The SWAMP FOX NEWS ….. Hits it Outta the Park

A Letter to the  Villages,  Towns, Counties around Lake George, NY  and  yes of Course  DEAR NEW YORK STATE

Dear  Warren County ( NY )  Dept of  Health and Water and Soil,   County Board of Supervisors,   Kathy Bozoni,   Sheriff York  Et Al.

See  Taxpayer  Funded  Records Compilations    LAKE GEORGE SEPTIC TANK  REPORTS  AND DATA    Post Star

     SO I can remember DOZENS of times My Father Clifford Witham II  recommended conventional Sewers all around Lake George …  BACK IN THE 1960s.   Seems  that  Fund for Lake George and the  Coalition agrees  with  CLIFFORD WITHAM.   
     Having many years of ON SITE Construction experience around Lake George I can advise You the ENTIRE BASIN’S Septic Tanks ultimately LEAK and FLOW in to Lake George. As the Post Star is well aware MY Publishing all over the World has certainly caused some UPROAR over the Mess in Lake George as well as LaChute River and Lake Champlain. 
     MAYBE the Septic Tank Surveys are PUBLIC RECORDS ….. Who has those records at this time ?  ….. 
     In closing   the  State Revenues  being used to  Research and Study the  Lake  Basin reveals that  ALL  this  Research  belongs to the  People of the  State  and  NOT  Private Groups   LIKE the  Coalition of  Fund for Lake George  ….  NOT  EVEN  DFWI  in  Bolton  or  RPI  University.
     It is  My Position that   David  Decker’s  Old  Homies   have been  RESFUSING to  Make  their  Records of  all  these  Studies   Public   as  the  Public  Funding Requires.   Seems as  though  Warren County and the  State  have an OBLIGATION to see to it that all these   GRAPHS,  CHARTS, INVESTIGATIONS,   Films,  Videos and other Records  are available  FREELY  to  the  People.    I would ask that  this be  DEMANDED  by   Warren County’s  Board  and  especially the  many  Townships and other Counties  around the Lake.      FOIL  certainly requires it  and  the  Coalition  and  DFWI with  RPI  University   KNOWS  THIS.

In honor of  My Mother and Father,  Anita and Clifford  Witham  I share with ALL  My Records in the  Spirit of  the  Great Swamp Foxes.


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