The  GIANT  FLOODING OF ANDI’TA’ROC’TA  by the  Glens Falls Banks in the  early 1880s  began an era of  Good Ol Boy Rule in the North Country ….. It’s Only Gotten  WORSE

See  The  Giant Flooding of the  Lake at

When once a republic is corrupted, there is no possibility of remedying any of the growing evils but by removing the corruption and restoring its lost principles; every other correction is either useless or a new evil.” — Thomas Jefferson –

NOTICE  there are  NO  EMPIRE  ROADS  across  Dunhams,  Harris or Van Warmer Bays …..  See  the  Header Maps ……  NO  Berms,  Dams or  Road Beds except  WHEN the  EMPIRE wants to  FILL IN  the  MAN  MADE  Wetlands ……   YES  Lake George is a  MAN  MADE  MILL  POND

Dedicated to  Dan Stec, Betty  Little,  Basil Seggos, Andy Cuomo, Eric Schneiderman, Judge John Hall Jr.,  Warren County District Attorney  Kate Hogan,  Assistant  Warren County Attorney  Amy Bartlett,   Warren County Board of Supervisors,  New York State  DEC,  Towns of  Queensbury, Lake George, Bolton Landing and Ticonderoga,  The  State of  Vermont ,  Lake Champlain Committee,  The US  Department of  the  Interior,  US  Army Corp of Engineers, and Lake George  Warriors and  Glens Falls Indians  EVERYWHERE … Last But Not Least  Anita and Clifford Witham,  My Brothers and  Family and  Friends


Son of the  Swamp Fox  …  Isaac Judson Wiitham …… Warrior / Indian


When the Empire wanted a  HUGE  Road and  Beach at Lake George Village ….. They trucked in huge amounts of  fill and  gravel    and  Dumped  massive amounts of  materials in Lake George and BUILT  the  Beach Road across  the  Southern Lake Shore out in front of the King George Hotel and Fort William Henry ,  Fort  Gage.


When the  EMPIRE wanted to build  Berms and Dams the  Roadway of  RT 9L  from Dunhams Bays ( Bay Road ) across the  Harris  Bay and then Across Van Wormers Bay (  Warner Bay )  over to  The Ridge Road ……   The  Empire  FILLED IN  THE  WETLANDS  and did what They Pleased …… Filling in large areas of  the  MAN MADE MARSHES.

Even along the  Pilot Knob Road and all up through the  Adirondack  Wilderness FOREVER WILD PARK ……  The  EMPIRE  and  LEX  REX builds what ever They desire.   Even Now  the  Governor wants a 21 Million Dollar  Camp Ground with  Buildings and Roads and Bathrooms …..  and all the  other  STUFF that goes  with it  IN  THE  ADIRONDACK  PARK.    The  Giant  TAX and  SPEND  SCHEME called  the  Adirondack Park is  where  ALL  New York  Taxpayers  PAY the  Taxes ( 100% Valuation ) on  Millions of  Acres on  former  TIMBERLANDS …..  Stolen from the  Native Americans.   YES  FOLKS 100% of  the  Land  and  School and  Ad Volarem Taxes  PAID  BY all  the  State’s  Taxpayers FOREVER.

What ever the  State  Wants  EVEN  Filling In  Large Sections of  WETLANDS that are  ARTIFICIALLY  MAN  MADE on the  East Side of  Lake George.

See …  FLUSHING THE POLLUTION  from the La Chute  River and  FLUSHING  the  Pollution and  Sewage / Leachate from Lake George

YES and the  US  ARMY  knows  all  about  FLUSHING




Recently on Lake George there was a  Tragic  Accident and as a result a precious You Girl in that accident lost Her life.  Following the Accident it is said that the Party operating one of the Boats engaged in actions to conceal the Boat and Themselves from being identified as a Party to this extremely unfortunate Accident.   Concealing and Hiding from the  Scene is a central element to Warren County, The State of  New York’s prosecution in this very very sad event that happened on Lake George.   Our World lost an incredible Young Girl and Her Family lost so much more.  There are no words to express how deeply this Accident has effected  ALL the  Family members involved and the Young People Who are in this story as well.  ALL  THE  WAY  AROUND a very sad moment in Lake George History.

