state’s Deputy Attorney General, said: “Any danger in removing the sludge is a lot less than the danger of leaving it there. ”   Now there are oxygen levels of zero in the water in some places. How much worse can you get?

Mr. Parker, last December, carried Vermont’s case to the United States Supreme Court, charging in a brief that the sludge was “depriving the citizens of the State of Vermont of their rights to swim, fish, boat, travel Upon and enjoy the waters of Lake Champlain free from stench and filth.”

Down on Lake Champlain at the edge of town, Bill Rader, who runs the small ferry across to Vermont, said the water was now clear enough at times to let him see the propellor of his boat, the Ethan Allen.

“Before, the water was a brown liquid that smelled strictly like rotten eggs,” he said as the boat chugged across the lake. “Tourists used to ride across holding their noses and saying ‘never again!’ “

On the surface the situation here seems like a rare success story in pollution abatement. But just below the surface of Lake Cham plain is a 1,500‐acre mound of sludge, 20 feet thick in some places, left over from the paper mill as well as earlier and simpler industries dating back 200 years.

Today, although the black ooze has stopped coming from the mill, gas bubbles still rise from the decom posing sludge and bits of decaying material occasionally come to the surface.

Sludge Still a Problem

Some leading residents here and the State of Ver mont are adamant that the sludge is a continuing pol lution threat and must be re moved now.

International Paper counters by saying that it should not be held responsible for the sludge because some of it was deposited by others and in any case all of it was dumped in the lake when such disposal was considered a reasonable way of doing business.

Now the dispute is resolved could set a precedent because up to now efforts have been aimed mainly at stopping current pollution and little attempt has been made to assess the responsibility for past actions.

But if the task of fixing past blame is difficult in this relatively undeveloped region the job would be many times greater in, say, the Hudson River off New York City, where hundreds of industries over the years have added to the muck on the river bottom.


Look  at all  the  FREE  CRAP   New  York  State  and  Vermont  Get



[PDF]by Gail Osherenko – Vermont Journal of Environmental Law

by G Osherenko – ‎Cited by 7 – ‎Related articles

Jan 22, 2014 – The environmental movement was just beginning in the 1970s when. Vermont’s Attorney General, Jim Jeffords, sued New York over sewage sludge discharged directly to Lake Champlain from an International Paper Company plant in Ticonderoga, New York.    

The Village of  Ticonderoga used the  LaChute as an Open Sewer for more than 150 years and still at times do.




This is what comes  with  the  FREE  DAM



Look at all  the  FREE  SHIT  the  FREE  DAM  Comes  With



Report on Pollution of the Interstate Waters of Lake Champlain and its …

As a result of these discharges the interstate waters of Lake Champlain and its tributaries are polluted by the presence of bacteria, solids, oxygen demanding material and nutrients. In addition, some of these waters are affected by the accumulation of bottom sludge deposits and floating sludge masses. This pollution limits …


Look at ALL  That  FREE  SHIT




In conclusion
Judson Witham
Son of  the   Swamp  Foxes

Look  Everyone   NEW YORK STATE’s   FREE  DAM  That  Costs  Many Hundreds of  Millions  maybe  Billions in  Clean Up ….  But  WOW  It’s   FREE   LOL


DAM  That’s  NOT  FREE

The Fisheries in Lake Champlain  POISONED  ….   

That’s  NOT  FREE


Why a State Obsessed With ‘Local’ Doesn’t Eat Vermont Fish | Food + …

Apr 23, 2014 – Fisheries‘ managers are doing a very good job of monitoring what’s going on,” said captain Mick Maynard, who runs Lake Champlain Angler Fishing Charters out of Plattsburgh, N.Y. When he heads out with fishermen, he said, he relies on the advisories and limits set by the experts. “I leave it up to the …

On Sat, Mar 24, 2018 at 6:49 PM, SwampFox <> wrote:

1974  ….    Interesting  Date   in  1980    The  Dam  is  STILL  54%   Incapable of  Proper water level releases  ???

