The Inadequate Spillways of Lake George AKA Pinhole in the Bathtub

FOIL REQUEST LG Inadequate Spillways – Winter Time Draw Down

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The US Army and Stetson Engineering  Inspected and Failed the  Dam “A”  Spillways  ( Dam 230 )

Has  the  Dam’s   Spillways  been  INCREASED in Capacity as a Result  ?    Have any Improvements to the Inadequate  Operating  Capacity been perfomed ?   If So When and Where are those  Plans, Drawings and Reports ?
The ENTIRE  HISTORY of  Dam  “A”  or  # 230  is  repleat with allegations by   STATE AUTHORITIES  (  Attorney Generals, District Attorneys,  Conservation Commission  Etc Etc )    That  High and Low  Water  and Ice Conditions  directly caused  vast   Island, Shoreline, Bulkhead, Boathouse and Dock Damages on Lake George.
The  ONLY  CONCLUSION that can be drawn from  Up and Down and Up and Down and Up and Down   Water and Ice Levels reveals  The  CONTROL MECHANISM  ( The Spillways  )   are  Seriously TO SMALL ,    54%  To Small.
What  Upgrading and Increasing of the Spillway Release Capacity has been done since the  1960s, 1970s and 1980s ?
Who has those records and files and where are They ?
It appears beyond the shadow of all doubt   That  many  State Attorney Generals,  County Prosecutors, State Legislators, Several Counties and even more  Towns and Villages have for many years with countless  Material Witnesses  observed the  DESTRUCTION  Caused by the  so Called   PINHOLE IN THE BATH TUB   …..    What records exist that this  PINHOLE has ever been  UPGRADED or  REPAIRED  ?    


The capacity has been likened to draining a bathtub through a pinhole. When water entering the lake exceeds the maximum rate that can be discharged, the lake rises. Each winter the lake is drawn down in anticipation of the spring snow melt. Snow surveys help to estimate the amount of water that is resident in the basin’s …

Has  this  INADEQUATE  Condition ever been  REPAIRED  ??
Thank You
Judson Witham

The Many Videos  Tell the  Fuller Story




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