The research and investigation associated with this series of events reveal something remarkably different.   The  Operations of  Flushing vast Industrial Wastes and Billions of  Gallons of  Poisoned and Contaminated Materials and Water …… was done INTENTIONALLY,  By  design, on purpose or  with SCINTER.   Hiding the wastes, secreting the Poisoning of  Two New York Lakes and concealing the liability for the destruction of  Marinas, Boat Houses, Islands, Shoreline and costing untold BILLIONS in damages.   I write as the last surviving Son of  Anita and Clifford  Witham …… the founders and original developers of the SWAMP /  East Shores Harbour Marina at Harris Bay on Lake George.  The Lake Ice Manipulations by The State of New York and the International Paper with Systems Properties and others with FINANCIAL INTERESTS in mind did this destruction  INTENTIONALLY.   Their Efforts to  Hide It and Conceal It as well as avoid Financial Responsibility are  herewith  EXPOSED.

This is what the  History Shows ……  Son of  the  Swamp Fox 

High Water Sinks State Islands 1919  ….. Annual Dock, Boat House Damages ….. see NYS  Conservation Commissioner  George D. Pratt  ……   Gentleman’s Agreement to END all  the  Annual Property Damage


Whatever the  EMPIRE under  LEX  REX  WANTS


The abuses associated with  The Empire and Lex  Rex of course are rooted in the  Source of  All  Evil ……  MONEY.   The economic  benefits  and  Tax Collections from the  GARGANTUAN  Financial Interests that STUFFED Their  Pockets from  Processing vast Timberlands  into  Saw Logs and Lumber.  The Mining and Construction of  Bridges, Villages, Towns and of course the  Roads and Bridges all made  the  EMPIRE and  the  LES  REX  Machine  very  very  very  WEALTHY.

The VAST  Economic  Boon for the  EMPIRE is, was and always has been  EXPLOITATION of  the  SMURFS  and deriving Vast Taxes ( Known as Rents in England )  from the  Sales of the Timberlands and  Minerals   TAKEN from the native American Nations  THE ADIRONDAKS  INDIANS.



The  Vast  Pollution and  Environmental Destruction is Mind Boggling


This is what some of the  MASSIVE  DESTRUCTION  Looks Like


This  ADIRONDACK  LAKE  Seems  to have been forgotten by the  Adirondack 46ers and all  the  Glossy Environmental Magazine Publishers and like the  LAKE  GEORGE  ASSOCIATION  and  the  LAKE GEORGE  PARK  COMMISSION and  the  Corporate  Media of  New  York …..  The  EMPIRE of  LEX  REX


The  SILENCE of  the  Wilderness  Society and  the  EVCON  Gurus is DEAFENING on these  TWO  Major  ADIRONDACKS  Lakes


YES  This is  what  ADIRONDACK  Lakes  used to make the  EMPIRE  Filthy Rich  look  like


The  Waters of  Lake  George  are  ALL  CRAPPED  and  PEE  FILLED just ask the  Lake  George Park Commission,  NYS  DEC and of course The  Conservation Commission and Lake George Land Conservancy,  Adirondacks 46ers and the  Wilderness Society oh and the  Nature Conservancy,  Sierra Club and Andrew Cuomo,  Eric Schneiderman and the  DEC  Director  Basil Seggos

SEWAGE and CHEMICALS  from the THOUSANDS of  Lake George Brown Fields all around the  Lake causing the  DEATH of  Lake  George


Deep in the  Heart  of  LAKE  GEORGE  NY  the  Poisons and  Toxic  Sewage KILLING  this  Adirondack  Lake






The operations of VAST NUMBERS of  CRAPPERS ( Toilets ) and many  Sewage Treatment Facilities that DUMP into these Adirondacks Lake  ……  DO  NOT  function worth a  DAM  and all  the  Chemicals and Effluents react with Metals and Minerals in the SOILS  and  the  BEDROCK that causes all  this  BROWN FIELD  MESS  to  Leach into the Lakes.


