VERMONT ERUPTS over Billions in Taxpayer Clean Up Costs …. Lake Champlain FUBAR

VERMONT ERUPTS over Billions in Taxpayer Clean Up Costs …. Lake Champlain FUBAR


The State of New York and Warren County, Queensbury and Lake George CAN NO LOGER HIDE THE DAM FACTS Just The DAM FACTS


In  Collaboration  with  DARTMOUTH  COLLEGE  and  The  Lake George, Glens Falls and Ticonderoga  Paper Companies  (  International Paper /  Glens Falls  Banks  )


FLUSHING  LAKE GEORGE via the La Chute River  and Vast Amounts of Sewage from the Mohawk and Hudson River, Glens Falls Feeder Canal and Champlain Canals to the  CESPOOL …..  Lake  Champlain has been  INTENTIONALLY  Practiced for Decades by  NEW YORK STATE and it’s  Counties, Towns and Villages …….  BELIEVE IT

Do a Word Search for  Sludge Here

Lots and Lots and Lots of  Pictures  DO NOT LIE



UP and Down Up and Down Up and Down The Lake Ice Damage to the Islands, Shoreline, Boat Houses and DOCKS …. The Lake Ice Destruction EXPOSED

The  Real  Story of the  Lake George Cesspool  Flushings ….. The Poisoning of Lake George and  Champlain  and  the  BANKSTERS  Who ACTUALLY  DID  IT.   Way to go Ticonderoga

From  Lake George Village  to  Weedville ……  The  REAL  POOP


Listen to the United States Supreme Court Discuss the Huge Pile of Toxic Slop ……..

The  Actual  History of  FLUSH and FORGET on Lake George NY.   Flush  Flush  Flush that Septic Tank Tea  to  The  Poop Chute  River  and  then to  Lake  Champlain.   The  Glens Falls  Feeder  Canal and  Champlain  Canal have been an OPEN SEWER for  decades.  HEY New York and Vermont  POLITICOS  ……  Quit  Lying to  EVERYBODY.


The Open Sewers of Chester Town, Corinth, Glens Falls, South Glens Falls, Hudson Falls, Fort Edward,  Fort Anne  and  Whitehall  New York  …..  JUST THE  CRAPPY  FACTS.  General Electric Had  LOTS  and LOTS  and LOTS of  Help   SHITTING UP  The  Area  …..  It was  NOT  just  GE

The River, Feeder Canal, Champlain Canal, La Chute and lake George have been  SEWERS for  DECADES  …….   They  Still  Are

DEAR Andy Cuomo , Eric Schneiderman, Warren County and Lake George WHERE ARE THE RECORDS ?

FOIL New York Records Demand

Where are the records of Who Paid for all the Property Damage ?…



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to Richard, Carol, Travis, wcso, John, Lake, StecD, Ellen, little, Lisa, thompson, Ken, Margaret, Marisa, mgoot
A DAM Alexandria

DAM “A”  on Lake George at Weedville is  54%  incapable of controlling Lake Levels.  There has been a  FORTUNE MADE from  Winter Time ICE DAMAGE caused by Lowing the Pool in the Winter.  NOT just the Dock Repair Industry on the Lake BUT the Mills and Electric Companies have pocked a FORTUNE.   Flushing Lake  of Pollution and Sewage has as well made certain  BANKERS and Land Speculators, filthy rich.   

Civil engineers when designing a dam must establish the capacity of the dam and the rate at which water can be passed through the dam by means of flood gates. Flood gates are an expensive component of a dam’s construction so engineers must consider a trade-off between the cost of the dam and the security it will provide.

The dam design determines the probability that a storm will cause the dam to overflow and possibly destroy the structure. If this probability is 0.01 then the dam is said to be able to handle any thing up to a 100 year flood; i.e., a flood that occurs on average once in a hundred years. This terminology is misleading because it implies that severe storm occurrences are independent random events whereas this is not the case. The random events may be the weather conditions. The weather conditions that produces one severe storm may persist and produce another severe storm not long afterwards. Hurricanes and other tropical cyclones tend to be spawned in sets so one severe hurricane may be followed by others in a short period of time.

The policy of operation for the dam is a factor in determining the probability of catastrophic failure. If a dam is held empty it has the greatest capacity for control of severe floods. But such a policy would destroy the usefulness of the dam for storing water for providing Plant or Mill  water. And if the dam reservoir is being kept empty then the small flood are not being controlled. On the other hand if the dam does not retain some unutilized capacity it will be useless for controlling flood dangers. The dam authorities must decide the proper excess capacity to maintain based on the trade-off they see between the value of stored water versus the value of flood control. Note that in the matter of using dams for flood control it is a question of reducing the cost of small floods at the expense of increasing the damage from the floods which bring about the catastrophic failure of the dam because the water stored behind the dam will be added virtually instantly to the flood. The failure of one dam will quite likely lead to the failure of other dams down stream. The effect will be cumulative.

