The Rule Curve Calculations OPERATING The Mill Pond Lake George

      The most common deficiency at dams in North America is inadequate spillway capacity.  Inadequate spillway capacity can result in overtopping of a dam during flood events.  This is especially a concern for embankment dams where overtopping of the dam embankment can cause breaching of the dam and uncontrolled release of the impounded water.  This failure mode accounts for more than 40 percent of recent dam failures.  

Lake George … The Damned Dam Truth | The Adirondacks …

On Aug 28, 1980 John B. Stetson published: National Dam Safety Program. Lake George Outlet Dam(Inventory Number NY 230), Lake Champlain River Basin, Essex County, New York.Phase I Inspection Report. … Therefore, the spillway is assessed as inadequate according to the Corps of Engineers screening criteria. Making FREE Electricity to fuel the Mills COOKING The Empire’s …

National Dam Safety Program. Lake George Outlet Dam (Inventory Number NY 230), Lake Champlain River Basin, Essex County, New York. Phase I Inspection Report

The examination of documents and visual inspection of the dam and appurtenant structures did not reveal conditions which constitute an immediate hazard to human life or property. The dam, however, has a number of problem areas which should be investigated further. The structural stability analysis indicates unsatisfactory stability for the dam when subjected to forces which could occur during winter operations (including ice loading), the Probable Maximum Flood (PMF), and 1/2 PMF events. A structural stability investigation of the dam should be started within 6 months to determine the effect of the dam’s steel bar anchor system and the uplift forces acting on the base of the dam. Remedial measures should be completed within 2 years to increase the structural stability of the facility to meet the Corps of Engineers screening criteria. The hydrologic/hydraulic analysis establishes the spillway capacity as 46% of the Probable Maximum Flood (PMF) with the sluice gates open and 30% of the PMF if the gates remain closed throughout the storm. The dam will be overtopped by 2.72 feet by the PMF with the gates closed or 2.55 feet with the gates opened. However, the spillway is capable of passing the 1/2 PMF under either of these two conditions without the dam being overtopped. Therefore, the spillway is assessed as inadequate according to the Corps of Engineers screening criteria.

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Scienter is a legal term that refers to intent or knowledge of wrongdoing. This means that an offending party has knowledge of the “wrongness” of an act or event …

      In Order to Get  The  Pinhole in the  Bath Tub on the  Mill Pond Lake George  to  EFFICIENTLY  Make as much  MONEY as  Possible  takes  SCIENTER and PLANNING and Lots of  Intentional  Calculations.    The  ONGOING  Pumping of Lake George for  every last Penny.

It would appear the Lake George Association is simply NOT being accurate …. The Lake George Basin is  enormously flooded …. ARTIFICIALLY


Flush Flush Flush Flushing  all  the  POLLUTED  WATER  From Lake George

Pumping Lake George The Mill Pond for the  really  BIG  BUCKS

David Decker’s  $170 K  is  CHUMP  CHANGE


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Flushing and Pumping and Flushing and Pumping   THE  ENGINEERED  MILL POND for  very very LARGE  SUMS  OF  MONEY

Flushing the  TURDS of  Lake  George and Ticonderoga   an AMAZING  STORY

One Deep Deep Deep RABBIT HOLE …

LAKE GEORGE the Destructive Saga

For more than 190 Years … The Vast Destructive Mess of the BANKSTERS Damned Dam ” A ” Destroying Islands, Shoreline, Boat Houses, Docks and Bulkheads ….. Flooding …

HIGH WATER  AND  ICE  That Goes  Up and Down and Up and Down   DESTROYS  Vast Huge Amounts of  Private and  Public Property …..  UNCOMPENSATED  Property Destruction …..  Thanks  To The  Good Ole   RULE  CURVE  SCAMS of  Operating  The  DAM



Judge Isacc Kellogg that FLOODED  The Lake 

with  Dam “A” …. Imagine That

The many boats of Lake George | Hometown |…lake-george/article_dce00f12-4022-57d2-8b08-412c487afae9.html

Jul 13, 2009 – In 1807, Robert Fulton’s steamboat was launched but it would be another 10 years before steamboats came to Lake George. On April 15, 1817, the Lake George Steamboat Company was formed to begin commercial operations on the lake. John Winans pushed to form the group with Isaac Kellogg, Samuel …


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to daverogergeorgiaTravisKristyKenBrianMarisaMargaretMargaretmagazinewcsoCarolJames, bcc: Sarah
Dear  Pinhole Operators,  LGPA, FUND for Lake George, Tom West  Et Al.,  Etc.

According to the  US ARMY CORP,   Lake George Park Commission  (AKA The State of New York) and the  Stetson Engineering Company ( NYS engineering Inspectors )   as  well as   The State Conservation Commissioner and  NYS  Attorney General

DAVID WICK and ROGER SMITH  ( AKA  The  LGPC  )   all  understand the  PINHOLE In The Bath Tub   (   AKA    Lake George  )   Is  a   PINHOLE in the Bath Tub 
Seems  that  PINHOLE allows  water to be DRAINED  Longer and Slower so the  WATER POWER CAN BE  BEST  MONETIZED  for the Operators.    (  AKA   Doing It On Purpose )

Dear New York State The TRUTH IS LOOSE ….

So Lets See …. Up and Down and Up and Down and Up and down with the ICE, SNOW and WATER on Lake George New York ….. That would be a DIRECTED…



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