 YEAR AFTER YEAR ……   Decade in  Decade even Century to Century …… the  Vast  FLUSHING  of  the  Mess from Lake George and Ticonderoga to Lake Champlain has been  PERPETRATED by the EMPIRE of  Lex  Rex and the  Criminals  They get  FILTHY RICH  WITH ……  Oh Yes  This is  a  FACT




The 1500 Acres is  well  known to the  United States  NOAA and  US  EPA,  US  ARMY  CORP OF  ENGINEERS  and  especially  the  Warren County  Attorney’s and  District Attorney’s  as  well as Warren County’s  Sheriff’s  Office  The Lake George Association,  Lake George Park Commission  and  YES   the  Vermont and  New York State Government  with  the  United States  Department of the Interior and last but not least   The  JUDICIAL  and  EXECUTIVE and LEGISLATIVE  Branches  ( ALL  Three )  of  the  United States

1,300,000,000  Pieces of Admissible Evidence Listen to the United States Supreme Court Discuss the Huge Pile of Toxic Slop ……..


1,300,000,000  Pieces of Admissible Evidence Listen to the United States Supreme Court Discuss the Huge Pile of Toxic Slop ……..

SEE  These  Pages  for  HUGE  AMOUNTS of  ADDITIONAL  Information and  PROOF /  EVIDENCELake George – Expose The Pin Hole Project

It should be  NOTED  all  the  Years of  Lake  George  Level Manipulations  and  LEACHATE  FLUSHING  destroyed  Clifford  and  Anita  Witham’s  and  Family Marina  at  Harris  Ba

YUP  Year after  Year  after  Year  the  EMPIRE  during  Winter  Ice and Snow  Cover  drops  and  refills  the  Lake   CAUSING  all  that  PROPERTY  Damage to  the  Docks and  Boat Houses,  Islands  and  Shoreline.    OH  and  the  SALES  TAXES  and  PERMITS and INSPECTION  FEES  for  the  EMPIRE’S  LEX  REX  MACHINE  fill up  with  More  and  More  and  More  TREASURE from all  the  ENCONOMIC  INCOME  the  EMPIRE  derives  from  the  YEARLY  DAMAGES to  the  ISLANDS and SORELINE, DOCKS and BOAT HOUSES


YES SIR’REE  INDEEDIE  The  EMPIRE  STATE  even got to SO DAMAGE  the  WITHAM  MARINA  Year after Year After Year ……  The  Annual  Destruction, Led to the  STATE OF  NEW YORK the  EMPIRE  Stealing the  Withams  600+  Acres, Home, Tree Farm and  Marina at  Harris  Bay …….  YES  the  EMPIRE STATE  CAUSED all  the  DESTRUCTION

I want everyone to understand  BUTFORE and as  a  DIRECT  and PROXIMATE RESULT of all  the  Continuing and Ongoing  LAKE  FLUSHINGS of  the  State of  the  EMPIRE and  the  Systems Properties  and  Now  ENEL  Power ….  continue  the  FLUSHING DRAWDOWNS  (   Flushing the  Leachate )  with the  Lake George Park Commission  and  the  Lake  George  Association,   Warren County and  the  State of  New  York  ( US  Dept of the Interior, EPA and US Army )  etc  etc etc.

The Annual  Destruction of  Property and Docks and Boat Houses   JUST LIKE  the  Witham  Marina that was  REPEATEDLY  DESTROYED …….  Continues to  Destroy  Property-YEARLY


The FLUSHINGS  Financially Destroyed My Parents,  Killed My Father, Caused My Oldest Brother’s  Death and Imposed Enormous Suffering on My Mom and Our Whole  Family.

NEW  YORK  STATE  NEEDS  TO  RETURN  Our 600 Acres  and  Make  Restitution …… for  the  YEARLY  DAMAGES  They and the Paper and Power Companies  and  the  SEWAGE LEACHATE  FLUSHS  have caused.

Recently  New York  Agents  even TRIED to claim I was engaging in DIRTY BOMB Conspiracies …..  I was visited by  State Police and a US  Marshal ……   FALSELY  alleging About  to Law Enforcement Agencies , That I am a  Mentally Unstable  MAYBE TERRORIST  is  simply an  ATTEMPT  to  CRIMINALLY  LIABLE  ME.   Such is  ACTIONABLE to Make  FALSE  Police  Reports trying to get ANYONE  LOCKED UP  or  DRUG OFF  TO  A  MENTAL  HOSPITAL for  exposing Crimes and  Corruption is  UNLAWFUL.



 Down Lake George – Expose The Pin Hole Project



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