Some simple algebra shows the nature of the problem. Let the storage capacity of a dam be C and let G be the rate at which water can be passed through the dam based upon the number and size of the flood gates built into the dam. Let the unutilized capacity of the dam be E and the normal stored water be A. Thus A+E=C. A storm may be characterized by the magnitude of the flow at the dam site F and the duration of the flow D.

The rate at which the dam fills up is given (F-G). The time it takes the flood to fill up the unutilized capacity is E/(F-G). If this is greater than the duration of the storm then the flood is contained but if E/(F-G)<D then there is a catastrophic failure. The flood flow down stream jumps suddenly from G to (F + C/T) where T is the length of time it takes for the failed dam to empty. The dam authorities have to consider the effect of design and operating policy choices on an objective function of the form <!–

f(A) – p(E/(F-G)<D)g(F+C/T)


where f  (A) is the value of having stored water of amount A, is the probability of a dam failure and is the downstream cost of the failure. The probability of a dam failure is a matter of the probability of the combination of F and D and .

DAM  “A ”  and  the  Electrical Penstock on Lake George are WHOLLY RESPONSIBLE for  MEGA Damages throughout the Lake Basin and the  State of  New York and Lake George Municipalities  CAN NO LONGER CONCEAL THESE FACTS.      JW


AThe Mill Pond


Cooking the  Forests of  New  York  for  BILLIONS in Profits 


That Sedimentation  Bed is the  LaChute River

Log Drives Tupper Lake

Millions of  Chords of  Pulp Log  Wastes   FLUSHED to Lake Champlain and all the  WASTE  CHEMICALS  as  Well

Dear  Sheriff  Bud  York,  Basil  Seggos,  Eric  Schneiderman ,  Governor  Cuomo,
It seems  the  People of the  State of  Vermont are a little  PO’d  about what the  Glens Falls and Albany Banks have done to Lake Champlain.
So  25 Mil X 20    THAT’s  LOTS  of  Money
Vermont’s  Government  wants  NEARLY  2  BILLION …..  I do  NOT  think  I am mistaken
Ask  Dartmouth  College  and  RPI ……  SUNY   They  Know   I am SPOT  ON

1.5  Billion

What the very bottom line is well  that’s  SIMPLE …..  Dam  ” A ”  and  the  Environmental Flushings   and  Lake  Ice  Manipulations that have caused BILLIONS in Property Damage to  ISLANDS, BOAT HOUSES,  Shoreline  and  DOCKS  is  directly INVOLVED.   Absolutely  and  the  Lake  George Park Commission,  Lake  George Association,   Queensbury and Warren County  are  DIRECTLY responsible  with  NEW YORK STATE.    DAM  ” A ”  and  the  Glens  Falls  Banks  IMAGINE THAT …..  Sheriff  Bud  York

OPEN LETTERS  TO  LAKE  GEORGE  MIRROR,  POST  STAR,  ALBANY TIMES  UNION,  ADIRONDACK  ALMANACK  ……  The  Actual  History  of  MILLIONAIRES  ROW  and  the  SHACKS  so  despised  by   George  Foster  Peabody  …..  The  SHACKS of  Lake  George

Up and down and Up and down and Up and down  The  Winter Time Ice Goes  as  the  State of  New York  FLUSHS  the  MEGA  TOILET  ….  Lake  George

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to ametzger, Ken, thompson, Richard, Travis, Carol, wcso, John, bcc: georgia, bcc: Marisa, bcc: Margaret, bcc: mgoot, bcc: Kristy, bcc: Lisa
Dear ,Ms.  Metzger,
I see all  the  State and Federal Grant money  FINALLY being DUMPED on the Mega  Poisoning of the North Country the  INVESTOR CLASS of the  Glens Falls Banks have caused.    Yes  IN FACT  the  Mega  Dumping into the Feeder Canal, Hudson, Champlain Canal,  Glen Lake, Saratoga Lake, Lake George, the La Chute   DIRECTLY caused by   Glens Falls  Banksters.
The really interesting part is  the  NEWSPAPERS  and all  that  PAPER  huh ….. Lake George, Ticonderoga and Glens Falls  Paper Companies …… You see   George Strong Witham  (  Great Great  Grand Pappy )  kept  LOTS of  Records …….   It was  NOT  just  General  Electric ….. Oh  No  No  No  No
Ask  the  Warren County  BAR  Association  and the  Glens Falls Insurance Company …..  They  are  MATERIAL WITNESSES   with  the  POST  STAR





I suppose the PICTURES Tell the Real Story

The Hudson,  Glens Falls  Feeder  Canal,  Champlain Canal,  Lake George,  La Chute River,  Lake Champlain , Richelieu River,  Saint Lawrence to the Atlantic Ocean …..  Dilution is  NOT The Solution to Pollution

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