A. P. REALE AND SONS, INC    Ticonderoga NY 
In 1971, the mill in this area was shut down when the new mill was constructed.  There had been a dam at this site in one form or another since the 1750’s.  The existing masonry dam was built in 1903.  By 1974, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation began a state dam project in this area.  Demolition of the old paper mill buildings was well underway.  A. P. Reale and Sons of Ticonderoga had a $37,640 contract with the state to complete the demolition.  The center of the original masonry dam which regulated the Lake George water level was reconstructed.  Three new gates were installed, each capable of handling 300 cubic feet of water.
D & H   Railroad   OWNED  the  Dam  at one time  with   International  Paper and  Power  and  System  Properties 
These   RELEASE GATE  REBUILDS  and  INSTALLS  are  the  focus  of  the  FOIA  Request

On Sat, Mar 24, 2018 at 5:16 PM, SwampFox <> wrote:

Dear  FEMA, 

The Release Capacity at Lake George NY  at Dam # 230   AKA  Dam  “A”   I am seeking records on the  Repairs or  Upgrading of  the  RELEASE  CAPACITY  the  Spillways   that   US  Army  and  Stetson Engineering  FAILED   in it’s  1980  Inspection Reports  Cited  Below.
Specifically   WHAT  Upgrading or  Repairs  have been done to the  Lake George WATER LEVEL  CONTROL  ,    The Spillway  Release  Capacity  since  the  1960s  ?    These are the  records  being sought.    A  List  or  Information that reveals  WHEN ,  What  Rehabs  or  Upgrading  the  Spillways  has Occurred  since the  1960s  through and in the 1980s.
ALSO  Is  this  Dam still  rated as  a  HIGH RISK  DAM ??

The US Army and Stetson Engineering  Inspected and Failed the  Dam “A”  Spillways  ( Dam 230 )

Has  the  Dam’s   Spillways  been  INCREASED in Capacity as a Result  ?    Have any Improvements to the Inadequate  Operating  Capacity been perfomed ?   If So When and Where are those  Plans, Drawings and Reports ?
The ENTIRE  HISTORY of  Dam  “A”  or  # 230  is  repleat with allegations by   STATE AUTHORITIES  (  Attorney Generals, District Attorneys,  Conservation Commission  Etc Etc )    That  High and Low  Water  and Ice Conditions  directly caused  vast   Island, Shoreline, Bulkhead, Boathouse and Dock Damages on Lake George.
The  ONLY  CONCLUSION that can be drawn from  Up and Down and Up and Down and Up and Down   Water and Ice Levels reveals  The  CONTROL MECHANISM  ( The Spillways  )   are  Seriously TO SMALL ,    54%  To Small.
What  Upgrading and Increasing of the Spillway Release Capacity has been done since the  1960s, 1970s and 1980s ?
Who has those records and files and where are They ?
It appears beyond the shadow of all doubt   That  many  State Attorney Generals,  County Prosecutors, State Legislators, Several Counties and even more  Towns and Villages have for many years with countless  Material Witnesses  observed the  DESTRUCTION  Caused by the  so Called   PINHOLE IN THE BATH TUB   …..    What records exist that this  PINHOLE has ever been  UPGRADED or  REPAIRED  ?    


The capacity has been likened to draining a bathtub through a pinhole. When water entering the lake exceeds the maximum rate that can be discharged, the lake rises. Each winter the lake is drawn down in anticipation of the spring snow melt. Snow surveys help to estimate the amount of water that is resident in the basin’s …

Has  this  INADEQUATE  Condition ever been  REPAIRED  ??
Thank You
Judson Witham

Ranger Leonbruno I think would have a few  QUESTIONS

Lake George Reflections: Island History and Lore by Frank Leonbruno

In Lake George Reflections Frank Leonbruno has recounted his experience of forty-two years as a New York State ranger on Lake George from 1941 to 1983, the last ten years as Supervisor of Lake GeorgeOperations. This book is manifold and is based on Leonbruno’s own reminiscences, conversations withLake George …

Dam Inspection Report 1980    AFTER  the  $150,000.00  Upgrade

Amazing how  IP&P   Knew  The  Dam  Was  a   FARCE  in  1974   Huh 











MotherAnd Dad2

Mr.  and  Mrs.   Clifford  and  Anita  Witham  …..  Financially  DEVASTED by the  FARCE  the  International  Paper  and  New  York State Operated for  decades ….  Damned  Dam  “A”   # 230   at the  LaChute River

SEE     The  Never Ending Saga of

The Pinhole in the  Bathtub





Lake George is FLUSHED all the time   BUT  Yes  Folks  it  is  TURNING GREEN from so much  Septic Leachate and all those  BROWN FIELDS (  Septic Fields )  around the  Lake George  BEDROCK  Basin



SINCE 1829   SCREWING UP  The Lake Basins



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